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From my dad’s old apartment being a year of my life with plenty of photoshoots, I’ve got a good start blogging again at my mom’s house. I did a bunch of photoshoots there that I still haven’t posted so even though this new editor is a pain and I don’t know how to collage it very well I’m still proud to be posting again in 2020 (and usually backdating a little) so we’ll see how this one goes. This one was all about this swim-top photoshoot that I did and even again recently did another one to go with it (you’ll see the two of them) then I’m just putting this one picture as the header and then also a featured before continue reading. Hopefully I can get better at this again I know how much I’ve posted in my life and it is a ton but as you can tell my writer’s blog kind of turned into gibberish this year. Oh well, I’m really catching up with photoshoots actually. So let’s just see.

At the House Again

So the first photoshoot is definitely one I called Live Fast, it featured Kwame. It’s a good one actually. I might be brief, this was done in like 2019 actually, with the bright red hair I used to have. Kwame came over and was actually totally down for this shoot. But yes! Finally got the collage thing down! So not to compare but to complete this swim top photoshoot I wanna tell you that my goal is to one day do a Shop For Days or Abby Lorenn collection for a swimsuit brand. How’s that for a goal?

Okay so I have no idea where most of those things are from but I almost miss those red jeans, I’ve gotten rid of them already! But this being from February I’m not sure what else to write other than the right to live fast. So with the bikini top shoots I just had these hot bikini tops I wanted to wear and it not being something I could leave and wear I just loved the flippy- hair thing, something about the year 2019 is that I never would’ve had time pass and wanted to dump a shoot – I’d want to blog about it, right? So how do I sound? I could fix a couple of these. Living fast to me means hurrying up and finding what you knew you had and changing it for yourself. The new world and all those things to me means I just finally got a Limp Bizkit album and got my old Korn remix CD to work. Getting the editor to finally works mean I’m taking the hit with my picture rapport to assume it’s good enough, and ripe. I even went and picked apples recently. Here’s the one I did in October 2020 – meaning I’m not gonna backdate this one! I have one more I’m going to though, actually.

I did a clothing swap recently with a girl and got this swim top from her. It was perfect with some lounge shirts. There will be an Adidas photoshoot and cropped hoodies with her stuff eventually that I’ll definitely do. I did this shoot recently in my room actually. My nails were OPI Live & Die Young or something and I think that works perfectly with the live fast thing – this photoshoot was almost so quickened that it doesn’t need a name, but let me tell you about painting nails. That’s the high road out. If you need a way to elongate time choose painting your nails. I also subscribed to Ipsy’s Glam Bag Plus and have been getting the best cleansers and scrubs they got, that’s another really cool thing. I’m even working on my instagram with these old dad’s old apartment photoshoots I have working on. It’s a year later and it’s still just something I’m working on. But I like how fast I went to photoshooting after my break. So that’s a good one. Hope this was cool enough, I guess.

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PS. Bikin Porn by Tove Lo