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What a beautiful day, how is everyone? On the 24th I got to go to a Gwen Stefani concert with my mom, it was super incredibly fun. I haven’t been photoshooting as much these days but I did have an idea, I’m going to walk you through my concert attire.

I have this tradition where I get a shirt at every concert and then wear it the next day. So I’m going to show you both what I wore to the concert and the next day outfit. I love Gwen!

Gwen Stefani: This Is What The Truth Feels Like Tour Outfit

I ordered a few things from Nasty Gal (like always) and these are some things I’ve had my eye on for a while. There’s a couple things here and there’s one more thing that will be in a later post for sure. But for now… Let’s talk about how cute this top is! I wasn’t sure what to wear to this concert but I’ve been meaning to wear this, so I threw it on with some stretchy jeans and my favorite plan of sandals. I love that this top is really pretty and elegant yet it’s a crop top so it keeps it from looking too prissy-girl to more like Abby, it’s really an item that I feel like I…relate to? I don’t know if that’s the right word. But hey, check it out for yourself!

This outfit was also used for when I auditioned for Seattle Talent. I love the look and I hope I get more work! I also got a pretty diamond arrow necklace which is so adorable and dainty. I took that and a quarts necklace I got from a friend and threw them on and ended up loving how they create an outfit. They pull things together, add charm. The concert was so fun!

The concert was so great and I listened to Gwen all the way home and this coming up outfit really screams Gwen to me… White Lies.

The shirt I got from the concert is amazing! I’m so addicted to it, I’m glad I picked this one. In these pics you didn’t really get to see my shoes well, but they’re from Gwen’s gx footwear line, plus I have on a Harajuku Lovers necklace. I had to go with the momentum! It was Gwen everywhere and it was awesome.

I really love trying bold things like white eyeliner, even if I’m not that successful with it. But hey, the truth is that White Lies is spunky! It’s always a challenge for me to make outfits with music/concert t-shirts, so you could look back at other celebrity outfits. Thoughts?

Okay, one more bonus photoshoot. Surprise! I went to the Demi Lovato concert on August 21st and didn’t get many good pictures but I loved my outfit!

Not only my outfit but her outfit, dang! She’s gorgeous.

And here is my day-after Demi shirt outfit, I didn’t get a new Demi shirt from the concert but I wore my 2009 Demi concert shirt.

express 015

You can’t even really see the shirt, but oh well. I love concerts! I hope this was fun to read!

Song of the Day: This Is What The Truth Feels Like by Gwen Stefani