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Hello, hello! Today is a fun post for me, it involves body jewelry. I love body jewelry! This is the first time I’m wearing a different industrial bar and I also got to break out my favorite present bow earrings for this little segment, and other cute little things! One of my favorite parts of the holidays is dressing festive (I may have already mentioned that in previous posts) ¬†and festive jewelry is a big part of that, especially because I have multiple piercings. Let me show you what I got!

06 Holly Jolly Body Jewelry (3)

Firsts things first, the belly rings. The belly rings are so fun! I don’t have too many festive ones but here are the two cuties I got. (One is a green & red Christmas light one, and the other is a stationary Santa Claus belly ring.)

Top two pictures are of my little silver Santa Claus head belly ring. The bottom pictures are of my green crystal dangle red light belly ring, and both of these I got from bodycandy.com. One of my favorite places to get body jewelry! I liked the Santa one a lot because it’s pretty simple yet still obviously festive; the Christmas light one is a bit less obvious in the holiday category but when you see up close that it is a Christmas light I think it’s agreeable that it’s a fun little dangling addition to your holiday body jewelry collection. Let’s see the rest of the pictures I took of the Christmas Light belly ring.

Deck the halls with bows and holly! Hahaha, next we have a few things, let’s start with my ears. A few years ago I got the most adorable Christmas present bow earrings in green and gold (I couldn’t decide, they’re both so cute) from Claire’s, and every year I wear those pretty much the entire last two weeks of December. The industrial I’m wearing I love so much, it’s a plain silver bar with holly dangling at the end, so great! Lastly, this isn’t really visible but I have a very tiny red little star lip stud that I’m wearing. Both the industrial bar and this lip stud I got from bodycandy.com. The lip stud is bioplast which is good because I don’t like the metal ones, and I got it for such a good price and that’s definitely another reason to love Body Candy. So without further ado, here’s all the jewelry I just mentioned.

Ya know, I probably should’ve smiled or done something to make this picture better but I didn’t because I was just trying to make the jewelry visible. Did it work? Haha, so there you have it! That’s my day 6. Halfway through, almost to Christmas, how crazy is that? Here’s the last picture I took for this day of Christmas, where you can kinda see the cute bows in my ears!

06 Holly Jolly Body Jewelry (6)

Thanks for reading!

Christmas Song of the Day: Deck the Halls by Aly & AJ