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Soooo today is a post I’ve wanted to post for about 2 weeks now, but have been so busy! I got a rare Britney Spears sweatshirt. One from her Femme Fatale tour. It’s my current obsession, I love it so much. It’s not only worth a lot but it’s super comfortable and I got it almost brand new. The back is really vibrant. I totally love this. Omg. So, of course I put together an outfit for it, just to demonstrate it’s amazingness. 009.JPG

011.JPGI decided not to edit any of these pictures. I like it better to just have the raw ones. I might start cropping them but I also think it’s cool to have them like this. So here’s what I wore, and here’s basically what I always wear with sweatshirts, shorts and a shirt. Lol, I loved it though, I loved the way this outfit looked. The sweatshirt is obviously a little big but I like it better that way usually (kinda dying in the summer though).021.JPGThis thing is so soft wow, it’s like a blanket. I’ve been thinking of doing multiple purchases in one post, like possibly each week I could do mass outfit photoshoots and stuff for what I got within that whole week? I feel like I never have anything to talk about in these.

Well regardless, I got this amazing sweatshirt and I’m super happy about it. Lol, still experimenting with how I’ll be regularly posting on here, so I guess we’ll just play it by ear. Byeeeeeee026.JPG