Promo Codes

One thing I love about the world of shopping is I can collect this archive of promo codes that can help all of you save money. Not only that but I hope these help you discover sites that I love, whether it’s an activity I love or a shopping place that I’m addicted to. I really love love these sites, make sure to check my blog periodically to get more information on lots of cool things.

Fashion Industry Essentials Class – I’m SO in love with this and SO happy that I found it! I’ve been learning all about the fashion industry through videos from people who are impressively knowledgeable, and I can’t wait to get my certificate from this place. It’s definitely an impressive thing to put on your resumes and create your portfolio and be able to be successful in any part of the fashion industry that you want. Seriously, any part of it, this course covers it. REGISTER HERE or use promo code “ABBY3” when you sign up to get $50 off!! I only had to pay $9 when I started this course since I used my friend’s promo code, and it’s actually super awesome because I’m so far in the course now and I was able to start right away. You have a full year to finish the class which is plenty of time. And you get a certificate!

Teen Hearts – So I discovered this place and was so excited to buy something, and I would’ve bought one cool shirt but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to buy the Mystery Pack which I’m so glad I got, and you can see my blog post/review here. The mystery pack is cool but they have some super vibrant tie-dye shirts with trippy graphics and I can’t wait to get more. Don’t forget to use my promo code “SHOPFORDAYS” to get 15% off