On the first day of Christmas, I wore the MAC Holiday Collection! I’m not sure if anybody knows, but I’m a huge fan of MAC makeup. Their Holiday collection came out I think late October, so it’s been around for a while. Since then, everyone has been buying/eager to get their hands on this magical collection.

I have 3 items from this collection, and they’re all lip products. I LOVE lip products! Two of the things I have are repacked from the permanent collection so if you’re reading this in February you’re still in luck.

wiinter 027

First thing I have from the collection is the Redd lip liner. This isn’t a very good picture but unfortunately I don’t have the hang of this lighting thing yet loool. I had wanted a red lip liner so badly and we were going to the mall to get something from MAC anyway. I was thinking of getting the “Redd” lip liner because it was basically named red so it must be a good red, haha! It is though. I just wanted a red because I had no red lip liners and it was driving me crazy because I have a million red liquid lipsticks. So yeah it was perfect because I saw that they had Redd in the limited edition packaging, so it was great! This is me with the Redd lip liner all over my lips.

Another thing that is also in the permanent collection that I got from this Magic of the Night collection was Please Me. It’s a really pleasant neutral-ish toned pink lol. It’s not too light and not too dark.

-Me with Please Me on my lips in that lighting

-Me with Please Me on my lips in this other lighting

The last thing I have is their limited edition Evening Rendezvous that everyone has been wanting! I LOVE the color honestly, but I love most purple lip products. To die for! I love all these colors for winter, I think they got it perfect with this collection, still thinking I need to run out and get more from it! Here’s Evening Rendezvous:

Thanks for reading, see you on Day 2! (;