Good morning!  Now, today, I wanted to introduce you to a blog post that I started last month and am finally getting the pieces together. In my online fashion class – Fashion Industry Essentials Class – I’m SO in love with this and SO happy that I found it! I’ve been learning all about the fashion industry through videos from people who are impressively knowledgeable, and I can’t wait to get my certificate from this place. Seriously, any part of it, this course covers it. REGISTER HERE or use promo code “ABBY3” when you sign up to get $50 off!! I only had to pay $9 when I started this course since I used my friend’s promo code, and it’s actually super awesome because I’m so far in the course now and I was able to start right away. You have a full year to finish the class which is plenty of time.

Anyway, the very first lesson on there was called “The White Dress” and it really got me inspired. So much beauty, history, symbolism; white dresses are just as awe-striking as an LBD. So I decided to take 3 white dresses and show you how I rock them, and talk about the differences between the three. The shoots are called “White Widow“, “Ivory Precision” and “Whiten Wasteland“.

White Widow

  • Dress – Halter of Fame dress by BOSSA, I purchased it from Nasty Gal. The original price was $228 but it’s currently on sale for $70 (on Nasty Gal)!
  • Shoes – I got these a very long time ago from Nasty Gal, (like 3-4 years) hell I can’t even remember the brand of the shoes themselves but they were $225.
  • Lips – Yves Saint Laurent Vernis A Levres Glossy Stain in 11 Rouge Ganache, $36 from Sephora.

That’s pretty much it for this look. So let’s talk about it. This is the first white dress outfit, with this gorgeous double-breasted perfect fitting additions. I got a size XS, I thought it wouldn’t fit very well since usually I fit better in XXS but I definitely love the way this fits. This look is pretty modern I would say, but still with a touch of class for sure. I loved pairing it with the spiked booties and glossy stain, the dress is so timeless and I really pulled it together. Now let’s take a look at another white dress, but a very different look.

Song of the photoshoot for White Widow is White by Felly. I saw him live a few months back and it was a really cool concert, and since then I’ve had such a level of respect for him. He’s a great artist, and the vibes of this song can really slay with this outfit. Anyway, let’s go to the next outfit.

Ivory Precision

  • Dress – Zip Up the Ante lace dress by Nasty Gal, originally $68 (currently on sale for $20). The size I’m wearing is a size S.
  • Pumps – Nude pumps from one of those generic warehouse sorts of stores, I paid $30 for them (like 4 years ago). I haven’t worn them a lot but I adore how they look with this dress.
  • Necklace – “A” initial necklace, I got it as a gift like 4 years ago so I’m not really sure where it’s from
  • Lips – Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick SPF 15; such a pretty light pink color (the color name is Lingerie Pink) and it adds a cute feminine touch to this beautiful lace piece. I got it from Sephora
  • Highlight – this is the only other thing I have on (except maybe mascara) what I did is use a bit of the Champagne Pop highlighter by Jaclyn Hill x Becca Cosmetics, on my cheekbone (from Sephora); then I took the Mary Lou-minizer highlight from the Balm (which I got directly from their site) and put that on my cheekbones as well and then also added it to the bridge of my nose and stuff.

This is a white dress just as the other one is, however you can tell that it’s very different. It’s also a timeless piece, I love how the neckline plunges and has an added zipper for detail; against the white lace it adds a modern taste to a legendary look. I’m not sure if I’m making sense, but basically, I love how the other look was mainly “modern” and “sophisticated” but I love how this look is “feminine” (very much so) and “classy”. A cute little look, I love the way the pumps and lipstick look with this dress. So let’s go to the last look, which is again different than both of these looks.

Song of the photoshoot for Ivory Precision is White by Lights. It’s an adorable song from Lights’ first ever release, her EP called Lights from 2008. Adorable song and I think it beautifully represents this shoot.

Whiten Wasteland

  • Dress – Mona Cutout Dress by Nasty Gal, originally $68  (currently on sale for $34). The size I’m wearing is S which is a little big on me but still cute.
  • Shoes – Peach platform sandals with gold detailing from Shoedazzle, about 4 years old and probably around $40-$50, heel is 6″ and the platform is 2″. Kind of hard to walk in when walking on uneven ground/gravel and mud but they’re still so darn cute.
  • Extensions – Kylie Kouture Hair by Bellami, 180g 20″ Mochachino Brown (1C), I was wearing maybe half of the set and damn those are some great extensions! Such high quality and look amazing. I straightened them for this shoot.
  • Makeup – generic mascara (either Benefit’s Roller Lash or Tarte’s Tarteist Clay) with, again, Becca Cosmetics Champagne Pop highlighter by Jaclyn Hill, and finally a Buxom Cosmetics lip plumping gloss in the shade Debbie. It’s such a perfect coral color and matches these shoes so perfectly.

I think the words that would describe this shoot are “Trendy” (the cutout dresses are really popular these days, definitely a popular trend and a great one at that) and like…I would say Urban, but it’s more like urban-meets-class, meets-trendy. The shoes really tie this outfit together and take the general trendy outfit into a classy, feminine urban hybrid. This look doesn’t have the class that the first outfit does, nor does it have the delicate femininity of the second outfit, however it holds its own character in the way that I would definitely rock this at the mall or something. Isn’t it crazy how you can take a white dress and create so many different looks? White dresses truly, truly are timeless, as well as symbolic and vintage respectively; I loved learning about these gems in the Parsons online fashion class. Remember to sign up with the code ABBY3 to get $50 off!

When I was doing this last photoshoot, Lana Del Rey’s song Teenage Wasteland (also known as “Prom Song (Gone Wrong)”) was playing in my head, particularly the lyric “I’m leaving, are you coming with me?”. That’s what inspired these shots. (And if it isn’t obvious, that’s the song-of-the-photoshoot for this photoshoot).

The last thing I’m going to add is a few shots of this gorgeous new sage leather jacket that I actually paired with all of the outfits. With the first outfit, I threw this on and went to my acting class, and it was gorgeous. With the last outfit, I threw this on to run some errands. And finally, with the second outfit, I was able to get a few shots of it because I thought it was so cute. I adore this jacket. I got it from Nasty Gal for only like $98!


So that’s the tale of the white dresses. I hope you enjoyed my looks, my style, my journey. Don’t forget to follow the blog and follow me on instagram, @ishopfordays.