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Happy Tuesday! I’m excited to present my first transformation Tuesday! A year ago today, I did a photoshoot called “Happy In Shorts” and it’s actually funny because the name is dumb and the pictures are screwed up, like it’s from back before I fixed my camera. But the photoshoot was intended for this blog but I never ended up posting it. Also, the photoshoot I’m comparing it too is one I did today called “Embroidery in a Studded World“. It’s so incredbly crazy how much has changed, here’s a throwback and comparison! Read more to see more of the photoshoots as well as the details for both.


July 12th, 2015 = Happy In Shorts, where I wore a Happy printed crop-top as well as having weird colored makeup (it just all seems off. Like what are the wings?) and back from Independence Day 2015 I thought the red lipstick looked really nice on me so why does this red lipstick look so horrible? I’m trying to remember what lipstick that was because I don’t know if it was the lipstick itself or me with the way I applied it, but it did not look good! Hahahaha

July 12th, 2016 = Embroidery in a Studded World, a perfect example of one of my favorite things to do: Get interesting fashion pieces that aren’t necessarily my style and throw it on with a bunch of things that really define my style, thus making it Abby-fied. I’ve never liked embroidery but something about this crop top was appealing to me, and although it’s really not my style I threw on some knee-ripped jeans and a studded choker. So that really created satisfaction.

The thing is, last year it was SO hot around this time. There was a lot of 100+ degree weather and I don’t have air conditioning. So basically all I wore was shorts. But this year, it’s really nice weather like 50-75 and I can basically wear whatever without any issues!

I got almost all of my shorts at a thrift store last year, so that probably includes the pair I’m wearing. It’s funny because I got these jeans from a thrift store 2 years ago but I blatantly cut holes in the knees so it’s pretty Abby-fied!

Crop tops for days? I had just gotten that Happy crop top (it’s from Wildfox)  and today I just received this crop top today, and it’s from Nasty Gal. Honestly what was my outfit last year? Okay the odd thing is I was wearing the same shoes last year as I was this year and that was not intended. I didn’t even notice until I finished the shoot lol. You see, I really don’t like this photoshoot for so many reasons but I love it in the sense that it was part of my build-up of progress to get to where I am now. I’m so much better in so many ways but obviously I had to start somewhere so I’m thankful for the awkward stage of my self-modeling career!

Here’s a bunch more from the Happy photoshoot and you’ll probably notice why it didn’t workout. Lol

Funny stuff! I was very sick last summer/the last year so I’m still proud of myself for shooting at all.

NOW time for today’s photoshoot, the pictures I’m proud of and think are pretty good!

On my face: False eyelashes are Siren from House of Lashes, lip products are MAC’s Pretty Natural lipstick (which I think was limited edition) with NYX’s Eclair lipgloss on top. I love this combination so much! And of course my beloved Kylie Kouture Bellami extensions are in. That iPhone case is another new thing I just got from Nasty Gal!

The top I did get from Nasty Gal but the brand is Somedays Lovin and they call it the Wide Eyes crop top. I really do think it’s interesting and foreign to my usual closet contents, but the way I Abby-fied it was with a studded choker that I think is from my stepmom’s brand Boss Kty, and those two together are just so me and I love it! My belly ring is probably super tiny but it’s a yin & yang print and it’s so Abby too.

These jeans are funny looking and it’s definitely screaming my personality. These shoes are from Shoedazzle… And now for the finishing touches:

I threw on a bomber which I like with this outfit, but the temperature prefers me to ditch it. Shoutout to my cat for not wanting to pose, haha! Anyway here’s some more pictures of my new rainbow phone case and also my nails which are by Julep named Harper.

Have a fantastic night!