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Apparently this was a July almost of auburn hair. Not all the time between bleach and red did I have the prettiest of hair but I’ve always liked how mellow it looked with that typical salt crystal in every bed picture. And let me tell you the hanging-off my bed shoots were always some of my favorites over time. Like the back of my business cards. Well I came back to change some of the writing of this post before I push forward. So basically these were the painted jeans that my friend helped me wreck with paint and the bleached shirt that another friend did. Generally speaking I’m thankful for both of those things but you have no idea how cycling works of my closet without understanding the hair at different times thing. Seriously, I’ll get better at coordinating the hair things. For now, you go, girl! I thought these were perfect for me as a blogger.

So with this one I almost named it Dopamine Deficit actually, but it’s been over a year since I did this so I had the perfect idea of when to post it. Dopamine Deficit to me is usually a pleasant rut I get into – also this was in between dying my hair red and bleaching it for so. So it’s a cool ragylage. Balayge-red. Almost auburn vixen status! Here’s the pictures where I included a jacket! Thanks Josh for the clothes Josh is a cool guy actually.

Eh? This might not be much of a writing one. But I’m totally into the shoot.

Wow. My face was interesting in this one. I’m glad I even got those necklaces in here. Here I’ll even list some of the items I’m wearing. But most are actually kind of custom in this shoot. I have enough of these pictures for 3 tiled galleries. That’s a lot for one photoshoot of myself.

I really miss this apartment all the sudden! Oh well! So basically my belt says Lipstik and it’s super cool but it broke already! Here’s more from Dopamine Princess.

So I really love this shoes and the shoots photoshoot. I’m using this post kind of as a filler with the capitalized blog posts verses the 2020 ones. If you’ve found this, you go girl! I really created an era with those posts actually. Eventually this will all fill out a bit better. But for now, pictures!

So maybe a good model-to-photographer ratio right there. Good for modeling, good for designating blog posts together or categorizing shoots, good and healthy for the ego, clean and crisp to the lack of words, and again all I do is crop these pictures so points for lighting. Good going! I’ll keep being all these things to myself.

P.S. I’ve always wanted to know where these necklaces came from. Or the pieces from them to make them into better jewelry. The Lipstik belt is good enough though! I wonder when I’m going to like belts better. Oh well.