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Wow I have been totally trying to blog lately but it hasn’t been working. I haven’t had a lot of time! But today I’m posting about the outfit I wore for the 4th of July which included this new Juicy Couture shirt that we bought a couple weeks ago which is like my favorite thing ever. I don’t think I even got a clear picture of the shirt which is annoying but I liked my outfit a lot overall so hopefully y’all do too.


108 This is probably one of the only good pictures I took for my whole look. You can see the shirt pretty well, it basically just says Juicy across in an American Flag print and has some studding (bedazzling?). The shirt was from Kohls and was priced at $36 but I think they might have had some special discount price.     This is a pretty funny picture taken by Ally (also featured in some of these pictures) (who I also started dating on this day) and I thought I would include it just for fun, I really like to go all out for any sort of holiday, I get super excited about it. my-love-i-75 This is like the only other picture in which much of my outfit is visible at all. With the shirt and sparkly red bra I just wore shorts and vans anyway because we were just at the lake so it wasn’t anything too fancy but I did love how I looked. And I think that’s all I’m going to write for this post so, thank you guys for reading! There should be another post up by the end of the week, fingers crossed? Talk to y’all later! :p 079