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Woo, day 3! What a case of consistency! But not the yummy kind of consistency you find with cake frosting. So today I’m posting about one of my favorite winter things, candles!! I don’t have many winter-appropriate candles but I picked my two favorites, they’re both kind of opposites when it comes to smell, so I thought it was a diverse enough mix. Plus, as a bonus, I have this adorable winter snowflake candle holder! It’s one of my favorite things ever. Don’t tell spring and summer but I also have one for autumn. 😉 Let me show you the candles!

03 Winter Candles & Holder (3).JPG

Meet the first subject: Frosted Cupcake featuring Snowflake the Holder. This is a pretty old candle so if they make it still it probably has a lot different packaging (not that you can see the label very clearly here; I should have taken pictures of it without the holder too! Lol) but I just think it is such a classic smelling candle and it’s simple but richly sweet and can fill a room with aroma very fast. I’m actually almost out of it… 😦 I just checked on Bath & Body Works site and they only have the Pumpkin Cupcake selling, but that does smell pretty similar. Maybe they’ll bring back this one in a different season? Although, I’m not sure why. This candle has such a rich thick scent that if it were to be burned in the summer I think it would be overwhelming and too heavy. That’s just my opinion, based on how I smell it, but regardless I love this candle and love to burn it in winter! It’s definitely my favorite candle to burn in the winter time.

However, I do have another favorite, which isn’t sweet nor thick but it has a strong pine scent, like you’re sitting by your Christmas tree, and it’s just so fresh and a clean-cut scent if anyone gets what I mean there? This is a White Barn candle and even though it was bought at Bath & Body Works they don’t have that brand name really advertised on it; I don’t know much about White Barn, but I do love this candle. This is White Barn No.2 Chestnut and Clove. I honestly could probably tell you if it really smells like “chestnut and clove” but I’m not really sure how that would smell, am I the only person who has no real association with chestnuts? I don’t think I’ve ever eaten one. Haha! Here’s the candle.

Excuse the black wick mess, sometimes these things get messy especially if you trim the wicks like you’re supposed to. This isn’t a full sized candle it’s a medium one, I also got this one a long time ago so that probably explains why I see no trace of it on the website; I wonder if I’ll be able to find out what year these are both from, I might edit that in if I do ever find out!

But anyway, Frosted Cupcake is sweet and rich and Chestnut and Clove is fresh and definitely has a defined winter/holiday scent, that is for sure! I love these both so much and definitely recommend these or any other Bath & Body Works candle because I’m addicted to them!

Oh one last thing, I got the snowflake candle holder this year, and you can get it most likely in stores everywhere still, at least that’s what I’ve seen.  I’m not sponsored or anything haha I just love these candles!!

Christmas Song of the Day: Greatest Time of Year by Aly & AJ