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Hey hey! You know, lately I’ve been trying to figure out what I can do to make my blog better. I’m going to use this photoshoot/outfit as an example of how I’ll start being a lot more in-depth with all my information, and then once I do another photoshoot (later today) I’ll be ready. There’s two different types of posts I do: one with a few outfits that go together with a central theme, and then more singular posts. So continue reading to get more information about this fun outfit. The photoshoot is called “Sunny Side Up“!

I was feeling pretty… “under the weather” this day, but I forced myself to get up and go try to photoshoot anyway. So I did, and this may not be my best work, but I actually think my outfit looked pretty up against the rainy day. I got a bunch of things from Nasty Gal (you’ll be seeing more of it soon) and this bralette was one of them, and I thought the little rays of sunshine would be good for that cloudy day. Here’s some more pictures.

What I’m Wearing:

  • Walking On The Sun Embroidered Bra by Nasty Gal,¬†originally $38 but it’s been going on sale lately.
  • dark wash jeans by a brand called “Machine” that I got like 5 years ago! I got them at a store called “Alley Kat” which was a cool wholesale/warehouse type of store. Prices were usually around $40.
  • Hazil Leather Boots by Dr. Marten, $155 at Nasty Gal (which is where I got them) but you can also get them at places like directly from Dr. Marten (also $155). They’re super cool combat boots that you can lace all the way up or fold them over like I did.
  • the black sweater is from a brand called “Take Out” and I honestly have no idea where that’s from, it was my moms until I took it from her and I doubt she knows where it’s from either! Haha
  • sunshine earrings are also from like a closeout generic store, they were on sale (back in like 2010) so I convinced my mom to get them and I thought they were SO cute, and went with this outfit perfectly.
  • belly ring from Body Candy, I believe it’s this one here, a cute little bumble bee. The original price is $28.99 but it’s on sale for a great price.
  • lip gloss by Kylie Cosmetics, and I think it’s in the shade Candy K. You can get it here for $15.

I really like how this outfit turned out. I didn’t do much except for go to Subway, but this bralette is awesome and even if the other pieces of my outfit are strange and old, I still think I pulled this together nicely haha. My inspiration for this I guess would just be sunshine on a rainy day, because I was dressed prepared for the rain yet still had some sun shine.

Song of the Shoot: Instead of doing a “song of the day”, I want to do songs for each photoshoot that I do to relay my inspiration and also something that really matches the vibes I’m giving off. So I picked a Niykee Heaton song because I saw her here in Seattle on Wednesday and she was so amazing! Of all her songs I think Skin Tight (from her Bad Intentions EP)¬†fits my vibes, it’s a fun upbeat song but still pretty chill, and her vocals are always amazing. I hope you all have a fun night/day, love you!