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Something I should’ve always probably done is explain both sides of my coin. Solution verses efforts, and a reflection of progress on both sides of the pursuit, like how some posts have the best groups of pictures and others are written very well! But every time there’s a loose key like “I took these pictures way too long ago/something has changed since then” or “I can barely think of what to write but once I start going I’m inspired to”. The dangers of that to me were just taking a little too long to run on a sentence. I’d rather run water right about now. This fun cherry red scalp photoshoot is a good representation of something. Whether it’s cycling or adjustments I usually end up finding a way to one of the 3 main things to do…Writing, Shooting, or Editing. Photoshoots like mine are starting to mean the world to me, I can’t believe how long it’s taken me to realize some of these things. Like even though there’s no 2020 to this post I’m probably still writing this in late 2020. But it could go anywhere! Here I’ll keep my Conscious Notes & Skid Marks here to prove something. Like how I think A Lonely Play of Cards was still almost my playlist back when I did this shoot. Or how much advice I’ve secretly taken from people about my blog or what I’ve even sent about it before I ever posted about these things. Then pictures like this don’t become stale to me actually! And advice is a small difference between “I’ve read it finally!” and how most people who don’t mind talking to me about blogging get way more interesting of chimes with me than people who don’t care. But the thing is I have plenty of people to talk to these days (finally) about my blog! Exclusive verses excluded pictures, outtakes! My favorite one in context or what I’m working on right now. My recent playlist or my favorite one of the era. Recent playlists to me are usually supposed to take your recently added music, draw shapes into titles and names, and then shuffle the playlist once it’s filled out. To create that formula. There was a point in time where I did In Star Style but that ended in like, August, and then after that I created Expression as a top playlist but it doesn’t have as many tracks as my old ones! Even all my A named playlists have over 100-200 tracks of them, respectively. But when working on a vibe of one thing it wouldn’t matter that it was mostly K.Flay who I listened around then, or at least that’s what I was thinkin’. 2019 was a great year for that. But the thing about playlists verses era is I’m really good at grinding out reasons to do anything. So I’m naming this that and just going to throw it up there.

Brainstorming – August to November 2020 Mark

Save Yourself vs. That Bitch in terms of amount; 36 to 58 just to only 19 edits

Plus Save Yourself + Display 2019, 100+s but Full Sized Solved Shoot Stuck

Full-Sized Picture Collages, One Featured Photoshoot

August 15th, 2019

Sometimes I’m not sure what my shades mean. Like, with the You Go Girl hair and the brightest my red sneakers have been, I have noticed again what stood out about this finally. As much as I loved just creating the gallery for that outfit I’m so sick and tired of not including a background in certain things. I definitely think this was perfect, including the difference between writer’s block and a 2019 dated photoshoot to post in November… At least the cherries matched deliciously. And 2017 was my best year for bodysuits so at least there’s that self-construct. I was even going to use some original non-cropped pictures for this shoot’s tiled galleries but Save Yourself that came right after this had such good square-tile framing, like when you’re cropping pictures perfectly! This shoot actually just had better framing in general for my body. I’ve even named this shoot Run For Your Life at one point but now I’m just gradually milking the title of this post because of the way I can spin this one of all of them. The shoot isn’t that hard to write for either, and it’s one of 4 final shoots I’ve done for this round! Once I’m done with the rest of these, like I’ve been saying, you’ll see them fold together.

What’s next then? Something to do with the walk we went on. But indoor lighting is something I’ve been improving since 2015 (like the 12 Christmas posts!) so even though I used to have the best camera for non-filtered shoots I still did photoshoots of objects and stuff when I was 14 to 16. That almost explains the width of this photoshoot. It was one of the only days I got black eyeliner to turn out normal. It’s one of those things that can be sexy if smoked slowly, but it could also be one of those secret helpers that change the way you present these things. I’ve definitely been working hard on presenting myself this way! I used to try to use lamps for lighting until 2014 when around the end of the year I did an outside/dark night photoshoot that you could actually see us in. So since it’s November right now I won’t include any derailing pictures of different Decembers but I wanted to really point out my ability to do my makeup with no chair and no vanity, back then at my dad’s. Hahaha

I think this is a pretty good example of something. Like the two pics off of lighting from the rest or the one’s that are full sized and included anyway – this is a good shoot for deducing actually. What I can tell about myself right now is it might become easier to try with my makeup more, and also that this was a quickie good makeup shoot. It’s hard to grasp a lot of stuff like that but I have a good idea for the dual-doubler. If that’s all this is.

August 15th, 2019

When I got that picture I just excitedly wanted to change my headers or featured photos/wallpapers around it. I thought it was perfect! But it’s not the only picture in this shoot haha, this little flannel without plaid jacket is MIA right now but I loved it with all those color matching denim jeans. Also though, the thing about Comethazine’s 3.5 Album, is that other than Solved The Problem there’s also No Evidence that I love. What that says about me right there is that this red hair I had was supposed to stand up for more than I usually did. Like I wanted to state things without having to review them. I thought that was a cool predictive or vibrational quality about myself. Oh! But wait a second! Let me just check that August with what I was actually doing with Matt outside, and how we got this photoshoot, and why I broke out so much when I moved into his place in 2018. That was like half of it. But I remember using my tripod for the solo-move zippo picture and then we just took a walk with my camera is all. There’s even a slight color change, actually. Same general outfit though. I’ve been learning a lot about myself based on the jeans of each photoshoot and now I really understand a lot. Most the time I’ve already gotten rid of those same pairs of jeans by now!

Not the type of stacks or tiles for featuring or promotion, really. I noticed recently with all the amounts of time I’ve been putting into blogging that most of my focus on social media came after I’d adjust something on my blog first that day. Like how in October I noticed this photoshoot hadn’t been sampled on Instagram yet so I posted a few of them, with this firetruck engine over here. But now, since it’s November, not only should I post something different or other than this shoot (which looked it’s best inside!) but I actually have been keeping up fast enough to get to fix these things. It’s like creating a formula. My point right here would be I have two expanded photoshoots waiting in the queue so I yanked at the corners of this one and made it fit differently! Coloring aside I think the contrast of this whole post is actually progress! Trying to think of how I can compare this to other posts. It’s like, this phone that I have in this shoot was missing in action for a while and so was my flashdrive of photoshoots…but another point I just realized is I liked when I kept up to date on Instagram or Snapchat and now that it’s finally my birthday tomorrow I see now how whatever pictures I take I eventually get a turn, but the “One Year Ago” of my photos or apps in memories usually worked with my birthday like I’d eventually get pictures of each significant outfit…Who would miss the chance to take a picture of themselves on their birthday? I’m realizing that the strong ol’ revolve around the years are rarely ever about my blog or shoots, but more like the leftover snapchats that I did around those times. From this alone it’s like how my concert almanac page isn’t finished but with an old note that I used to keep track of I had everything listed up to date, AND can’t access that list until I get back this phone, BUT that’s okay because I don’t need to update it perfectly all at once, but it’s already been a year for me without concerts! Just one year is all. But I could be working on that page, since it’s not done! Then I’d have to learn to use resources better.

So whether or not I finally started writing the way I was supposed to, on whichever platform, even just Worry Just Enough, I’ll always get back to these photoshoots or articles on them. It’s definitely a healthy mix, especially because I have some special overlapping of photoshoots prepared for Celebrity Merch Base for boosting my self-esteem with just a dual-ended point. I guess there’s the type of tongue twisters in these sometimes that make me want to just update with pictures or go back and write something else, but whatever of those things because I’m still doing something. It’ll always be something to help myself. So eventually there’ll be a full rotation out of time where I finally yank at pins of them, and I’d have to create a new era in my room again. That just seems pointless to me right now. I think I can just continue. So yeah, it you agreed, then continue. Don’t forget about Seattle Photoshoots, Online Shopping, Blog Posts and the closet full of graphic tees that I almost forgot to mention. If I had nothing to do with the rest of my life I’d catalog every graphic tee I had on hand. So no wonder! Not that naughty!

P.S. – After the Nasty Gal & Dolls Kill showdown I’ve been taking a break from buying anything (including CDs or Magazines) until my birthday and December have passed, so not only am I waiting to fully cycle out my closet (to expose it differently) or use what I have easier to fill the sitch between a good outfit and coordinating a photoshoot around that… Right now it’s just a couple of crop tops that I’ve never used yet but eventually I’ll have a bunch of pictures of the same clothes worn a different way. My question is, how long does it take to catch up? That’s where I’m at around now.