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Hey guys! I’ve been trying to figure out how I wanna post my photohoots, so bear with me while I try some different formats.

Today I’m making an ice cream sandwich of my photoshoots. “Grass Is Always Greener”, “Night Fire”, and “Yo Me Voy”. Here’s a little sample of the outfits, read more for more pictures and breakdown of the outfits!

Grass is Always Greener…

  • Top – Little white bralette top topped with an Abbey Dawn sweatshirt, one of my few favorite sweatshirts of all!
  • Bottoms – from a store called “Alley Kat” from like 2010, hahaha! I think it’s like one of those more…wholesale fashion shops.
  • Shoes – ankle socks & Hello Kitty Vans which are pretty great, also pretty worn down.
  • Accessories – I accessorized a few different ways. First off, the little orange button on my hoodie was from Britney Spears’ Circus Tour in 2009, and it was sold on her site a couple times too, but not recently. I also layered 3 necklaces which I really love the look of; two of them are from thrift stores and the “Scorpio” one is from Boohoo I believe. Lastly, I had my beloved Bellami ponytail wrap in Mochachino Brown! I love Bellami so much.

This photoshoot was an experiment with the outdoors, messing with my camera settings and different areas. This is a pretty casual outfit but I like it regardless. And now on to look 2…

Yo Me Voy

  • Top – This is a top that I absolutely adore, I bought it from Nasty Gal but the brand is The Ragged Priest. It’s sheer but when light hits it it almost glows with green and hints of gold. Its bell sleeves and cropped attributes really make this a unique and fun piece!
  • Bottoms – Honestly these are just random jeans I got at a thrift store 4 years ago and cut out the knees; but I like the way they looked with this top because of the color, even if they didn’t quite fit me well enough.
  • Shoes – In most of my shoes in there but for this outfit I definitely wore black booties.
  • Accessories – The bra is from Victoria’s Secret, and I might’ve shown it on here before. I also accessorized with a belly ring that says “RICH” from Spencer’s, Julep’s “Kayla” nail polish, and last but not least my beloved Kylie Kouture Mochachino Brown Bellami extensions. They’re my holy grail extensions.

I really have been trying to find which places are the best places to shoot, and this is a room I haven’t previously tried shooting in. It’s interesting, but I feel like I could make it better, I can really improve on all areas of my photoshoots and I’m always eager to find ways to make it all better. And now the last look!

Night Fire

  • Top – The Night Fire cape top from Nasty Gal. If you haven’t noticed, I adore Nasty Gal! This top was really cool looking so I thought I’d put together a look that somewhat matched it’s coolness.
  • Bottoms – Black Skinnies from Wet Seal with a black/white sparkly belt which I thought tied it all together pretty nicely.
  • Shoes – Foxy Nites by Jeffrey Campbell, from Urban Outfitters. I adore these shoes!! They remind me of Lady Gaga.
  • Accesories – I was wearing Jeffree Star’s Celebrity Skin velour liquid lipstick which I really liked with the red. And of course, my beloved Bellami extensions!

So that was all for this outfit trio. Which was your favorite? All pretty unique, but my favorite was Night Fire. I adore everything about it and I would wear it anywhere. The two Nasty Gal tops were new so this was my first time getting to create something with them. Thanks for reading, lots of love!