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So lately I’ve been shooting all sorts of random outfits and I wasn’t really sure what to do with these shoots and then finally it hit me… This post is created to say my official goodbye to summer, because even though autumn doesn’t start until later this month, everyone is already tossing out their shorts and freaking out over Pumpkin Spice Lattes. So I have three outfits, and three degrees: the initial transition into summer (pulling out some jeans with an otherwise summery outfit) and then the more creative aspect of fall and finally a classic autumn outfit. Maybe that makes no sense, but read more to go in depth with me.

Dang I just realized how all these outfits are just jeans and no shoes. How boring is that?! Either way, these outfits were outcomes of my boredom, and let me just get you started on the beauty of it… For example, Eye Scream. That’s the first photoshoot. You know, this is a really cute shirt, but honestly I’m not sure if I love ice cream. I don’t think I do. But I do love this effortless outfit.

These jeans are one of those thrift store finds that I have no info on. The shirts tag said Ross but who even knows anything about that place? And for whatever reason I didn’t photoshoot shoes with this outfit, but hey, isn’t that blue lipstick the prettiest thing ever? The brand is Drama Queen and it’s called “Blue Lulu” and it definitely replaces my old favorite blue lipstick, “No She Didn’t” by Lime Crime. Fair warning, if you have sensitive skin, don’t buy Lime Crime.

Anyway, these lashes are new too, they’re from Town of Lashes and are called Lola. I’m so obsessed with them! And hey, do you see how weird my hair looks right now? Lol I lost tons and tons of hair last year and now it’s growing back so like the top part of my hair is thicker and darker and then there’s the meek leftover hair, stringing from the bottom. But hey, I do really recommend these liquid lipsticks, such pretty colors! My nails are the color “Oscar” from my favorite nail polish brand Julep, I definitely recommend them to everyone everywhere.

That was a lot of rambling. Oops? I’m so scatter-brained because I’m so hungry. But, hey, these other two outfits I really didn’t take many pictures of, but they were experiments. Like this one, named after the band Velvet Underground, I was wearing absolutely no makeup except lipstick. Plus no extensions, and no shoes even — timeless, effortless glamour, with a modern spin. And someone please tell me how I can rid of these dark circles…

I’ve actually worn this lipstick in a past photoshoot. (Check out Marilyn, Knits and Memories) so this is kind of weird because it’s very rare that I wear the same lipstick for things like this since I have SO many, but I just adore this color so much. This photoshoot really was an experiment because I just felt like playing with my camera even though I didn’t want to put on more makeup… And honestly where do I get half my clothes? Smh I don’t even know. Oh, but this lipstick is MAC Cosmetics, Viva Glam Miley Cyrus II

So there was an experiment but here is basically classic autumn-esque to me. Honestly I don’t even like this scarf wtf who let me wear it? But this top is new from Nasty Gal and it’s adorable. Anyway this photoshoot is called The First Fall because I shot it on September first (plus I was basically falling over trying to get decent pictures). I’m bad at this.

The shoes are Abbey Dawn but there’s probably no point in saying that since they’re not really visible. Plus the jeans are Miss Me — wow, look at that, Abby actually knows where this outfit comes from! I’m also wearing a Britney Spears bracelet from her Onyx Hotel tour in 2004, given to me by my friend Michael, but I’m not even sure if it’s very visible. The lipstick is honestly one that I don’t think I can pull off very well, like I wear so many different lipstick colors and somehow I think I make them work but this one was too…90’s for me. It’s pretty, just maybe not with this outfit? It’s from MAC Cosmetics and it’s called Creme in Your Coffee. Or something like that. My eyes are pretty natural looking, I just used a bit of my Naked palette by Urban Decay. But wow, here in Washington it’s been pouring rain since yesterday, so maybe this doesn’t seem like a fall outfit to you guys but rain is not new to me and this is how I dress when I run into it, hahaha. My nails here are “Tomi” by Julep, again I love Julep.

So random. Pretty pointless. I’m bored. But who’s excited for me…I get more Nasty Gal clothes next week! It’s only two things, but they’re pretty cool. Sigh, I also ordered a bunch of random liquid lipsticks and I was thinking of doing a first impression/comparison video with all of them, like, I’ve been told I should join the YouTube game. Not sure…Should I? I’m thinking of attempting to.

Thanks for reading my babbles! And ya know, my song of the day is Invitation from Britney Spears’ new album, Glory. It truly is a glorious record, you really need to check it out.