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One of the next old photoshoots I have left is this one inspired by Miley’s She Is Coming EP that I was probably listening to – I called it Dream actually. So Die Hard Dream is another I’m throwing up and it’s more about how I looked with the cigarette vs. the weed, why I had both is something I actually really miss sometimes but you’ll see once I show the shoot why it’s a little different actually. So my dream (cont.) is to be in this stabilized mindset of inspiration. I’m naturally really inspired but there’s a halt sometimes. Things like this are like the kind of glue that makes you work right.

So my dream was always to continue doing this blogging thing and actually throw it well. I really like the different parts of this photoshoot and I’m only backdating between 2019-2020 for some of these things. I finally even got rid of this skirt! It’s a cool one I got from Wet Seal before 2014 even so I paired it with that red lace from New York shoot outfit. There’s a few different parts to this dream post so let me get to that.

I thought those cigarette pictures were hot as crap. I love this stuff. A lot of gold jewelry. This was definitely from a 4th of July of 2019 and I can’t believe I’m finally posting it. The ponytail was a good idea and this is one of the only between red and blonde shoots I did at all so you’ll LOVE my baby blonde verses red hair posts. I even thought the silver earrings worked well. I can’t wait to wear more like that again holy crap. Then here’s the next ones…

Cute cute I even included the vape. I almost think that was excess but I love the little bee picture next to my shoes. So perfect. I looked at a year ago today and this particular October after Rehab I took some cool pictures of my hair and the bee thing and made a playlist and I now really really believe in evolution of people, it’s impossible to see how much I’ve changed since this photoshoot it’s literally 16-18 months later but I still can even write about this. So I’m not terribly trapped. But Octobers have significance because of my November birthdays. What I mean is I have changed so rapidly and beautifully and I still have my own swing, it’s hard to shut that out! And my playlists now are incredible finally! So much distance from what tangled my necklaces. So up next would be the weed pictures.

Seems sweet actually. This outfit was crazy but still I’m posting it! I’m actually in the grove of posting these things even just in an organized fashion. So my dream is to keep going, get less messy and make it count! I’ve been taking pictures of myself in my rooms and stuff since 2015 with samplers in 2014. Maybe one day I’ll backdate something like that – almost doesn’t help, right? But socks like this I’ve definitely lost track of. I really love the Lana del face here with the bong though. I broke this bong one time at Gordon’s place. So that’s what’s happened since then, actually. I least I have the same jar still. To weed and to the Fourth of July I’m thankful, I know I’m going to have rockstar days and won’t stop with this. So thank you die hard and dream.