About Me

I’m Abby, an 18 year old addicted to the exciting world of fashion. Fashion is my main passion but modeling is a close second, writing being a third, so that’s the formula that created this here blog. All my “photoshoots” are shot with a Lumix FZ40 but I’m hoping to upgrade soon. I call my style Urban Glam, which I think is self-explanatory if you know anything about glam and/or urban fashion. I’m the hybrid of these two beauties. My favorite store to buy from is definitely, I’m totally addicted to that kind of adventurous style.

I’m currently signed with a talent agency which I hope broadens my modeling opportunities, as well as I’m taking a class on Fashion Industry Essentials which I hope broadens my fashion industry talent/opportunities. I start studying Fashion & Marketing in January at the Art Institute of Seattle!

Shopping isn’t always impulsive, remorse-bringing or mindless. To me, shopping is a skill. With a love and fascination for it for as long as I can remember, I’ve gotten pretty good at the skill, as good as a middle class person can. Hours of research, knowledge and decisions creates a sort of happiness for me that I haven’t found in anything else. If you have that passion for shopping, you’re in the right place.

The kinds of fashion/photoshoots/posts that I like to do: I like to do a variety of posts. Like classic Event-Shoots, where I photoshoot the outfit I’m wearing to a certain event (like a concert or birthday dinner or something). I also like to collaborate and do Duo-Shoots which I hope to do more of; that’s when I take a friend and style both of us and then photoshoot that. There’s an alternate version of that, where I call an Abby-EsquShoot which is where I take a friends clothes plus my clothes and observe their regular fashion, and then make an outfit that’s very Abby-esque but it’s on them and it focuses around their daily life, what they like, what they usually wear, what they wish they could wear etc. I also d0 Shopping-Shoots which are my most common and definitely my favorite. Whenever I order a few things from Nasty Gal or somewhere, I love to post all the new outfits I created with the stuff. I also like to Recycle-Shoot where I take clothes that I already have and come up with a fresh new outfit that I’ve never worn before, and these shoots are usually born from boredom and don’t have anything currently happening to really post about. And lastly, I do this thing where anyone can give me one article of clothing or something, and my challenge is to take it (no matter what it is) and make an Abby-esque outfit; sometimes I categorize these as Abby-esque but other times I like to call them my Challenge-Shoots because a lot of times people will give me something that is SO not me, but I have to use all my clothes and accessories to incorporate it into an outfit that prominently displays the un-Abby-like object. Lots of fun stuff on here, all this and more.


Established February 7th, 2015

Revised 11/14/16. Updated.


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