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Hey! Lately I’ve been feeling so uninspired, so like sorry for not being as festive with Christmas posts or anything, but I promise I’m getting back on the roll and ready to start doing more shooting.

But hey! A lot of you probably know that I love Gucci. I recently became enamored with the brand and got a couple things, and I haven’t really posted about them much so I wanted to make a little exclusive Gucci post with my Gucci goodies and more info on them!

Gucci Bracelet with Interlocking G Charm – my favorite thing in the world. I got it for my birthday last month! Finally entering the world of Gucci. This bracelet is sterling silver and it shines beautifully and the size fits me perfectly! Which is crazy because most bracelets are too big for me. This Gucci gem was about $250 and I got it at the Gucci store in Bellevue. You can see it displayed pretty prominently in my blog post New Game.

Gucci Guilty Eau Fragrance – when I first smelled Guilty I thought it was good. Then I got a sample of Guilty Eau and I love it! It’s like a more fresh or light version of Guilty. I got the 2.5oz eau de toilette, which was $99 from Sephora online. So this fragrance is described as hot, sensual, and provactive. That’s definitely not me haha, but there are moments in my life when I want to feel the glamour without the dirt. Basically, I LOVE this scent, it’s awesome for a night out! Here I’ll throw in some of the outfits I wear with this scent, and blah blah.

Gucci Luxurious Moisture-Rich Lipstick – I really had high hopes for this, I preordered it in November and got it this month, but I gotta say it actually kinda dries my lips. The color I have is a color I could only really pull off in the summer, but it was so pretty and it’s limited edition and I’m obsessed. The lipstick was $40 from Neiman Marcus. It’s one of the limited edition Spring/Summer lipsticks, and it glides on beautifully, however one downside is it really accentuates the scar on my lip (from a car crash) and it virtually disappears under a lot of shades, but this is just one of them that is sheer-ish and light-ish. I think the name is Carnation.

Gucci Bags: All the awesome bags, boxes and things that. Like I got the bracelet, right? Well, not only did I get that, but I got a luxurious pouch to put it in. That all goes in the gorgeously embossed box, and I’m just seriously in love with all of it! THEN they put the box in a bag AND THE BAG IS….ART. It’s beautiful! It’s at the top of this post. It is so stunning, that day was so beautiful. Aaaaand then I have things like a Gucci pouch that I got a thrift store in Bellevue 2-3 years ago, and who even knows if it’s real? I think knockoffs are a horrible concept so if this can be identified as fake then let me know because I for sure do not want to keep a bag that was never even Gucci. 😛

Anyway I hope you all have/had happy holidays! I should be posting more soon! What are your suggestions about clothing I should get from Gucci?