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Yay for another day. How are all of you? Want to hear about/see some cool model merchandise? Ya come to the right place because I am definitely a huge fan of big models. I actually have collected a variety of model related things in the past week or so and now they will come together to form this beautiful colony of honorable works. Haha, let’s just throw this out first, this is a poster I just got today actually and it’s of my VERY favorite model of all time, Candice Swanepoel. In this particular image she’s modeling the $10 million Royal Fantasy Bra which Victoria’s Secret gave her the honor of wearing in 2013, and I’m a huge fan of the fantasy bras and so obviously Candice’s is my favorite, it’s a very fun thing to be excited about.

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So that poster is 18″ by 24″ but the pictures make it look smaller. Nevertheless, it’s a beauty, and I have another Candice surprise at the end of this post!

For now, let me show you some quick things. First there’s a couple more pictures of the poster, and then we have my Treasure Yourself Affirmations. They’re cards that each have inspirational quotes from Miranda Kerr’s first book on them, and I’ve found them to be such a great thing to have. I really love picking a random one and trying to focus on it/apply it to my life that day, and then doing the same the next. I find it’s easier to get results when I focus on one a day, because it carries better in my memory. The book is all about self-esteem, or rather it’s Miranda speaking about many inspirational things which she uses to try to accentuate the phrase “Treasure Yourself” and it really has worked for me. I bought it because I loved Miranda (on Kora Organic’s official website, by the way) and not because I was looking for self-help, but I got both anyway!

I also was able to pick up Elsa Hosk’s cover on Maxim for last month, and wow is this magazine a beauty! I actually got two and put some pictures on my walls! Elsa is one of my favorite Victoria’s Secret models who is fairly new compared to the others, or rather just didn’t start┬ábefore 2010. I think she’s such a beauty and I love this magazine and the photoshoot. So here’s pictures of that plus some more including the affirmations.

I’ve saved the best for last! I was FINALLY able to snag a pair of jeans from Mother Denim and Candice Swanepoel’s collaboration, and I am completely in love! They’re a little big on me, but they’re also supposed to look loose (their name is Loosey) so I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. I’m in love with these jeans… honestly some of the best quality of jeans I’ve ever worn. Or maybe THE best. They also came with a little Candice pin that I’m also wearing. Let me show you. (I didn’t get many pics for this on account of me spilling hot chocolate on myself right before I was taking the pictures so I kinda was a little messed up on my planning and photographing)

In this look: Jeans are, like I said, from Mother Denim x Candice Swanepoel, and the button is as well. I’m also wearing a tanktop from Miley Cyrus’ clothing brand back in like 2008 with a green long sleeve button up shirt from Kohl’s tied around my waist. I have absolutely no idea where this black sweater came from but I think it finishes off the look really well! This may seem like a pretty weird outfit, but I think I just have a weird style. I threw on a belt and wing necklace to accessorize for this, which added subtle bling, just enough. And finally, my Candie’s (Kohl’s) shoes, one of my favorite pairs! They’re really unique and surprisingly really comfortable. I didn’t even wear makeup for this shoot and I wish I had been able to but this was so rushed. I’ve been so rushed lately! I just got a bunch of new makeup though so eventually I will get around to posting about it.

I feel like I rambled a bit here, but that’s okay, lol going to leave it that way. I’ll type to you guys later. Thanks for reading (or just briefly scrolling through!)!