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Hey y’all! I know I haven’t been posting too much lately but I’m trying to get back in the habit. Today is an exciting blog post, because I’m basically going to just gush about Kylie Jenner. We all know how much I love her… My last post included an outfit from her Kendall + Kylie clothing brand but this blog post is even better. I’m going to show you my lil photoshoot with the graphic tee I got from The Kylie Shop. I’m so addicted. Not only is there that, but I wanted to do a little appreciation post for Kylie Cosmetics, my current FAVORITE lipsticks. I even got a Kylie calendar from the shop PLUS the extensions that I use everyday are from the Kylie Kouture line from Bellami Hair! I love this girl. Continue reading to see more Kylie for days.

  • Shirt – The Kylie Shop, Kylie Tee – WhiteKylie Tee – White. I’m OBSESSED with this tee, I definitely want to order more from the Kylie Shop!
  • Jeans – Honestly the brand of these jeans is “Hip Jeans“….tf? I got these in 6th grade and have no idea how they still fit but they’re stretchy denim and I love them. I need designer jeans…what’s your favorite designer for jeans? Comment!
  • Booties – The brand is Toi et Moi which I think is a pretty brand name but I also have no idea what that even is. I love these boots but I randomly got them from my mom a few years back. Are they not the coolest boots in the world?
  • Hair – Bellami Hair extensions, from the Kylie Hair Kouture line. They’re 180g I think and 20″, in the color Mochachino Brown. Only thing is I’m bad at straightening them, like never in my entire life have I ever had to straighten my natural hair (because it’s SO naturally straight) so maybe I’m just bad at it but I use a Bellami straightener.
  • Makeup – in this post I only had on a Marc Jacobs mascara (I got it with my points at Sephora), the Champagne Pop highlighter by Jaclyn Hill x Becca Cosmetics, and finally the Dolce K lip kit from Kylie Cosmetics. For the longest time this was my favorite lip kit, and I don’t think it’s still my favorite but it’s still one of my favorite kits overall!
  • Song of the shoot: Gucci Snakes by Tyga. A Tyga song for a Kylie post!

I did a few different versions of this shoot. Those are from the completed outfit ^ but I also took some more raw photos on my bed, which showcase the shirt a bit more.

I wasn’t wearing my extensions there, or pants or shoes lol, but I had on the shirt and Dolce K. Which brings me to my next point… I love lipstick. My favorite lipstick brand in the whole world is Kylie Cosmetics, and I have a little drawer just for them! All my other lipsticks are shoved in my other drawers lol. Also I have this bag that says “Love Raised Me Lipstick Saved Me” and I love it and it’s totally relevant so I’m throwing a picture of that in too.

Yay for my drawer of Kylie Cosmetics! I wanna list all of what I have from there. You should all definitely recommend a new lip kit I should get because I’m trying to figure out which ones to get next.

Lip Kits (which includes a lip liner and a matte liquid lipstick): Candy K, Dolce K, Koko K, Maliboo, Brown Sugar, Ginger, and Merry.

Glosses: Literally, So Cute, Candy K and Exposed. and then I have a Metal Matte in Kymajesty.

My favorite lip kit currently is probably Ginger. I love it so much! Here’s some random pictures featuring Ginger.

Also, I got this AWESOME calendar from The Kylie Shop, photographed by Terry Richardson! (I hate the dude but he’s a good photographer)

I call this little group of photos “Incentive” because I’m beginning this day in a way that I hope motivates me throughout the ruthless hours, and I’m in this comfy Kendall + Kylie shirt but I still feel like I’m on my mental deathbed. Ya feel?

Another day, another way to find yourself. So do it right. Slay like Kylie; peace out homies.