I always miss blogging! The other day I randomly decided to set up my camera and have a photoshoot, even though I wasn’t necessarily wearing anything new. But I missed photoshoots so bad and this is what came out of that.

I call this shoot the Revival shoot. I’m reviving myself, coming back to life for this post and hopefully more posts in the future! Here’s how the shoot played out. Read more for deets.

journey 011.JPG

So the outfit: it’s a little funny, actually. This blue thing is I think supposed to be a button-up dress, but it’s way too big on me so I just wear it over things. I got it from my mom’s friend so I’m not entirely sure where it’s from haha. My shirt says NERD and it’s from Delia’s, I haven’t heard anything about that in years I don’t even know if they’re still in business! They had cute things, but definitely things my 14 year old self liked more than my 17 year old self does (which is why I got rid of most of those clothes).

journey 029.JPG

For this shoot, I also played around with all the different settings on my camera. So some of these pictures are super low quality and some of them are pretty good! Anyways, I also had a pair of shorts from American Eagle on, I don’t even like them but shorts are shorts haha. I didn’t want the shorts to show that much because I didn’t like the look of that.

journey 030.JPG

And per usual I am wearing my Bellami Kylie Kouture extensions in mochachino brown; lol I didn’t have time to straighten them well before this! But yeah, I got these like right after I stopped blogging so I might’ve like never posted about them but now I did.

journey 013.JPG

Haha, this is like the only picture where you can actually see my shoes. They’re blue/black lace booties from Shoedazzle, way back in the day. I have so many shoes from Shoedazzle. The color on my nails is Julep’s Eva, I don’t really know why I chose hot pink when I don’t like hot pink. Lol, but, some other cool things to note are: my new mascara, Benefit’s Roller Lash, is my new favorite! I got a small one a long time ago and fell in love so it’s my new regular, replacing Too Faced’s Better than Sex! I’m also in love with Becca’s under eye corrector and NARS’ creamy concealer, plus I think I have a bit of a Tarte blush on my cheeks but I don’t remember which one. Haha.

journey 023.JPG

I think I found my new favorite lipgloss! It’s all that I had on my lips this day and this alone is just perfect. It’s MAC’s Feeling Fine lipglass. I got it in a set of 3 with a liner and lipstick with it but honestly this gloss by itself is gorgeous. And here’s me holding my lemon water, haha I’ve been really loving lemon water lately.

You’ll notice part of my perfume collection on the right side, and I just want to point out that I’m really into perfume and concerts lately, so if I ever post, it could incorporate a lot of that. For example, right here I want to have a cool perfume spotlight. I have a lot of perfumes, yet I found a new favorite: Elizabeth & Taylor’s Nirvana Black. I’m so obsessed! I got a rollerball of it from Sephora, I wish I could’ve gotten a giant size because I totally love it! Anyway, here’s the rest of the pictures!