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Good morning! Yay for Friday! Today we’re going to talk about one of my favorite things… fragrances. I don’t buy them a lot anymore since I have so many, however each day it’s like a Christmas present in itself to get to pick out a scent for the day. These are the ones I reach for most in the Holiday time.

05 The Scents of Wonderland (15)

First one, Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears. I’m not sure if anyone can tell but I am a massive Britney fan and I have almost all her perfumes (I had all of them until she released new ones!! Lol). When I first got this one it wasn’t my favorite because it was a little heavy, but 3 years later I’m now obsessing over it because its the perfect sweet yet dark aroma I need surrounding my aura; I say weird things sometimes but do you guys catch my drift?  This scent always reminded me of blueberries which is weird because there’s no blueberries in it, maybe the blue bottle got to me.  The base is the best part of it all, it has amber, musk and vanilla in it. That is a great underlying tone to the initial spray and the dry down is just so warm and sweet it’s like sexy and sweet as a cupcake at the same time. If you want more information on all the notes and things, I recommend checking out here. Now, here’s some pictures of the beautiful bottle!

The next perfume is a body spray from Bath & Body Works called A Thousand Wishes. I saw it in store a couple days ago so I know they’re currently selling it in at least some places; I got it last year, I’m not sure if it’s seasonal or what, but this is the most practical out of all the perfumes I’m listing. It’s still sweet and definitely reminds me of the holidays, but it’s something that could be worn all the time and even for New Year’s, it’s pretty light and fun and I really love it a lot. Here it is.

And last but not least, my favorite perfume for winter in general, Jingle G! It’s a Harajuku Lovers eau de toilette I believe, and I got it from Sephora a few years ago. This is the smaller size, there’s one that’s bigger. AND, it’s also an ornament!! How cute is that? She’s dressed up as a little Santa and has a velvety ornament hanging device; you’re going to get to see a preview of my personal tree (which is a post for next week), because she’s front and center on the tree!

So I hope you found this helpful or entertaining or just a good read, perfumes are fun! And just as a gift to all you viewers, here’s an embarrassing video I made 4 years ago with my perfume collection. I was 13! Almost 2 years ago I also made this video about my favorite perfumes for Spring, kind of similar to this post. Enjoy, happy holidays!

Christmas Song of the Day: These Are The Special Times by Christina Aguilera