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OG 013

First thing’s first – first blog post. Awesome right? I’m actually doing something with my life. And guess what I got today at a thrift store? This AWESOME hoodie from Lady Raw Blue.

I had never heard of the brand before seeing this and really can’t find much information at all about it anywhere, but by googling “RB Lady Raw Blue” I was able to find a couple other hoodies that resembled this, in a way. It zips all the way to the top – the hood is part of the zipper. It seems like pretty good quality and we found it looking fairly new. It was priced at $10.99, but obviously this was a thriftstore, I’m not too sure how much it’s worth.OG

Now for the outfit I created to go with it – I usually like very simplistic outfits, basic/sleek etc. but I find crazy outfits to be fun to throw on once in a while. 9/10 times my crazy outfits are crazy for being repetitive, matchy-matchy and THEMED. I love themes. Since the sweatshirt had diamonds and dollar signs in gold foil I decided to go for a money-like theme.

OG 010OG 006These leggings were the first things I grabbed when deciding what to put with this outfit. I thought it totally looked perfect and went awesomely. These are See You Monday brand, which you can find at various places online and probably in store. They’re very sleek-feelings and comfortable, although I don’t really enjoy wearing leggings that much because for some reason I feel the design is uncomfortable.

OG 008 OG 009

These shoes are some of my all-time faves! I love the black and gold detailing. Spikes are my middle name. I got these from some UK site but it was from a while back so of course they have to be sold out now. I wanted some edge to go with the whole thing and liked the gold and black going with the gold and black. Thought it matched well and was something that went with the leggings as well.

OG 015

This shirt is actually, believe it or not, from Wal-Mart. Of course, the “distressing” (I guess you’d call it) is courtesy of me, because without it it was just an awkward-fitting, low-quality tee. Coca-Cola used to be my favorite drink. Not sure how easily it is to see my belly ring in this picture, but it’s a gold dangling dollar sign that I got from Spencer’s. Matched the sweatshirt to a T!

 OG 020

This hat is awesome. It says “LOSER” across the front, and it actually has a green potleaf near the ear. The brand is Loser Machine. The ring is black and blingy, and in a lip-shape that I LOVE. I believe I got it from Trish’s Treasure Chest but if I didn’t then I have no idea where it’s from.

OG 022

These earrings are pretty cool. I think I actually got them from Shoedazzle back when I had a membership. I love the detailing, and I like how huge they are! My lipstick is Glamour 101 by Lime Crime, not actually a fave, I don’t like any red that isn’t matte, but I liked how it looked with this outfit for sure. I love making outfits like this, its really fun and I like to have everything come together to create something full of personality, something that can create a story almost. Of course, while wearing this outfit, I was wearing none other than the Couture Couture perfume by Juicy Couture. I felt like that was the last thing needed for it to really be what I wanted it to be…OG.OG 001 And to wrap things up, for some reason I think it’s fun to find songs that I feel like sort of… “match” my outfit, because it’s so fun to listen to all sorts of songs and figuring out what you associate with what part of your outfit etc, so that’s probably something I’ll be doing with most my outfits. For this one, I totally thought Bad Girls by M.I.A. was a perfect fit. For some reason I’ve always associated the colors black and gold with it, maybe because of the dark beat and electric bounce to it. It’s just upbeat enough to totally have the fun feel this outfit has. And of course, this outfit is totally not something a good girl would wear!

OG 019

Thanks so much for reading guys! E-Mail me with any questions or comments or whatever jazz you want to send, just check out the About Me link for more information. Love you! Muah.

– Abby