Hey everyone! So I’ve been trying to figure out if i want to post this outfit. I originally was going to post it on Valentine’s Day (it was my VDay outfit) but then I didn’t, and now I’m not sure what to do because I think some of these pictures turned out cute! So I decided I know exactly how to format it. Back in last July, I did a photoshoot with a new romper I got, and I loved it. However, I wore the same romper again for VDay, so I thought I’d do a little comparison between the two. It’s like…Half a year of a difference.

I gotta say, right off the bat I’m going to say my hair is way better in this shoot. No more awkward baby hairs and rooky extensions, I chopped my hair and now it is what it is. I always thought that cutting my hair shoulder was like declaring defeat, but it’s not at all! Sure I REALLY miss my long hair, but most of it fell out and my head is barely starting to re-flourish, so I mean what else can I do? Just gotta wait until it grows out. In the meantime, I’m liking the short ‘do for a while!

So, here’s the question…What do you think I’ve improved on from then to now? Or which style do you prefer? What was your favorite part of each of these? What are some really noticeable differences that either seemed significant or cool in some way? Always feel free to comment here, or e-mail me at abby@ishopfordays.com!

Margaret Satin Romper by Nasty Gal – a beautiful, blush colored satin romper. Originally priced at $88 back in July (but is sold out now unfortunately). I gotta say… this romper is definitely in my top 10 favorite clothing items. I’m so obsessed with it. I think I’ve worn it 4 times: one time on an adventure with Ally & Jenna at the lake, another time just in my house for the Decadence photoshoot, and some other random time and finally the Valentine’s Slay photoshoot. I love getting it dry cleaned because the wrinkles are a nightmare! But hey, let me just say, I think I wore the romper way better now than I did then. But what do you think? Let’s compare.

Okay yes, I know, the lighting this year sucks compared to last year’s lighting. I don’t even know how I did that! Ugh but anyway, other than that, I’m glad my hair kinda got it’s shit together. It’s still pretty…ehhhh, I don’t know, but honestly what was my hair back then? Smh. And can’t you tell that I fit into this romper like way better than I even did before? I don’t know, let’s compare some more.

It’s so different.

I’m going to end with some really bomb pictures…So yeah, one romper, two different years, and each piece of all of this has it’s own equity. Hahaha.

Goodnight babes.

Song of the (Valentine’s Slay) Shoot: Temperamental Love by Bridgit Mendler & Devontee