Concert Almanac

Welcome to the Concert Almanac of mine. Here is where I’ll keep updated all the information about all the concerts I’ve been to already. A concentrated list of all the concerts I’ve already been to. From 2007 to now! All of this is in the Greater Seattle Area. My first main concert buddy was my mom, and then it was mostly Ally until we broke up. Make sure to check out my songkick! And also, I have a concert account on instagram, which is @concertalmanac.

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updated 2/2021

Concerts I’ve Attended (from most recent to oldest)

62. Bea Miller at The Showbox on November 12th, 2019. Stayed the whole time but couldn’t meet her, check out the blog post. I took forever on for those two Bea & Bebe concerts I went to.

61. Lights, Tillie at The Showbox on August 15th, 2019

60. Bea Miller at The Crocodile on May 17th, 2019

59. Seether at the Showbox SoDo on July 31st, 2018

55. Aly & AJ VIP Meet & Greet at the Neptune Theatre on June 17th, 2018.

54. Lights at The Showbox on February 2nd, 2018 -with my brother & my mom for this one. I’ve seen Lights a number of times in concert. I got a promo poster as well from this concert, that and one of the posters from her comic book! This was a good one actually.

53. Passion Pit with Gwen Dumaran at the Showbox SoDo on January 27th, 2018.

52 – Macklemore at the KeyArena with Danon on December 23rd, 2017.

51 – Angus & Julia Stone at the Neptune Theater on November 29th, 2017.

50. In This Moment at the Moore Theatre on October 31st, 2017.

49. Kesha at Showbox SoDo on October 27th, 2017.

48. Alison Wonderland, Elohim at The Showbox on October 20th, 2017.

47. Bebe Rexha & Marc E Bassy, Bebe & Bassy VIP M&G at the Showbox SoDo on October 16th, 2017.

46. Jon Bellion, Blaque Keys at the Paramount Theatre on October 1st, 2017.

45. Glass Animals at the WaMu Theater on September 16th, 2017. This was my second time seeing them. I got a Pineapple shirt I’ve now cropped into a crop top! I have so many cool concert shirts and I also have a bunch of them that are now crop tops. It’s pretty cool.

44. Lady Gaga – Joanne Tour! My mom definitely went to the Fame Ball but I definitely did catch Joanne on tour. August 5th, 2017 at the Tacoma Dome!

43. Portugal. The Man – Oddly enough, nothing online even said what opening acts there would be, and lol I can never hear the bands when they say their name or even remember what they are, so who knows. I didn’t like either of them much though. Anyway, this concert was on July 20th, 2017 at the very lovely Paramount Theater in Seattle. Jenna went with me for this one too. Check out the blog post.

42. Fences + Ruler + Sun dummy. Sun dummy was really good, surprisingly, and I loved her. Ruler kinda sucked…Fences was very interesting. He kept stopping every time he heard chattering from the crowd and said he wasn’t going to perform unless everyone was quiet. I wish I could say he was joking around but yikes. Like I wasn’t talking nor did I want to yet seeing him get so mad over talking at a concert is a bit ridiculous. But whatev! It was at Chop Suey on July 2nd, 2017 and I went with Jenna & Tanner!

41. Felly with Gyyps – June 4th, 2017 at the Crocodile. For merch they legit only had one shirt, promoting Felly in Seattle for that night only, but I passed on it. I went with the beautiful Jenna to this! I didn’t get shit for pictures though because my phone was broken at the time…

2017-06-04 13.50.21

40. Gnash + Max for the Sleepover Tour, this was honestly kind of a boring concert but it was a cool experience. I bought Gnash pins and a poster. Idk why though because I don’t even like him much anymore. Anyway that was at the Neptune Theater on May 6th, 2017. This was the last concert I went to with Ally.

39. The 1975 + Colouring. The 1975 did it again, slayed the stage hard. It was one of Ally’s favorite concerts. April 30th, 2017 at the WaMu Theater.

38. Banks HOLY FUCK I fucking love Banks soooo much!! Ahhh SO much I love her to DEATH! We only stayed for 4-5 songs though 😦 but it was amazing! So incredible! I really wanted the Trainwreck tee because that’s one of my favorite songs ever but the person in front of me bought the last one in my size lol, so I got the Bad Motherfucker one. Which y’all have seen! Anyway, this was at the Showbox SoDo on April 18th, 2017 with Ally.

37. Powers + James Hersey, oh my goodness I LOVE POWERS!! They actually just came on shuffle as I’m writing this (the song Sunshine). This was AN AMAZING concert definitely top 10! It was at Chop Suey so it was a tiny venue and we were just like standing right in front of them and I gotta say this duo is so LEGENDARY! My favorites ever! I got 2 Powers t-shirts and a Powers hat! Ally went with me too! April 4th, 2017.

36. Ariana Grande with Little Mix – Dangerous Woman Tour, March 23rd 2017 at KeyArena in Seattle. Ally went with me. Merch I got was an awesome short sleeve shirt, a long sleeve shirt, a poster, and even a Greedy confetti dollar. You can check all that out more at this post! We were like 4 feet away from her!!! Adlksjv;sk;

35. So we went to see Daya but we had to leave like right before she came on, so we basically only heard Jess Kent and yikes that girls lyrics are scary. Lol I went with Ally, and this was on March 18th 2017 at Neumos.

34. Bebe Rexha with Daniel Skye and Spencer Ludwig All Your Fault Tour 2016 at The Crocodile on March 14th 2017. This was SO great like holy shit I love Bebe so much! This was amazing, she was so cute and making cute jokes, and her voice is AMAZING I loved it! I also met Spencer Ludwig. I went with Ally to this. Merch I got was a Bebe shirt and hat along with free buttons from Spencer. I think I blogged about it in this post?

33. Hayley Kiyoko + Flor. The Crocodile, March 9th 2017. Probably one of the worst concerts I’ve ever been to. Not necessarily because it was really bad, but moreso it just lacked a lot of the good that other concerts did have. Fun fact concert filters are like my favorite thing ever! They’re so fun. Anyway I went with Ally to this but I had friends like Autumn who I saw there too.

32. Vince Staples + Kilo Kish. Showbox SoDo, February 27th 2017. Went with Ally. We only stayed for his first few songs and then had to go.

31. Felly & Gyyps yet again.  Went with Ally again to this one. February 4th, 2017 at El Corazon (shittiest venue I’ve ever been to)

30. Daughter + Alexandra Savior. I went to this alone, and it was fun. I also got a Daughter shirt that’s really cute. I originally bought 2 tickets but Ally went to Idaho instead of joining me. Lol this was November 27th, 2016 at the Neptune Theater.

29. Niykee Heaton at the Neptune Theater on November 2nd, 2016. I went with Ally to this one as well.

28. ScHoolboy Q at the WaMu Theater. Wasn’t bad, but I’ll admit I don’t like ScHoolboy at all anymore. I can’t stand him. Anyway that was with Ally on October 21st, 2016. I think I blogged about it too. Well not directly, but my ScHoolboy shirt was mentioned in that post.

27. Glass Animals, October 11th 2016 at the Paramount Theater. Went with Ally. One of the best performances I’ve seen. Blog post here.

26. Sia + Miguel, I went with Ally to this. It was at the KeyArena on September 29th, 2016. Seats were far away but Sia was amazing! I got a shirt with Maddie Ziegler or whatever on it. Check out the blog post here.

25. Gwen Stefani, it was really cool seeing her on a solo tour (for her CD This Is What The Truth Feels Like) after having seen her with No Doubt in 2009 too! I went with my mom. It was at the KeyArena on August 24th, 2016. Blog post here.

24. Demi Lovato + Nick Jonas for their Future Now tour. It was so cool seeing Demi again, I went with Ally and we were SUPER close. We were like 3 rows away from Demi. So cool. August 21st, 2016 at KeyArena.

23. Korn, White River Ampitheater, July 27th 2016. I had to leave after the first few Korn songs because my stepmom was upset. I went with her and my dad, and got zero pictures. Lol

22. Cage the Elephant + Portugal. The Man – went with Ally. WaMu Theater, June 19th 2016. This was SO COOL at the time I didn’t even really care much for Cage, but I went for Portugal. They were amazing! I got a really cool shirt, it’s like a dress on me though because we were late and they were out of size small. I also got Portugal buttons too, they’re strange.

21. Felly + Gyyps, 7th King Tour. Chop Suey on May 22nd, 2016. Went with Ally but also hung with my friends Jacob & Kendall.

20. Selena Gomez with DNCE – KeyArena. Revival Tour. May 13th, 2016 with Ally

19. The Neighbourhood + EMI, Nu Waves Tour I thinkShowbox SoDo, May 6th 2016. Attended with Ally.

18. The 1975 at the WaMu Theater on April 28th, 2016 with Ally. I just went with Ally there but also met up with my friend of like a decade, Nissy!

17. Seth MacFarlane + Seattle Symphony at Benaroya Hall. I went with my dad, stepmom, and Ally. It was on April 8th, 2016. Such a cool experience!

On November 14th, 2015 I went to one of those jingle bash thingys and met Demi Lovato! I didn’t even go at all to the concert part, but I did meet Demi this day.


16. A$AP Rocky, Tyler the Creator, and Vince Staples at the WaMu Theater on November 11th, 2015 with my dad.

15. Seether and Saint Asonia, this was a super cool experience! I was a Side-Stager! Definitely one of my top 5 favorite concert experiences of all time. This was on October 28th, 2015 at the Showbox SoDo. I legit got to stand on the stage as well as other cool things. I went to the soundcheck with my dad and stepmom but I was on the stage alone.

14. Marina and the Diamonds at the Paramount Theater. This was on October 25th, 2015 with my mom.

13. The Neighbourhood featuring Bad Suns. It was at the Showbox SoDo on October 21st, 2015.

12. Lana Del Rey with Courtney Love, the Endless Summer Tour. Went with my girl Summer, we drove all the way to Ampitheater Northwest which is like 3 hours from the downtown Seattle area. May 22nd, 2015

11. Lights with Wild Party opening. I met Lincoln from Wild Party and got some signed stuff. It was fun seeing her in this kind of concert too! Little Machines Tour. I went with my mom, it was at The Showbox on November 15th (my birthday!) 2014.

10. Lights in her Siberia Acoustic Tour 2013. It was so cool to see her acoustic! Concert was on June 13th, 2013 at the Neptune Theater with my old bestie Sophia.

9. Selena Gomez & the Scene, We Own The Night Tour 2011. It was on September 12th, 2011 at the Puyallup Fairgrounds (one of the very worst venues I’ve ever had to experience).

8. Katy Perry in her California Dreams Tour 2011. It was on July 20th 2011 at the Tacoma Dome. Went with my mom and got a glow stick and cute crop top.

7. Britney Spears with Nicki Minaj and Jessie & the Toy Boys (She goes by “Eden xo” now) on the Femme Fatale Tour 2011 at the Tacoma Dome on June 29th 2011. SUCH a fun concert! Didn’t get many pictures at all though. My mom was my concert buddy for this concert too.

6. Miley Cyrus, promotional Microsoft Store opening in Bellevue, WA on November 20th, 2010. My dad waited in line for hours to get the tickets and then we waited in line for hours to see her and she only played a 30 minute set. Lol but it was a fun experience and I was front row! Oh and almost forgot-shortly after the concert I posted a compilation of auto-lacking clips and Miley’s official YouTube favorited it. So there’s a ton of views on that shit! Lol. And it was fun getting our picture taken on the “red carpet”!

5. Miley Cyrus with Metro Station Wonder World Tour 2009 at Tacoma Dome on September 16th, 2009 with my mom. My second time seeing Miley! It was super cool. I got a tour poster from there as well as a glow stick thing and a shirt.

4. No Doubt, Paramore, The Sounds – No Doubt Summer Tour 2009July 19th, 2009 at White River Amphitheater. I went with my mom’s friend and her two daughters (Cassie & Danielle) along with my mom and her boyfriend at the time. I was so sad I didn’t get any merch at this concert! But a few years later I got a promotional poster for the specific day!

3. Demi Lovato, David Archuleta, and KSM – Demi Lovato Live in Concert, July 14th 2009 at WaMu Theater. My mom went with me to this too. I got a cute Demi shirt along with one of those glow stick things, but I didn’t want those anymore lol

2. Britney Spears, the Pussycat Dolls – The Circus Starring Britney Spears – April 9th, 2009 at Tacoma Dome with my mom. SO much merch here, I really wanted to get the “You wanna piece of me?” shirt but my mom wouldn’t let me. lol! But I got a cute Britney circus shirt, a Britney Circus poster, some temporary tattoos, and a glowstick thing. All the pictures I have right now is of my 2009 tour shirt that I bought when I was there, and that shoot is from July 2017. Yes, 8 years and it still fits.

  1. Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers – The Best of Both Worlds TourOctober 29th, 2007 at KeyArena. Went with my Mom, my aunt Krista, and my cousin Maren. Merchandise I got was a pink Miley tee, which I’m going to photoshoot soon for old times sake!