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This is a post I’ve been waiting for, with 3 different dated photoshoots. Two are from 2019 but the last one is definitely recent. I used to relate every photoshoot I did to a song or album at least, and there are songs that coordinate to these, but it’s a bit different. I had the Tove Lo vinyl signed poster up for the longest time actually so I threw in Passion & Pain for a headline for this one, but yeah as slow as I can go I still am excited for these shoots. Whatever tastes the same as pleasure! Pursue. Prosper.

Underdog was the first one I was going to use for this, Underdog was lingerie and a crop top at my dad’s old apartment. Really cool lamp photoshoot actually. I think posts like this are time fillers. Just wait for the other 5 photoshoots I have to post from last year. But first is Passion and it’s definitely red as fuck with the flame booties from Nasty Gal. Also Totally Rad I’ve been saying a lot!

This was a March shoot actually, with that lockbox key around my waist. I had another silver key around my neck, even. I still use all those keys as jewelry. At one point I took a real key and hung it around my neck. Passion and Prosperity to me are definitely two different things but let me compare with the prosperity one.

Prosperity was the same dress as that one How We Do It and the same necklace as the Aly&AJ bundle, the rainbow chakra. I really liked my jewelry for this one it’s one of my favorite 8x8s actually. I hate that I don’t have much to say about these but it’s definitely time to just fill in whenever I have time. Prosperity was a June photoshoot at my dad’s actually. Then there’s finally Sassy, my friend who loved Underdog gave me this outfit to shoot even. I wore the same key when I hungout with him.

I can’t believe I moved back here. But Passion’s got a thousand faces like me. All the pictures I’ve taken of myself – just check 2017 or search Vibe on my blog. My writing will get better but these 3 shoots meant the world to me. All the good shit I’ve been through to get here actually. My heart my soul. You’re gonna get if you’re giving to me!

Love all the red ponytails and then finally blonde. There’s a bright red hair photoshoot and a totally blonde photoshoot coming up so if I don’t backdate those then vote on which is next. I’m not even stuck.