Concert Almanac

Welcome to my Concert Almanac collective list & timeline. Here is where I keep updated information about all the concerts I’ve been to so far, over the past decade and a half. I’ve been attending lots of different concerts since 2007, when I first saw Miley on her Hannah Montana tour. I go to shows around Seattle, which has a lot of different concert venues all around downtown. It’s been one of my favorite things to do since I was 8, attending concerts, which was how old I was for that Best of Both Worlds Tour. I have pictures for nearly every concert I’ve been to, or at least a video or something to include with each one. I love taking videos when I’m at concerts, but usually I love picture collages for how I display the different shows & experiences. I also originally kept a list on my old phone, but that is inaccessible for now so there may still be one or two that I’m working on or waiting on until I get that back. I’ve got most of it on here recorded nicely, but I’ll find out about the rest eventually! Another thing is, I’ve had times when I even bought concert tickets but for whatever reason never ended up showing up at the show, but that’s just a little regret with all my different encounters I’ve had with getting & buying tickets for so many different shows. Weirdest concert regret was Billie Eilish, I had one ticket while I was with Matt still and felt too crappy to go inside (it was an outdoor concert in Redmond) and was struggling that day, so instead my dad went into the concert for me to at least buy a shirt for me. He came back with two shirts and a video of Billie on stage. I cut one of the shirts, the little white nightmare guys shirt, and turned it into a crop top, and it turned out totally awesome! And then the other shirt is the one with her album cover on it, and I haven’t cut it. Checkout “Scary World!” for that Nightmare Creature photoshoot, I think it turned out pretty well. At least I got the t-shirts to show for that ticket though, I thought that was a good one to have mentioned. I have so much concert merchandise in my collection, it’s crazy! One day I’ll have taken pictures of maybe all of it, in the style of a photoshoot for my blog(s). I’ve done so many different blog posts surrounding concerts & concert merchandise, all over this blog, just search for ‘concert’ or find certain posts linked to some of the shows on the list! I’m always mixing in merchandise photoshoots with my regular style’d blog posts, and not all of it is from concerts but I do have quite a collection of merch in general (so both!). Even checkout my secondary blog for just merchandise, this link is for everything I’ve categorized as #ConcertMerch specifically that I have on there! That’s just what I have up for now from my collection, but I’ll get more shoots done eventually for more of it. Such a concept of mine, this list of concerts I’ve attended so far in my life, AKA my ‘Concert Almanac’. I technically also have another blog I’ll eventually get up, more specifically a website for just my concert experiences, but I haven’t really gotten it started yet. I’ll work on it more someday I think, but for now I really love my list. As for what’s next, I’ll see how things go in my future, one of my goals from here is (of course) 100 counted concerts, so we’ll see if I get there! I love this page and I’m really proud of my list, and I’m glad I keep good track of all my concerts. We’ll see how it goes if I do start using the main blog eventually, but this page will always be on Shop For Days!

*A concentrated list of all the concerts I’ve already been to is what this page is for. From 2007 to now! All of this is in the Greater Seattle Area. My first main concert buddy was my mom, and then it was mostly Ally until we broke up. We’d been to quite a lot of concerts together, such great experiences. Anyway, also check out my songkick to see what concerts I’m following up with, and also my concert related account on Instagram, which is @concertalmanac. Just trying to do the best I can with my concert history and timeline, there is always so many notable things to take from these. Concerts are a passion of mine, and will be forever. Hope you are enjoying the content on my blog so far, this page is just one condensed list of all the concert things I’ve written about so far to this day! I think I have a healthy mixture on my blog, of my urban glam style and merch style I’ve got going on, but time will really showcase what I decide to do next with all this information, and inspiration that I have going for me. For example, I already have like 4-5 Seether shirts (3 of which are concert merch, the rest aren’t) and I’m going to put them into photoshoots named after songs, and write about them relatively. That’s a good example of a goal I have to get to eventually, and also a direction I’m going creatively sometimes! As I’ve stated, this will be a work in progress until I can get the real blog up exclusively for my concerts. (It’ll be similar to actually!) Anyway, thanks for reading & I hope you enjoy my list! More coming up in soon in 2022!

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updated every month in 2023

Concerts I’ve Attended (from most recent to oldest)

88. Dirty Monkey & Jantsen at Trinity Nightclub on May 4th, 2023. I went with Kwame again to this show, this was a pretty awesome show! Every single Friday Kwame & I go to Trinity Nightclub anyway and we have been since like early February, so this was super cool to find out that Jantsen was playing this Thursday at the club that we always go to because I totally love Jantsen. They were both pretty good, I loved the show and it was awesome. When we walked in, they were playing the most awesome song in the world. I also took my Lumix camera in and we did a photoshoot there as well, with him taking some pictures of me, so that’s awesome! You can see that blog post here, it’s a good one. I love this club so much, I love going there every week. Jantsen was definitely the best, but Dirty Monkey was also pretty good. This was a pretty good concert experience, I’m glad I finally got to do a shoot at both the club & a concert that night too!

87. G Perico with Rucci & Chief Major at Madame Lou’s on April 21st, 2023. I went with my friend Kwame again to this one, this was a pretty awesome show! I was glad he got the tickets and wanted to go with me. I also really loved this venue, it’s small and a bar-like one. It was my first time going to this venue, too, which was pretty cool. G Perico is also pretty good, I loved the song that he opened with especially, Still Independent. We also met one of his opening acts, Rucci, which was cool. I’m glad we went to this concert & everything! We’ve been going to some good shows these days.

86. ATLiens with TVBOO, MYSTRVS, echod & Reign at the Showbox SoDo on April 1st, 2023. My friend Kwame wanted me to go with him to this show that he bought tickets to, which I thought was awesome! I was excited to see the duo because I knew of already and loved their song Contact a lot. Once he told me about the concert, though, I downloaded more of some of their music. They’re pretty good live, too! I loved the lights & visuals & everything they had coordinated with the stage also. They recently dropped a remix album, and I think that’s mainly what they played since it matched the theme of their Space Cathedral tour. They played a good set overall, and so did some of their opening acts. I liked the last couple right before ATLiens, they all did pretty well! It wasn’t all their own music since they were just DJing, but I still recognized some music here and there and they all had pretty great sets overall. We might’ve shown up an hour or two late and missed an act or two but everyone else was great & I’m usually pretty good with that. I’m glad we got to go to this show though! I took a ton of cool pictures this time, too, I’m getting better at taking pictures with my new phone.

85. SIDEPIECE with Westend (and another opening act) at the Showbox SoDo on March 10th, 2023. I went with my friend Kwame to this one again, and it was totally awesome! SIDEPIECE is really good, I’m glad I got to see the duo this time. They, of course, also played On My Mind, so that’s the second time I’ve seen that song live which is awesome. My favorite that they played, though, was definitely Acrobatic. That’s one of my favorite songs by them these days. I loved this show, it was awesome! I’m really glad I got to go to this one. SIDEPIECE are a duo of electronic music and they’re pretty good live, they did awesome. I’m glad Kwame likes going to concerts with me, too, he’s my good friend these days!

84. Tove Lo with Slayyyter at the Paramount Theatre on February 23rd, 2023. I finally got to see Tove Lo live for the first time, it was awesome! I had a ticket to see her in 2020 but had to miss the show which totally ended up sucking, but I’m glad I finally made up for that with seeing her this time. It was for her Dirt Femme Tour & I ended up loving that album, she did a lot of the songs really well live. One of my favorites that she played were Attention Whore & Pineapple Slice which she opened with, those were pretty good. Suburbia is also my favorite song from the album & that was awesome live too. I liked her opening act as well, she was also pretty good. I was in the first few rows pretty much and have a new phone I took all the pictures with! I got a few not-bad pictures for sure. Loved the show, I’m glad I finally got to see Tove.

83. YG with OhGeesy, Kalan.frfr, Day Sulan & D3szn at the WaMu Theater on January 26th, 2023 that I went to with my friend Kwame. This was an awesome show, totally a good one to have caught! I’m glad my friend wanted me to go with him, because YG is pretty good. A couple of my favorite songs he played were I Just Wanna Party & Go Loko which were awesome, but he played a bunch of good ones for sure. I really liked some of the lights they had going on too, and they had some fog machines blowing up that I thought were cool too (like in the last picture). I’m so glad I got to go to this, I love going to rap concerts. Hopefully I can catch some more this year or soon, we’ll see when we get to that! Plus, after the show we even got to meet OhGeesy at the merchandise table which was pretty cool, so we got a picture with him & my friend got a beige YG hoodie also which is cool. I’m excited to see what’s next this year for concerts, it’ll be some fun!

82. Sofi Tukker with Anabel Englund at the Paramount Theatre on January 4th, 2023. It was awesome getting to see Sofi Tukker for the first time in 2023! This was a good first show to start off the new year (after new year’s weekend). I loved it, they had a lot of really cool visuals and the stage was a tennis court after their album Wet Tennis which I thought looked really rad! I love that album of hers, it’s a really good one. The opening act wasn’t too bad either. I got to sit in the front row of the balcony, too, which was a pretty good seat. I was surprised at how well I could see the stage from there! It was just general admission but I was by myself so I of course got to sit in the front (of the balcony). Pretty good concert overall, I’m so glad I got to go to this show! I was surprised at how sold out it was too though  – the resale prices kept going up all the time right before I got my ticket. I’m so glad I picked these two to see live this month though, I loved it.

81. Snails with Rated R & Crizzly at Substation on December 31st, 2022. I went to this show with my friend Kwame on New Year’s Eve to start off the New Year, and it was awesome! I had never been to this venue before but it was a really cool scene and I loved it. They even had two stages and there were some other DJs playing at the other stage, but I wasn’t sure who they were. This show was totally awesome! His opening acts were pretty good but he was awesome too, I think Snails is really good live for sure too. I was so grateful my friend wanted to take me to this show, I had a lot of fun there. It was cool doing the New Year’s countdown at a concert, too, of course. My favorite song he played was a remix of his song Grime Rate which was pretty good. We got a bunch of good pictures of us & some of the show which was cool too.

80. Yung Gravy with bbno$, Yung Bae, Freddie Dredd & DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip at the WaMu Theater on December 14th, 2022. I can’t believe this was finally basically my 80th concert that I’ve been to in my life! They all did awesome, too, I loved this concert. Yung Gravy preformed a bunch of the songs he did with bbno$ (baby-no-money is how you say it) which was really cool. Of course my favorite of all of them was Yung Gravy though, he’s the best. He’s got some really unique music that I love, I’m glad I was there for it. One of my favorites that they preformed was ‘Shining On My Ex’ but I went to the bathroom when they were doing that which sucked at the last minute, but I got to see some of it! I was wearing big shoes so I was mostly sitting in the back (the front row of the bleachers) but it was still a really good show and I’m glad I went to this one. Everything was awesome, and they had cool visuals too! See you at the next one, this year or next year.

79. XYLØ with Molly Moore at Barboza on November 5th, 2022. I finally got to go to this venue for this first time! It’s an awesome one too, totally intimate and it’s also a bar and it was really cool seeing her there. I got to be in the very front row, too, which was totally cool. I was surprised at how good XYLØ is live! Her opening act was pretty cool too, but I just really loved hearing XYLØ live this time around. It was also really cool that she came into the venue too, after her show to meet us and talk to us, so I ended up getting a signed CD from her too. She had pre-signed CDs available already, in a silver sharpie, but then she signed mine again with black sharpie but then included my name on there which was cool. Overall this was a really awesome experience and I’m so glad I picked to see her this month! This was probably the better experience out of every other option for this month so I am so glad about that. I’ve been to so many shows this year too! My favorite songs she played were ‘Red Hot Winter’, ‘Sugar Free Rush’ & ‘I Love You in an English Accent’ all from 2022!

78. Zeds Dead with Peekaboo, Of the Trees, IMANU (+ NOTLO and Superave who I missed) at the WaMu Theater on October 8th, 2022. I went with my friend Kwame to this show, which ended up being super fun. I was so glad when we both decided to go to this show together! Electronic concerts are pretty cool to go to once in a while too. I totally liked their opening acts more than I though I would too, that was surprising. We ended up starting out at like the second row for some of the opening acts which was cool, and then we retreated to like the back at one point just to chill back there. Zeds Dead was pretty great, they played 2 of their songs that were from my playlists, one from my favorite playlist of all time (‘I think you’re cool’) and then the other one from another one of my playlists (‘Rescue’). Those were pretty good live too, I’m glad they picked those ones to play. Overall I’m really glad I got to see this show & I’m pretty excited for next month.

77. Korn with Evanescence, P.O.D. & Dana Denatata at the White River Amphitheatre on September 15th, 2022. This was my second time seeing Korn live and they were really good this time! I thought a few of their songs were even better live, like Got The Life. The opening acts were pretty good too, and I had a seat at the front row of the first balcony which is pretty close. They also had a lot of different merchandise which I thought was pretty cool, but I didn’t get any this time. I had to use my dad’s phone to take the pictures & videos but I still got some! Overall, this was a good experience. I have been a Korn fan for so long & really appreciate a lot of their music! I’m excited to see what they end up doing next.

76. Banks with Lauren Jauregui and Samoht at the Moore Theatre on August 7th, 2022. This was my second time seeing Banks since 5 years ago and it was totally awesome. I love her new album Serpentina, it’s pretty good. I was on the floor in like the 6th row or so but was able to walk up pretty close to the stage which was awesome. My favorite track of hers from her new album and of her set that she performed was Fuck Love which is a pretty good song! I ended up getting a sticker sheet for $10 in terms of merch from her table, which is cool because I had found them online and wanted them and was hoping they’d also sell them at the concert (and they did). I’ll eventually use those for my vision journal which is why I’ve been wanting to get stickers lately, so that’ll be cool. The opening acts weren’t bad either, I think they were good choices for her for this tour. I also finally got a picture of her merch table as well. I loved this experience overall for sure!

75. Machine Gun Kelly with Avril Lavigne and Willow Smith at Climate Pledge Arena on July 22nd, 2022. This was my first time seeing all three of them, and I had a spot on the floor for this concert! It was pretty cool that I had such a good seat at the big venue. I mainly came to see Avril, but I was totally impressed by Machine Gun Kelly’s whole set until the end, it was really great with a lot of visuals and action. I loved it so much! I was even able to walk up closer to the stage for Avril, so I got the best pictures for her set. I am so happy I finally got to see her, I’ve been wanting to see her for so many years and it was important to me that I eventually did! I also was able to get a ‘Bite Me’ black t-shirt with orange on it, like her set on stage, featuring the picture from the album cover. I got it in a size M, which was perfectly fine so I could wear the bigger size with leggings. I finally have an Avril t-shirt, I’ve also wanted one of those for a long time! Before this, I only had an Abbey Dawn shirt that she designed for her brand. I’m so happy I finally got to go to this show! In addition to the t-shirt, I also got little bits of pink confetti that I picked up that I’m going to put on my concert board.

74. Halsey with Abby Roberts and The Marías at the White River Amphitheater on June 16th, 2022. This was a cool show I got to go to this time around, I was glad I got to see Halsey! I like a few of her albums a lot, especially a couple songs from her last years’ album. I love how unique she is, she did a pretty good show and I love the variety of music she makes in her genre and everything. There’s not a lot out there like Halsey, so she was a great idea to mix in with my history of concerts I’ve gotten to go to. This is only the third time I’ve been to this venue in the city of Auburn in WA, but it’s a pretty cool outdoor half-outdoor location that I think is pretty cool. I was in the third row of the last balcony, which is basically in like the middle. The pictures and videos I got might not have been too close or the best, but trust me that this concert was pretty good! Her opening acts weren’t bad either, and I loved all of her encore songs. My favorites that she performed were ‘Lilith’ and ‘I am not a woman, I’m a god’ which she closed with. I’m glad about this concert experience!

73. Oh Wonder with Winona Oak at the Showbox SoDo on May 23rd, 2022. I ended up going to this show alone, but I had a great time! I was front row and on the right side of the stage, and I always love this venue as well. It’s a medium sized one, and I was a little surprised that the duo ended up playing here at this one! I think they’re doing pretty well for sure. They released an album last year and also have a coordinating one coming out this year, and they’re both pretty good. They’re an alternative duo artist and their biggest song is called ‘Loose It’ and I’ve wanted to see them since the last time they came to Seattle. I liked the show a lot and thought they had great personality with their performance, so it was all pretty cool. I loved that this show happened this month because I love seeing alternative music live as well as all the other genres, but I haven’t been to that many shows of that genre in a while! They both had great merchandise also but I didn’t get any this time. The opening act was better than expected to me as well though, I really loved her live too!

72. Lights with Tillie again at The Showbox on April 4th, 2022. I went to this one with my mom again, which was pretty cool. It was awesome that she chose to tour with Tillie again for this concert, I loved her in 2019 with Lights as well! I also really loved Lights’ new album, ‘Pep’, and I thought Tillie was the perfect opening act again for their Baby I’m Back Tour 2022. I was really glad Lights’ ended up playing one of her older songs from a past album, ‘Everybody Breaks a Glass’, and the rest of her set was really awesome as well. I’ve been doing really good at keeping up with consistencies with my concerts this year, making sure I go to as many as I can with how many artists have been touring and everything, and it’s going really well. I’m excited to see how the rest of the year will go, but so far I’ve been to 5 of them this year and I’ve loved all of them. I was in the second row with my mom for this one, but for a lot of them this year I’ve been even closer! We even got to meet Tillie again too, for a second round. She looked great and I got a sticker she signed for me. I loved her merch table there (and Lights’ too) and her set of course also. I’ll try to get a pic of a merch table eventually again too!

71. Billie Eilish with DUCKWRTH at the Climate Pledge Arena on March 25th, 2022. This was my first time going to the new venue in Seattle, and it’s a really cool new big arena. They had so many different cool merchandise items too but I didn’t end up getting any this time. There’s also a bunch of cool food places in this venue too so that was pretty cool to see. I love Billie Eilish, I had a ticket to see her in 2019 but didn’t feel good enough to go so my dad went in instead to see her and got me a couple shirts. Finally though I was able to see Billie this year, which was awesome of course. I’m glad how everything turned out, my favorite song she preformed was probably GOLDWING. The opening act wasn’t bad also. I definitely love Billie’s newer album, too, that went with the tour, Happier Than Ever. I’m glad she went on tour for that release! It was awesome to see it live. Billie’s another I’ll want to see live again as well, and I’m sure she’ll tour again too.

70. K.Flay with Corook & Kid Sistr at The Showbox on March 9th, 2022. I went to this one by myself but got there early and was able to be front row in the very middle, which was awesome. This was my first time finally seeing K.Flay because I missed her in 2019 due to rehab (so my brother and his girlfriend went to that one for me) but I got to see her for this tour which was great. The merchandise looked really cool for this time too, but I only got a couple CDs was all this time, both of her newest EPs (Inside Voices & Outside Voices is what they’re called). I loved her set and every song she played, she did a really good concert! Also her opening acts were surprising, but I really liked the second one, a three-girl band. I hope to see her again in concert someday, we’ll see how it goes! I love all of her new releases from the last three years too.

69. Felly with Gyyps, Souly Had & some DJ at Neumos on February 17th, 2022. Ultimate VIP Package & Meet & Greet for this show, which was so cool. This was a great package, it included a bunch of really cool things including pizza for the 5 of us, and we got to stand on the stage to listen to some unreleased music that Felly had for us. He even said he had an unreleased song named ‘Abby’ that he showed me after I told him what my name was! I thought that was super cool. We got to take pictures with him as well, so I got one full-length picture of us and a couple selfies on the stage too. I brought a Sharpie and Young Fel CD from home for him to sign, so he signed that in my name as well as the VIP poster that we got too. He also ended up signing my VIP laminate and the shirt that I bought which was awesome. Everything was really cool, and I really loved this experience. It was pretty laid back, too, but it rocked. I’m so happy I got to go to this as a VIP. My favorite song he performed was near the end called Bones, which is from his album he released last year. This was my 4th time seeing Felly in Seattle too, which I got to tell him, & they were all in different venues up until this one!

68. Hippie Sabotage with Daisy Guttridge at the Showbox SoDo on January 21st, 2022. First concert to start off the new year of ’22, I think this was an awesome show to start my year! I went alone to this one but I’m totally glad I got to go. I like Hippie Sabotage a lot, I think they’re a pretty great duo. My favorite song they played was Peyote, which I discovered recently to the show, but I sure love that song. The opening act was also pretty good, I got to be front row for her. I was surprised at her music, but even though I hadn’t ever heard her before it’ll be good to check out her music soon. There was a couple songs she played that I really liked. I also thought the lightshow and visuals Hippie Sabotage had going on were really cool with their music, loved it. I was still in the front when they started playing, but eventually got pushed towards the back. That rarely ever happens to me, but I was in the very middle. For merchandise, I just got a HS sticker.

67. Peekaboo with G-Rex, Space Wizard, Ravenscoon & Lizzy Jane at the Showbox SoDo on November 20th, 2021. This was the 4th (or technically the 5th) concert this year that I was front row for! That’s a pretty awesome consistency, I keep getting lucky with getting there early enough these days. Peekaboo was great, during his first song he even stepped off the stage to stand right in front of me, up against the gate, and that was super cool too. I totally loved this show with all my heart, electronic music is fun live! I even ended up getting a shirt from G-Rex which is super rad looking, it’s red with this big graphic on it, and I love it. I got enough pictures from this show I think, too, so I have a pretty good collage for it. Visuals at concerts like this from each of the acts are always pretty cool too, a great thing about this genre and venue. I went to this show with my boyfriend Matt as well, great experience and I’m glad we made it to this one this time.

66. IDK with Ameer Van at Chop Suey on November 3rd, 2021. VIP Meet & Greet for this show, too! I went by myself for this concert experience but I really loved it. I was super glad to see a rapper as well this year, in addition to the mostly electronic shows I saw earlier this year (within the last few months or so). I’m really glad it was IDK too, I loved his new album a lot more after I saw him live. ’10 Feet’ was a great song live, from his most recent release, but I also loved that he ended with 24 which was the first song I ever found and loved by him, in 2019. I brought my ‘Is He Real?’ CD for him to sign, too, so that was really rad! As well as his opening act was also definitely pretty great, I was surprised at how much I loved him. Another really cool thing about this night was that I was front row, and he asked me for my name in his mic! (IDK did, it was cool I said it was ‘Abby’!) So, pretty cool experience that night overall, and now I have an IDK sticker on the top of my laptop. I also got this cool grey shirt, which was the last one in my size. The VIP package came with a card!

65. Buku with PANDAmonium, Downlo & Ahee at Neumos on September 17th, 2021. I went with Matt, my boyfriend, again to this one, and we had a lot of fun. In September of 2019 Matt showed me the song Front To Back, and it was the first time I had ever heard Buku! I loved the song, it was really good actually. So a year later we go see him live and he was really great actually. The opening acts were great too, I liked the first one a lot. We were front row again for this show, a small venue but it rocked actually! This year I’ve spent a lot of time loving Buku though, there’s a bunch of his music that I love. A lot of good times with his music and I’m so glad we saw him live. I loved the songs that I recognized the most but he also played some of his unreleased music that comes out this year. Such a great show, so glad we went!

64. Louis the Child with MEMBA, NEZ & What So Not at the WaMu Theater on September 11th, 2021. To this concert, I went with my boyfriend Matt, who actually introduced me to Louis the Child in like 2018. This was a pretty rad show, it’s been a while since I went to a concert like this! We were also front row, which was super awesome, and I got a tye-dye shirt from the merch table. Finally back to concerts this year after a break, this was a great one to get it going again. I’ll do a post all about their Euphoria Tour Seattle Show soon and get it up on the blog. Loved their set, they played Fade Away which is my favorite song by them. Their opening acts were also really good, I loved the first one. I’m really glad I got to see them this year! Read more about the concert experience and all that went with it on my Euphoria blog post.

63. Diplo with Dom Dolla, LP Giobbi, Walker & Royce, and VnssA at Seattle Center on August 15th, 2021. I went with my brother to this show which was perfect! Wow, it had been a while since I had gone to a concert! Then it turns out Diplo was playing this year and I signed up to go to this 6 hour concert and was surprised at how it was, actually! I had never been to a concert like this before, but it was totally worth it. Diplo had the best set by far, I loved On My Mind live a lot. I discovered that song this year and fell in love with it. He also played a bit of Thunderclouds from LSD, which was pretty cool! Really loved this show so much. Dom Dolla also of course played San Frandisco and I knew that song from my boyfriend, I was excited to have seen it live! I’m really glad I went to this, there’s plenty of more concerts this year too though so we’ll see what else I get to attend. Excited to get back into the groove of things, I’ve always loved concerts a lot.

62. Bea Miller at The Showbox on November 12th, 2019. VIP Meet & Greet – Stayed the whole dang time, but I was a little too late to meet her so I missed that. I definitely did get a VIP Laminate though, got the Meet & Greet ticket for the show, but showed up late and didn’t even get the souvenir hat that came with the concert package. That’s okay though, it was just some grey-ish hat. I already even have a Bea Miller hat, fortunately! It’s from her other show in 2019. Sad I didn’t get a picture with her, though, but that’s okay! I went alone this time too, and it was a really good show actually. But yeah I saw her twice this year. I’ll eventually get around to blogging more about those concerts, whether it’s here or on my other blog, because these were some really cool concert experiences plus the videos I took. I was front row for this one so my videos came out beautiful, so that’s good at least! Eventually this whole page will be filled up even more, but for now this was my last concert for a while. I went to no shows in 2020, and probably not a single one for 2021 either. Either way, I’ve been to 62 concerts for a while now, and that’s really a lot of concert experiences! I’m glad I made it to this show, after missing a quite a few this year. First concert out of rehab, only concert I’ve been to since that happened.

61. Lights & Tillie at The Showbox on August 15th, 2019  I went with my mom to this one. My hair was bright red this time like Lights’ was, which was cool. This was about my 4th time seeing Lights live, and I was really excited about it! This round was the Skin&Earth Acoustic Tour. As for merch I got the Lost Girls tank top, and Tillie’s Moodswings Shirt with a free pink-haired Tillie poster, which is rad. Eventually I’ll have pictures of the rest of that merch, but for now I’ve been taking it easy on myself with what I have left to shoot. This being one of the last concerts I’ve been to since 2019, I really cherish this one! I guess I’ll just see how things work out, after all these. I won’t miss out on the next concerts coming up, even though they’re all next year in 2022. For example, this concert happened half a month before I went to California for rehab, and while I was there I missed like 5 different concert opportunities. What are the odds with that timing. Everyone was coming to Seattle when I was in California. At least I stayed the entire time for this show, it was great!

60. Bea Miller at The Crocodile on May 17th, 2019 – Another concert that I went to with Matt. We even, after we left, got some good pictures out in Seattle of the outfit I wore to the show. I wore these huge gold platform shoes and could see above everyone’s heads, pretty dang well. This show was good, I think we stayed long enough for sure, but we had to make it out in time to catch some good lighting for the photoshoot I did over there. I’m glad Matt went with me, and of course manned my camera again. Belltown was where we were at, across from The Crocodile in Seattle. It was a really good concert, I loved it. Also check out It’s Not U, It’s Me for the photoshoot we did after that concert, and also the rest of the Seattle shoots from the year 2018. The one from this concert (2019) was the one with bright red hair and extensions, so fun. So yeah there were a couple red haired concert experiences. This one’s outfit just happened to rock, so with the hat on & everything I finished off It’s Not U. I really had started that blog post in 2018 with all those chapters & colors / shoots in Seattle and all, and then I ended it with the most red hair I’ve had in my life. I think I did this one right, honestly, and I’m going to do more Seattle photoshoots in the future, maybe relating to concerts or just for the city!

59. Seether at the Showbox SoDo on July 31st, 2018. I went to this with Matt, so that was cool. It was pretty early on in us knowing each other. This was my second time seeing Seether, & I definitely got a Poison the Parish shirt that night. I’ll eventually do a photoshoot for that shirt. Plus this was basically a date with Matt, it was the first concert we had ever been to together. I’m glad it was Seether! It was great. I can definitely tell that I need better pictures for my concert experiences, but I at least had a couple pictures for this one! I love rock concerts, I don’t go to enough of them, but Seether would be my favorite. Like seriously, one of my favorite concert shirts of all time was the one I got this time. Anyway, I’m still trying to do some cool things with each of these concert experiences, but based on how I used to do it I just need to finish up a few of them and call it done. Almost totally done with this list, I’ve done pretty well with it!


57. Aly & AJ + Rainsford, VIP Meet & Greet at the Neptune Theatre on June 17th, 2018. I also even got to meet Rainsford after her set/opening, at her merchandise table up the stairs at the venue. I was first in line to meet her, and I had already gotten to meet Aly&AJ, so that was pretty cool. And Rainsford & I were both wearing gold! Really good show, for sure! Checkout the Aly&AJ Blog Post here, featuring the picture I had them sign. At some point I’ll shoot the Aly&AJ shirt that I got from the concert, take pictures of that for an outfit. And finally, you can checkout the Rainsford photoshoot for the shirt here, it’s called Emotional Support the blog post. Featuring the shirt I got from the concert & then cut, but if you prefer simplicity, try instead with the shirt & photoshoot here. Two different sources or links for that same shoot. It’s one of my favorite shirts I have, I’m glad it turned out good as a crop top! Finally did that in in 2020. I really know how to to enjoy myself with concerts, even alone. I had a really good time at this show, oh how I love VIP experiences!

56. The Glitch Mob with Elohim and Anomalie on May 19th, 2018 at the Showbox SoDo. I’m pretty sure Ally went with me to this show as well, actually. This concert was definitely a good idea, but I hate to say we left too early after the first opening act and missed Elohim, and not to mention The Glitch Mob too. I at least went to the merchandise booth and got a bunch of merch from those two, plus they were even giving out free Elohim masks at the booth and I got the very last one of them! Then I got one of Elohim’s ‘Don’t Half Love Me’ hats, which was it for her merch. Next was three things from The Glitch Mob, including a t-shirt with their album cover graphic, a red enamel pin that is a pretty nice size, and then of course a CD as well. I later ending up loving this album a lot more than I expected and regretted never seeing them, aw. I even for some reason ended up getting an Alison Wonderland promo poster for another concert from the show! After we ended up leaving the show early, there was some guy outside the venue with this free speaker that he gave us so I included it in my picture too, haha. There’ll be other chances to see The Glitch Mob and also Elohim (again)!

55. NF with his Perception World Tour, VIP Meet & Greet on March 18th, 2018 at the Showbox SoDo. This was a really cool VIP experience to me, especially since Ally got to come with me this time. She really loves NF, and I’m so glad we got to meet him together! He’s a great rapper, I really love his 2021 album release the most of his music, but this tour (for Perception) was just great, and I really do hope to see him again one day. So we got to the venue in time, waited in the small VIP line, and got our picture in front of the black curtain like in the picture below, and I was wearing these really cool leather jeans with a yellow and orange flower-type design on them and a red crop top, not to mention my tree-like orange carnelian necklace and of course my high-heeled booties that are in that blue-colored picture below, haha. Ally looked really good too, I liked her cropped sweatshirt a lot. I think our picture turned out pretty great. We both got NF merchandise as well, I got the hoodie and she got a t-shirt, so that was cool! Then also our VIP laminates too, of course.

54. Lights with Chase Atlantic and DCF at The Showbox on February 2nd, 2018 went with my brother & my mom for this one. I’ve seen Lights a number of times in concert, she’s incredible! I got a promo poster as well from this concert, that and one of the posters from her comic book! This was a good one actually. I’ve seen Lights a good amount of times in my life, and she’s always really good. This was for the Skin&Earth concert, and I believe I even have En’s nail polish set of 4 polishes, which one day I’ll do a whole post about. That’ll be listed eventually after some other Skin&Earth merch gets to move. Like I already mentioned, this is the show that gave me the Lights promo poster after the concert, and I still have it – it says the date of the concert on it as well as The Showbox in Seattle. It was a cool promotional poster that they let me have only until after the show was completely over, though, but now I have it and absolutely love it. It’s been above my black bookshelf ever since I came back home to live with my mom, actually. I kept getting Lights’ posters for a while honestly, that started in 2013 for the Siberia Acoustic Tour, where I got a good 18×24 of her and her black bangs & hair. She had blonde hair on tour though. It was rad, and now I have like 3 more Lights posters from different concerts of hers I’ve gone to. One day I’ll have gotten pictures & posted all my posters for Celebrity Merch Base, but that’s eventually!

53. Passion Pit with Gwen Dumaran at the Showbox SoDo on January 27th, 2018. So this was the beginning of the year in 2018 when Gwen pulled me aside and asked if I wanted to attend this concert with her. I totally said yes, and we went together. It was Passion Pit and I wasn’t too sure what to expect! But we got a pretty good spot near the front of the stage, and had a really good time there. I got a bunch of pictures this time, they turned out good too! I think 2018 was a great year for collaboration, you can checkout some of that on my blog, January was where it was at. Glad I made the connections I did back then! I really loved going to this one, and I would say I’d definitely see someone like this again someday. So this was definitely a great idea, like with all the different shows I’ve been to I’d say this one was pretty unique but that’s a great thing for where I’m at with concerts. I’m really glad Gwen invited me to go with her to this!

52 – Macklemore at the KeyArena with Danon on December 23rd, 2017. So after meeting Danon at the Bebe show earlier in the year, we really got along and even started dating for a while. There were a few concerts that we went to together, but the best news was when he told me he got us tickets to see Macklemore. Pretty good seats too, for how big of a show this was. I wasn’t really that familiar with Macklemore’s music when he told me we were going, but then I started listening to him and really liked Gemini actually. Even ordered the CD a week before the show so that I could get into him more, and I really love it when I start liking new music. This was a great show, he’s a fantastic performer, and he even got awarded for selling out the KeyArena 5 times, one of the only people there is that has done that. Really glad that the both of us went to this one, I really appreciate music like this! I also love new opportunities, pretty genuinely.

51 – Angus & Julia Stone at the Neptune Theater on November 29th, 2017. Another concert that I went to by myself, but this was a ton of fun. I didn’t know I would love this one this much, but I get in these moods sometimes where this is totally my favorite genre. Such a great duo, I’m really glad I took so many good quality pictures for this one. I don’t always remember to get a lot of pictures because I wasn’t always working on this concert almanac, but now that I am I’m sure I’ll have more concert nights like this one. By the time I got to the show I was in like the second or third row, but it’s usually pretty easy to get near the front at this venue, which I like a lot about it. I looked cute in what I was wearing to the show, too, so that’s always a good thing! I was wearing my red colored jeans and white bodysuit with a jacket, too.

50. In This Moment with Of Mice & Men and Avatar at the Moore Theatre on October 31st, 2017. Wow hey, my 50th concert already! And it was on a Halloween, seeing In This Moment live, how perfect! I got to go to this show with my dad, stepmom, and Danon. It was actually pretty good! Not typically my kind of music, but I do like seeing shows like this from time to time, plus my dad and Jessie picked it out and offered to take me with them. I had a lot of fun there, and this was even my first time at the Moore theatre so this concert was good for a lot of things. Plus I loved seeing Of Mice & Men as the opening, even got a CD of theirs from the merchandise booth. And I also got an In This Moment poster!

49. Kesha on her Rainbow Tour at the Showbox SoDo on October 27th, 2017. When Kesha came out with Rainbow I was just stoked. It was my favorite album in the world for a while, I really connected with it. I of course even got merch for the whole thing, and was even more excited in the world once she announced her tour for it. So obviously I got even more merchandise at the show, like just a Rainbow album cover t-shirt that I love with all my heart. Seeing her live, and for the first time, was great to me, if only I were just a little closer to the stage! Such a great concert, she’s an excellent performer. First time seeing Kesha, but I guess that makes sense because of how early on her other tours were. Either way, ‘Rainbow’ is my favorite of all her work, and it probably will be for a long time! Hope I see her again sometime!

48. Alison Wonderland with Elohim at The Showbox on October 20th, 2017. Both performances were really great! I liked Elohim as the opening act, she was in a rad hooded jacket type and I really loved her sound. I’m glad I finally got to see Alison too, at this small intimate venue, this being one of the last times she preformed in a venue this small on her tours. Also, one of the other really cool things that came with this experience was her choosing our show to film something for her ‘Happy Place’ music video! It was her last concert on tour and she chose us to jump into the crowd (with all our hands up) and get some good shots for the music video, and the video I’m attaching is what I got from that! Loved this a lot.

47. Bebe Rexha & Marc E Bassy’s Bebe & Bassy TourVIP Meet & Greet with Bebe at the Showbox SoDo on October 16th, 2017, what a great experience! We started with going upstairs at the venue to this cool room where we were all sitting and waiting to meet her, and then she came into the room wearing Louis Vuitton! We then got to sit and chat with her for a while before we were going to take the pictures, and of course they had signed posters for us all to grab while we were up there. I volunteered to be first to get a picture with her, so we stood for a while with them getting the camera adjusted. I love when meet and greet pictures have a backdrop like they did here, the pictured turned out really good! I even matched her with what outfits we were wearing. They also sent us the rest of our merchandise in the mail, and I eventually got it – it was a Bebe chocolate bar and a sheet of cute tattoos. Plus I got a white shirt (with her lips and necklace on it) from the merch table. Then I was front row for the two of them, even got in a picture with Marc on stage, I circled me there! Also, this crowd is where I met Danon, him and I went to a few concerts ourselves in the time that we knew each other. This was such a great experience, and this was also a favorite of mine, like VIP ones usually are to me!

46. Jon Bellion with Blaque Keys, a show I didn’t get many pictures at but it was a good one that I went to alone. I’ve had friends that saw Jon Bellion before I did, even got to meet him and didn’t bring me, haha but that’s okay because I got one of the posters from them and it’s signed. I’m glad it was finally my turn to see him, he was better than I think I was expecting! Another one on the list, just wish I gotten better pictures or content from it! I mean I also didn’t even get any merch for it, but that’s okay. Either way it was a good experience, live at the Paramount Theatre on October 1st, 2017.

45. Glass Animals at the WaMu Theater on September 16th, 2017. This was my second time seeing them, and it was even better than the first one! I went with my friend Zoey to this show, got a couple pictures of the two of us. I also got a pineapple shirt from the merch table that I’ve now cropped into a crop top. I have so many cool concert shirts and a bunch of them are crop tops! Maybe not too many but of course I’ll always have my closet full of merchandise. Concert merch specifically is a good one, I should do more to catalog those, but there’s just so many of them! I’ll get around to it eventually. Anyway we were in a decent spot and I got a couple good pictures, so at least there’s that. Glad we went!

44. Lady Gaga on her Joanne Tour 2017, one of my favorite concerts I’ve been to! Finally got to see Gaga, I had been wanting to go since like 2009 when she was doing the Fame Ball tour, my mom was going to it and I asked her if I could come with because I loved Gaga so much at the time, but she said no because she knew it was going to be a little too adult for me at the time, and it was. So since then I’ve wanted to see her on tour but never made it to any of those ‘ball tours that she did. At least I got to see Joanne. I even got a cute pink long sleeved t-shirt with her on the front, and even got it in a photoshoot at my friend’s house back in 2017. So this was a whole big post including my outfit for the show, pictures from the show and then the merch shirt pictures at the end. Checkout my Joanne Tour Concert blog post here! Glad I did the whole nine yards for that one, loved that one. This show was on August 5th, 2017 at the Tacoma Dome.

43. Portugal. The Man – This was the second time I had seen Portugal. The Man within two years. The last show was great, their cool tour with Cage (at a different venue) but this one was just incredible as well. I really love seeing their band live! Such an artistic kind of music, definitely a favorite band of mine. I don’t have any opening acts on record for sure but there’s a chance there was one or two, I think I got a few videos of them too. Great venue, interesting choice for them but I think it was pretty rad anyway. So this concert was on July 20th, 2017 at the Paramount Theater in Seattle of course. Jenna went with me for this one too, actually. This one also came with a full-leaded blog post, check it out here!

42. Fences + Ruler + Sun dummy. Sun dummy was really good, surprisingly, and I loved her set! Ruler kinda sucked to me, wouldn’t go out of my way for his music. Fences was a peculiar performer! He kept stopping the set every time he heard chattering from the crowd and said he wasn’t going to perform unless everyone was quiet, which is interesting. I wish I could say he was joking around but yikes, not sure! Like I wasn’t talking, nor did I want to, yet seeing him get so mad over talking at a concert was almost ridiculous, what a colorful show actually. So whatever on that one! It was at Chop Suey (a small venue in Seattle, don’tcha know) on July 2nd, 2017 and I went with Jenna & Tanner to this one! Didn’t get any pictures for this show, but I did remember to get a few good videos of the three of them. Here’s one of them!

41. Felly with Gyyps again on June 4th, 2017 at The Crocodile. I went with the beautiful Jenna Phillips to this show this time! For merchandise they legit only had one shirt, promoting Felly in Seattle for that night only, but I passed on it and didn’t get one. I also didn’t get shit for pictures this time though because my phone was broken at the time, so here’s just a selfie I took before the concert. It was a good show, I always love to see the two of them perform. This would be the third show of theirs I’ve caught so far! I love my yellow nail polish with this outfit, it totally stands out here! My lipstick here is most likely a Givenchy, the Couture Edition lipstick in 315, which I love with all my heart. The yellow nails are probably my Julep yellow, Catrina too. That’s about all I’ve got for number 41, but I hope to see Felly again. He’s such a great performer, I always have a blast at his shows! I’m excited to see what comes next. *And also, something else I’ve noticed is that Felly was my concerts number #21, #31, and even #41 too. See that pattern right there? Wow! That’s crazy.

2017-06-04 13.50.21

40. Gnash + MAX for the Sleepover Tour 2017, and I went with Ally for it. This show was a pretty cool experience, and even though I went to a lot of shows in the last couple of years this one still was significant as a unique concert of Gnash & MAX, a little different than what I usually go to. Glad I went to this! And of course, I bought a set of Gnash enamel pins and also a small poster of him. Pretty sure Ally tagged along but I can’t find a selfie with her at the show, oh well! I’ll eventually have a more comprehensive list to go with this page (of the concerts I’ve been to) and I’ll be able to verify things like that better. Great concert! This was at the Neptune Theater (one of the best theaters!) on May 6th, 2017

39. The 1975 + Colouring. The 1975 again, click that link to see the blog post for this one! This being the second time I’ve seen them, they’re really good on a stage. This was one of Ally’s favorite concerts that we had been to, of course I took her to their show again. Their opening act wasn’t so bad either! A great alternative for these two bands, a nice genre to listen to. I got a shirt from this show but eventually just turned it into a crop top, kind of wrecked it with scissors when I was working on it. I’ll eventually get that up on my other blog, but I have to do a new shoot every time I crop a shirt. See the full-length t-shirt in that blog-link at the beginning, I named the shoot By Your Side after a single of theirs. I also included in that post my (of course) #ConcertAttire for this show. This was on April 30th, 2017 at the WaMu Theater.

38. Banks – Wow I love Banks so much! This show was just incredible, exciting too. She’s a great performer, loved the concert so much honestly. Unfortunately we only stayed for 4-5 songs, but the ones we did get to hear were amazing.  Ally went with me again to this one, she’s frequently my concert buddy, and a good one too. As for merchandise, I really wanted the white Trainwreck tee they had at the table because that’s one of my favorite songs of hers, but the person right in front of me in line bought the last one in my size, dang it! So instead I got the ‘Bad Motherfucker’ one. Thought I had posted that shirt in a post somewhere on the site but haven’t even found it, so for now check this out! This show was at the Showbox SoDo on April 18th, 2017 with Ally like I said. Banks was such a good one to see there! I’m sure I’ll see her again someday, missed her in 2019 but this will not be the last time I see her show! Here’s a video from the concert.

37. Powers + James Hersey, oh how I love the Powers duo. This was such an amazing concert, definitely a top 25 (lol) of a favorite! It’s even been a top 10 for me before, might still be even. The show was at Chop Suey in Seattle so it was the tiny venue where we were just, like, standing right in front of them like wow – this duet is legendary! Like the song, of course. Or even like their EP, either way, I really hope they end up making more music together. It’s pretty possible! And as for merchandise, I wanted all of it, ended up getting 2 Powers t-shirts and a snapback hat. One of the tees is black with Powers written down the front, and the other one is bright yellow with what looks like a flag on it. The hat has a green colored brim (underneath) and says their name on it I believe. Ally went with me to this one too! – April 4th, 2017.

36. Ariana Grande with Little Mix – Dangerous Woman Tour, on March 23rd, 2017 at the KeyArena in Seattle, one of the two biggest venues in the area. Ally went with me to this one as well. Ariana is such an incredible artist, I’m glad she’s always making music, I loved seeing her this time! We had pretty good seats for this one, at least floor level. As for the merchandise, I got an awesome short sleeve shirt plus a long sleeve shirt as well, I’m including pics of the two!  And I also got an 18×24 poster, and a ‘Greedy’ confetti dollar that is on my concert bulletin board at the moment. Checkout all of that & more in this blog post! We were like 4 feet away from her. Wish I got better pictures, I’ll at least include a video!

35. Daya with Jess Kent – We went to see Daya but we had to leave right before she even came on, so we basically only heard Jess Kent as her opening act. She wasn’t too bad, interesting lyrics for sure, though! Surprised Daya picked her. Ally went with me to this one, and it was on March 18th, 2017 at the small Seattle venue Neumos. Great color scheme & disco ball for the pictures, and I always love the different concert filters with the names on them. I don’t always leave concerts early but sometimes I do, but I vow to fix that one day so my duration includes a typical/usual full concert!

34. Bebe Rexha with Daniel Skye and Spencer Ludwig for the All Your Fault Tour 2016 at The Crocodile on March 14th, 2017. This was so great like holy shit I love Bebe so much! This was an amazing show, she was so adorable making cute jokes in between songs, and her voice is incredible! I also got to meet Spencer Ludwig after his set, got a set of free buttons from him. I went with Ally to this, of course. In terms of other merchandise, I got a Bebe shirt that says All Your Fault with her printed on it, plus a white hat that says ‘Bebe‘ on the front of it. I blogged a little about it in this post! That post was pretty general in regards to concert info, there’s obviously a lot more info just on this page. Like, as an example, other than this paragraph itself, I did the collage below with a pre-show coffee picture of Ally, the crowd’s ultimate ‘holding up our hands’ picture, three pictures of Bebe & her blonde hair from the crowd, & finally the picture of me wearing all the merchandise I got put together, and then followed by one of my live videos of Bebe from the concert!

33. Hayley Kiyoko + Flor at The Crocodile, a fairly small Seattle venue, on March 9th, 2017. Went with Ally again. Generally speaking, I love shows like this, but I was just not having it at the show this time. We hung near the back of the place once we got there, and that was a pretty chill spot. My pictures turned out good enough, too, for where we were in the crowd, so that worked out well enough. I guess that’s all I need to finish a concert paragraph on here! Although I didn’t even get any merchandise at this one, and I can’t remember if she really had any or not for this. Hayley was pretty good, too, she’s not too bad of an act, really. And even though I went with Ally I had friends like Autumn who I saw there too, can’t really remember if we interacted or not though. It’s been a while, but I also just love spotting people in a crowd!

32. Vince Staples + Kilo Kish. At the Showbox SoDo, on February 27th, 2017. Went with Ally, of course. We only stayed for his first few songs and then had to go. There’s a lot of different concerts I’ve been to that I only got to stay for so long with, like some that were cut short or that we left early from for whatever reason. Vince was good though, as far as I could tell, I really love that guy! He’s one of my all-time favorites in terms of rappers. And this was even only a 2017 show so of course he wasn’t going to perform some of my favorite tracks from years later, but his discography rings true with how he performs, and I was glad to see what songs I did for this one. Got like 3-4 videos, mostly just with Prima Donna though. Wish I could attach one of the videos but I can’t yet, but I will eventually be able to do that on here eventually! So, badly-taken concert selfie from the crowd for this one. Better than nothing! I won’t forget to add a video in later.


31. Felly + Gyyps yet again, this time at El Corazon on February 4th, 2017! Went with Ally again to this show too, she’s really tagged along to a lot of them with me. I actually got a merch shirt this time, long sleeves! It says both their names on it, along the sleeves, and it’s a good piece of merch. I wore my little English font word dress and my faux leather jacket for this and fishnets of course too, and even got a good shoot of it right before I went to the show. Then the next day, I did a shoot with the concert merch shirt and put them both together and you can find the blog post for that here at Felly Concert Turnout actually! I love doing concert posts of the #concertattire and #merchstyle put together as a good duo, one of my favorite things to blog about! I just barely got enough pictures for the two shoots, but I think I got it right for this one, for sure! The show was a great one too, I love seeing the two of them so much. Also checkout just the merch catalog post on Celebrity Merch Base, my central site for my merchandise of all kinds, that’s on there too of course also!

30. Daughter + Alexandra Savior. I went to this alone, it’s really been a while since I went to a show alone! I also got a Daughter shirt that’s really cute, has these long-bodied ghouls on it in white with Daughter written at the top of the graphic. I originally bought 2 tickets but Ally went to Idaho at the time instead of joining me there, but oh well on that! Daughter was pretty good, beautiful venue for her show and a really good set, glad Alexandra opened for her as well! This was on November 27th, 2016 at the Neptune Theater, and I closed down this year with the last concert of 2016. Crazy that I went to 13 different shows this year alone, wow I’ve been to some concerts! I wore a very pretty (& strappy) black dress to this show by myself, plus I took a selfie in the mirror up the stairs in the venue (by the merch table!).

29. Niykee Heaton was pretty dang good for this show. Again one that Ally went with me too, and she knows Niykee’s music too, so I appreciate her music taste a lot and where it overlaps with mine with so many different types. I love shows & genres like this, it’s always so good! Plus the venue, the Neptune Theater, is a place I really adore. I love how many different concerts I went to in these couple of years I’ve been writing about, I’ve always got something for them, something to say or just blog about. The selfies we took for this one are pretty great, me taking off that jacket (wearing that cute white top) and the little grim face I have on in the crowd, both pictures with Ally of course. Got a couple blurry pictures of Niykee with her performing, the videos were better of course, but at least I did get some pictures for the collage. I hope she makes new music soon! Would love to see her again someday. This show was on November 2nd, 2016.

28. ScHoolboy Q at the WaMu Theater. Another show I went to with Ally, dang there was really a lot of them in 2016! Schoolboy Q was good, not too bad at all. I think I got a shirt, looks like it’s draped over my shoulder in that mirror selfie. And the concert filters! Those were interesting, haha. Including the little blank face icon and it’s placed in a kind of funny spot. I love rap concerts, I’ve been to a few of them I think, but I know I love his music more now than I did back then so we’ll see if I ever get another chance to see him play. Didn’t get a lot of pictures, but at least I got a few, including all those cute selfies. I’m glad I get to go to so many shows, I’ll do the next one more justice than this. It’s good that I went to this, wouldn’t have wanted to miss it, and I’m glad Ally loves going to shows like this with me too. Anyway, this one wasn’t bad, I liked the stage setup too. This was back on October 21st, 2016 another fall concert that we’ve been to.

27. Glass Animals – So this is one of the best performances I’ve ever seen. I may not have gotten really any pictures of the show, maybe some videos, but I do like the pictures that went with this. Like that black & white picture of the sign up on the front of the theater. Another concert I went to with Ally. The band is great with their genre, and this is the first time I got to see them, with the shirt I got that I love with all my heart. I of course have been blogging my concert experiences like crazy these days, so there’s another duo-photoshoot post with what I wore & what merch I got, and you can check that out here. This show was another one at the Paramount Theater, I adore theater concert types. The date was October 11th, 2016 which was a great titration towards the end of the year. Glad I wore those shorts to the show!

26. Sia + Miguel, another great show that I went with Ally to. Sia’s great with her performances, I loved the art of her show. Another show at this venue with far away seats, but at least we got to go! I love this venue, it’s of course again a KeyArena show like the ones below this, so I’ve been there quite a bit. I’m glad Ally knows Sia better than I do, and I was greatful she tagged along again. I wore my Abbey Dawn flannel type shirt and a polka-dotted skirt, which I took pictures of and paired it with the Sia concert tee outfit with a plaid skirt, so that’s good since I didn’t really get many pictures of the show. That’s okay though, I loved this one lots! The show was on September 29th, 2016. Check out the blog post here.

25. Gwen Stefani + Eve on her This is What The Truth Feels Like Tour. It was really cool seeing her on a solo tour after seeing her with No Doubt in 2009! I went with my mom for this one, and she saw them with me back in the day, too. This was a cool bonding experience, like concerts really can be, and wow my mom and I have always really adored Gwen. She did a good show, I was impressed with it. Our seats were fine, nothing too close to the stage but we tried with getting tickets for it. I’ve been all over the place in this venue, throughout my life. It at the KeyArena on August 24th, 2016. Plus I also blogged my concert outfit and merchandise shirt, which was the sleeveless TIWTTFL shirt. So that’s up on the blog!

24. Demi Lovato + Nick Jonas for their Future Now Tour. It was so cool seeing Demi again, this was my second time seeing her live (not counting the one time I met her). I went with Ally again to this one and we had super good seats.  We were like 3 rows away from Demi, so the pictures and videos turned out pretty good. I didn’t get any merchandise from the show other than the little Future Now booklet of the two of them, but I do have a Demi & Nick shirt from the concert that I got on ebay one year, to make up for it. It’s pretty rad! Eventually I’ll do a photoshoot with the shirt, but for now let’s just enjoy my collage and video I’m adding here for this. The concert was on August 21st, 2016 at the KeyArena.

23. Korn at the White River Ampitheater on July 27th, 2016. Went to this show with my dad & stepmom, which was going to be cool, but unfortunately I had to leave after the first few songs because my stepmom was upset. That sucked but at least those songs I stayed for were good, I’m really glad I got to see them. Korn’s big to me in my life, they mean a lot to me, since I was like 15 or something. Got zero pictures from the whole thing, but that’s okay I guess! I know I’ll see them again someday, of course they’ll circle back around! Then I’ll also get some merchandise & pictures from that one too.

22. Cage the Elephant + Portugal. The Man – went with Ally. Perfect pair of bands to be touring together, was very impressed with this one. They played at the WaMu Theater together on June 19th, 2016. I had barely even heard much from Cage before I went because I was going mostly for Portugal, but they both were amazing! Now I adore them both and hope to see Cage again eventually some day. We showed up to the concert a little late and had to settle for an XL sized shirt, that being all they had left! Love it though, it’s like a dress on me but the graphic is so large and bright green & pink. It was a Portugal shirt of course, plus I got a Portugal button set too, they’re interesting! There’s 4 of them.

21. Felly + Gyyps 7th King Tour at Chop Suey on May 22nd, 2016. I went with Ally but also hung with my friends Jacob & Kendall who were there too. Love running into people I know at concerts, it’s always extra fun! Didn’t really get a lot of photos or videos for this one but I had gotten some, so here’s a couple. This was the first show I ever went to of Felly’s, and I loved it so much! It’s cool because that same Jacob one time got a free Felly sweatshirt from him online for listening to his music, and it said Felly on it in his font and it was super cool. That’s how I had ever first heard of Felly actually! Glad we saw those two at the concert this time though. I don’t think there was any merchandise for this show, but there was a cool disco ball in the venue! I love this small venue a lot, it’s a great one and I’m so glad they played here!

20. Selena Gomez with DNCE (Joe Jonas’s band) for the Revival Tour 2016. This was my second time seeing Selena live, and it really did her justice! I loved this with all my heart, wish my pictures turned out as good as my videos did but that’s never usually the case. Revival was a great album and the tour worked with it perfectly, loved seeing this show. Went with Ally again to this one, and I think she liked it too. The opening act surprised me, this was my first time ever hearing Cake by The Ocean and it was live, so that’s pretty rad. Definitely liked the band after seeing their set and got some of their music afterwards. Was surprised at that, glad we went. This one was at the KeyArena on May 13th, 2016.

19. The Neighbourhood + EMI, the Nu Waves TourSecond time seeing The NBHD this round, another one I went to with Ally again. We went to quite a few of them together! First time seeing this band together, though, for the two of us. I didn’t really get any merchandise, but I might’ve been wearing the shirt I got from their first concert to this show, which is not something I usually do (wear merchandise to concerts) but looks like I did for this one! Interesting. Not too much to this one, the only pictures I got don’t really do it justice. Either way this is a good venue for them, I think they played it both times for Seattle. It was at the Showbox SoDo and was on May 6th, 2016, a great show for sure again this time!

18. The 1975 at the WaMu Theater on April 28th, 2016, another show I went to with Ally. This was my first time seeing the band, and dang they were fantastic! I loved the lights and colors they were using for their set, not sure if I remember any opening act though. That’s okay, 2016 was good for concerts, and I’m pretty good at reflecting on each of these when I do them. I’m getting better with writing these, I just know this list is ultimate. I love their genre too, wish I had gotten some merchandise this time but I it was just my second time seeing them that I finally did. After the show I even got to meet up with my old online friend of like a decade, Nissy! Got a picture with her after the concert, Ally took it for us.

17. Seth MacFarlane + the Seattle Symphony at Benaroya Hall. I went with my dad, stepmom, and Ally. First time going to a symphony, really! I’m glad it was Seth MacFarlane, I love his music and also his shows of course. I wore a really cute outfit to this one, with a heavy metal-embellished black & silver skirt and red lace sleeveless top, as you can see below. Looked good, had my extensions in, and Ally had blue hair for this show, so that was cute in the picture of us. This was such a beautiful show, I hope to go to another thing like this one day. Maybe he’ll tour again eventually! Who knows. Anyway, this was on April 8th, 2016. Such a cool experience, really adds depth to my genre-diverse list of concerts!

*On November 14th, 2015 I went to one of those jingle bash things to meet Demi Lovato! I didn’t even actually go to the concert part, but I at least got to meet her. This was an interesting experience, they had us all smoosh in for the picture even though I didn’t know those other 3 people, haha. Oh well, cool anyway! I’ve seen Demi a couple different times in concert by now, so that’s good too, but I just didn’t really feel like sitting through that Jingle Ball Bash on this day.


16. A$AP Rocky with Tyler the Creator and Vince Staples at the WaMu Theater on November 11th, 2015 with my dad. It was cool going to a show with my dad for once! He seems to like A$AP Rocky enough, so that’s pretty cool. Although this show was in 2015, it took me until 2017 to do a photoshoot with the shirt that I got from the show. The context was rap merchandise, as I had been getting from certain concerts, & I decided to take pictures of the A$AP shirt for it! You can checkout that blog post right here. I stayed long enough to see a bunch of their different sets and got one of my favorite shirts of the bunch from this show. I hope he comes back to Seattle again sometime, such a good concert this round. I got a few moving pictures of the different stage lights, so that’s pretty perfect for this. I loved the opening acts, too!

15. Seether with Saint Asonia as the opening act, the new band of Adam Gontier. This was a super cool experience! I was a Side-Stager VIP. Definitely one of my top 5 favorite concert experiences of all time. This was on October 28th, 2015 at the Showbox SoDo. I legit got to stand on the stage as well as other cool things, like the bunches of merch they had for us & the soundcheck. I went to the soundcheck with my dad and stepmom because they both got free passes in for that (so now I have two different VIP passes from this show!) but I was on the side of the stage alone, with just 3 other people who I didn’t know. Seemed pretty cool, plus I got to meet the band Saint Asonia after they opened, and even was granted to the front of the line to get my CD signed. Probably the most amount of merch I’ve ever come home with, including two shirts & booty shorts. VIP gets me every time, this being one of my very first VIP experiences. Such a good concert! Not sure if I’ll ever have an chance as good as this one again! I hope to do a collective merch post for this show one day.

14. Marina and the Diamonds at the Paramount Theater. This was on October 25th, 2015 with my mom. Marina’s such a fantastic performer. This was, of course, the Neon Nature Tour for her ‘Froot’ album. I got a shirt at the concert, and I’ll eventually do a photoshoot for that one as well. My goal is to do shoots for all the merch I have, really. We’ll see how things go until then. We got a few different selfies there, in the beautiful venue. Might be a favorite venue of mine, I’ve been to a few different shows for this one. It was a pretty good concert! I’m sure I’ll go see Marina again someday, that’s surely likely. Loved it all, & loved the selfie she took with the crowd near the end, showing off the Seattle show on IG.

13. The Neighbourhood featuring Bad Suns. This was one of my first few alternative genre concerts that I went to, and I loved that they had little NBHD fan things for free for the crowd. I went to this with my mom again, we had some fun. I also got my legendary The Neighbourhood logo t-shirt which is plain but bold as is, and I’ve blogged about it right here on my other blog. One day I’ll do a real photoshoot with the shirt of course, and their merch booth made sense this time (for this tour). Unsure of what the name of this tour was, for this time, but oh well! I love seeing bands like this play, and we totally stayed long enough to get our fill, really liked it even. This show was at the Showbox SoDo on October 21st, 2015.

12. Lana Del Rey with Courtney Love, for their Endless Summer Tour. This concert called for a road trip, with a 2-3 hour drive down to the venue just to see Lana. Worth it though, even if it wasn’t the typical Seattle show, this was at a cool amphitheater down by where my Aunt Kara lives. We even had our tire blow out when we were on our way there so we had to have my aunt come down and take us the rest of the way to the show. Went with my friend Summer there, all the way to Ampitheater Northwest in Ridgefield, Washington. Such an incredible show though, can’t wait to see Lana again! I got the blue shirt from the show, and I also have the gold rosary type ‘locket’ necklace. This was on May 22nd, 2015.

11. Lights with Wild Party as the opening. I also got to meet Lincoln from Wild Party and got my shirt and CD signed by him after their set. Didn’t get to meet the rest of the band, but I was first in line to meet Lincoln at least! I think I also got a Lights shirt in addition to the Wild Party merch, and it was the Running With The Boys tee. It was fun seeing her in this kind of concert too, in comparison to acoustic! This was the Little Machines Tour 2014. She’s just really good live, is all. The pictures don’t really do it justice, but I promise she’s always like my favorite every time I get to see her live. I went with my mom to this one, and it was at The Showbox on November 15th, 2014 – my birthday, actually! I turned 16 that time.

10. Lights in her Siberia Acoustic Tour 2013. It was so cool to see her acoustic, and for the first time too! This concert was on June 13th, 2013 at the Neptune Theater with my old bestie Sophia. I believe this was the first concert I ever went to without my mom, and it was #10 nonetheless. Really good show, loved her blonde hair on the stage. I was 14 for this one, and this was the perfect first show I could’ve caught of her. I loved Lights when she first came out with the Ice video, but then remembered she existed in the springtime of this year and saw she was doing this concert when I found her newer music that time! So I caught the show in perfect timing. I just got a poster from this show, still of course have it too!

9. Selena Gomez & the Scene, We Own The Night Tour 2011. It was on September 12th, 2011 at the Puyallup Fairgrounds for some reason. It was like an outdoor venue at this place that is typically just a fair, and it was interesting because I had never been to a concert outside before this one, not to mention I’m never seeing a show again in Puyallup, people just don’t usually play there these days. We showed up a little late for this concert and were waiting in the merchandise line when she started playing, but at least I got a shirt & tour book from there. I was in kind of a bad mood for this too, partially because we were late but I was just kind of sad there. As the concert went on I started feeling better at least.

*Bella Thorne Meet & Greet opportunity at the South Hill Mall on August 20th, 2011. This was just a cool Shake It Up promotional meet & greet for Bella Thorne back in 2011, was so glad I caught this online when I was working on a few Shake It Up inspired outfit designs on Polyvore back then. I was really excited! I know this isn’t necessarily a concert but I wanted to add it for the sake of keeping track of all my opportunties like this one. I even bought a Shake It Up CD before we went there so that I’d have something for her to sign. She even danced on the stage while we were in line!

8. Katy Perry for her California Dreams Tour 2011. This show was on July 20th, 2011 at the Tacoma Dome. Went with my mom and got another light-up glowstick and cute Teenage Dream crop top. This crop top I’ve really had for that many years since the show, and I rarely wear it but I try sometimes to make it work. It’s an interesting one, and I mean I’ve cut many different shirts into crop tops in my time, but this one is still always in my closet. I’ll get around to blogging about it, it’ll be a good post once I finally get to it! We got so many good pictures at this concert, I love it, kind of a longer collage than the rest of them but I adore so many of these pictures, it was a pretty colorful show. Hope to see Katy again some day.

7. Britney Spears with Nicki Minaj and Jessie & the Toy Boys on the Femme Fatale Tour 2011 right at the Tacoma Dome on June 29th, 2011. SUCH a great concert, a favorite for sure! Second time seeing Britney this time and she was great of course, despite how far we were from the stage! That was okay though, it’s the biggest venue in Seattle anyway. Didn’t get many pictures at all though, unfortunately. My mom was my concert buddy for this concert too, of course, me being 12 at the time. Jessie was a super great opening act, she ended up being a favorite of mine for a while years following this show, and now she’s doing music under the name Eden Xo – really hope to see her again one day! As for merchandise, I got a Femme Fatale cup & poster, which I still have I believe, plus the shirt I’m wearing in that picture. I actually did this one blog post in 2016 featuring the same shirt, so also feel free to check that out too! Lastly, I have a Femme Fatale Tour 2011 sweatshirt that I got from Poshmark in 2015 which I blogged, but I didn’t get it at the show.

6. Miley Cyrus Promotional Microsoft Store Opening Concert in Bellevue, WA on November 20th, 2010. For this one my dad waited in line for hours to get the tickets to it, and then my mom & I waited in line for hours to see the show. Then she only played a 30 minute set, but it was a fun experience where I was front row! We got pictures taken on a red carpet after we reached the front of the line, so that was pretty cool. We got a lot of pics of the two of us there. Plus I even made a video with the concert footage I got afterwards and posted it on YouTube, where it got favorited by Miley herself! Over 16,000+ views on that video by now, I’m definitely linking the video after the collage. Only thing I’d say is I kept covering the microphone on our camera so the audio sucks, but this was still altogether a rockstar experience, & worth the waits!

5. Miley Cyrus with Metro Station for the Wonder World Tour 2009 at the Tacoma Dome on September 16th, 2009 with my mom. This was my second time seeing Miley on tour! It was super cool, love that my mom took me to so many concerts when I was younger. I was 10 at the time, still have that cute white Miley shirt, just cut the sleeves off so it would fit after shrinking all those years! I also got a tour poster from the show as well as another glowstick wand, with that shirt, but that’s all for this one. The poster is a little ripped up but I’ve had it up in my room a few several times in my life, like when I first got it. I’ll get pictures of everything eventually, it’s things I still have of course! I won’t forget to do that someday.

4. No Doubt with Paramore and The Sounds – No Doubt’s Summer Tour 2009, on July 19th, 2009 at the White River Amphitheater. I went with my mom’s friend and her two daughters (Cassie & Danielle) along with my mom and her boyfriend at the time. Fun group at a concert this time! I was definitely sad that I didn’t get any merchandise at this concert though, however a few years later I ended up getting the poster from the specific day (it’s blue and says the date as well as has the venue on it) so that’s a cool piece of merch, perfect for me. The opening acts were pretty decent, I remember liking them for sure! Loved this experience, and even though we had lawn seats we had a pretty fun time.

3. Demi Lovato with David Archuleta and KSM – Demi Lovato Live in Concert, on July 14th, 2009 at WaMu Theater. My mom went with me to this one too! I got a cute Demi shirt (that I’m wearing in a couple of the pictures) along with another one of those glow stick things, and finally I got a signed promo single CD from KSM, signed by all of them! And of course I also got to meet the band, we waited in line and they were handing out the CDs right before you get up there to get your picture with them. I had only one front tooth for this concert experience, cute in the picture. That’s about it, loved Demi in this one for sure. And she also played songs from her upcoming second album a few weeks before it even dropped!

2. Britney Spears with the Pussycat Dolls – The Circus Starring Britney SpearsApril 9th, 2009 at Tacoma Dome with my mom. I got so much merch from this one, & second concert on the list! I of course got a Britney ‘Circus’ shirt, featuring a picture from the album’s photoshoot, as well as a ‘Circus’ poster, also with one of the Circus’ era’s shots. Then I also got a set of 3 temporary tattoos (2 left!) and a glowstick wand lastly. So I’m including a picture from my photoshoot of the shirt I got from the show, and I did that back in July of 2017. Yes, 8 years later & it still fits me well! We had brought a small Lumix camera with us to the concert so we got some incredible pictures of Britney this time, but too bad you can’t usually bring a camera anymore to a concert these days. Also, I went to this show wearing a Hannah Montana shirt!

  1. Miley Cyrus with the Jonas Brothers – The Best of Both Worlds TourOctober 29th, 2007 at KeyArena. Went with my Mom, aunt Krista, and cousin Maren. I was 8 years old for this show, couldn’t miss Hannah Montana! She was my favorite artist at the time, a couple different times of my life even. She did a set as Hannah and a set as Miley, and the Jonas Brothers weren’t too bad! First ever concert experience, loved it. As for merchandise, I got a pink Miley tee, which I still have to this day. Maren got the same shirt, too. I cut the sleeves off of mine just so I could still fit into it! For seating I’d say we were in the middle section, which was decent. We bought the tickets earlier that year from MileyWorld, which I was an active member of, so that was perfect. Plus I’ve even done a couple different photoshoots with that shirt so far, I’ve blogged it in two places. Check out my 10 year anniversary blog post right here. As for the other one, you can find the shirt cataloged on this blog too, my place for merch style. I’ll truly always be a Miley fan.