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Like a slow drive that I desperately know, I hope this gives me everything I’m missing. Hippie Sabotage used to be what I called this photoshoot until I actually wanted to post it. Now I kind of am, right before Die Hard Dreamer which was better. So backdating. Under My Skin is one of my favorite songs from that guy actually. Hopefully I can be what I need until I’m ending because on a drive to me is gears churning. But wow I can really write like this weird way. Oh well! Shopping Cart Shoot!

So Ariana was in this but it was mostly about the shopping cart actually. I might throw something in near the bottom of this red haired photoshoot. Like wow I was really red haired. Remember that one Senses Overload song on that empty crown album? Overdrive. Senses overdrive. That actually makes sense. Let’s just check this out. I’m not adding the other photoshoots to this. I did this by myself by the way!

This was literally this destroyed shirt and kylie pants. I cut this shirt already. It’s a cropped one. Well this will be another fake timed 2020 post! Rad! I like this more than I thought I would! There’s an Underdog shoot with Passion & Pain and all that I did the same era as this one. Let me show you the rest. I had a lot of stuff with me actually… Mostly just the concert shirt on I guess.

Get to the point, they say. They keep on going and I have a beat to show, show me which song I’m even trying to while I’m beating my face. Makeup and everything to do with my hair, while I dye. Trying to show my eyes but dilation and everything is trying, but I’m never stopping undiscovered and protein. I try way to hard but I keep going overdrive and gather up some betterin, I don’t have much other than blog text. Show me and I tried to incorporate celebrity, like merch. Showing things that I should’ve kept a secret, secreet is what I’ve written in a journal, a pink pen pack of ink.

Wow I can really show it all. Half naked baby. I’ll show what I mean about Sassy Babygirl. Two things I have left to do. Changed my hair and they were all needs, hair extensions and a pricey degree. Music I’m listening to right now actually helps, think I’ll always show my face.

Tell them I’m the baby. 2017 will always slay me. I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for this fucking long! I can say whatever I want. Dedicated but not liberated to the fact that I couldn’t figure it out for a while but queue verses the year that I took it wow. 2019 broke me. I did things like this. I’m not afraid to look like I’m at the bottom. So show us something we need to see. And I do do do. I really always will need this. I will do do my best. I think. I don’t need much much. Overdrive and oversharing. Posting and shooting myself, pictures. I can’t handle much. But this shoot I was probably on heroin for. Good ol’ admission. That’s it.