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Hey hey. So this is one of two different posts I’m going to be posting about for this trip that I’m honestly really excited about. This weekend I flew from my home (Seattle) to New York City (well…Mostly Manhattan) for a Teen Vogue Experience, which was like the COOLEST thing I’ve ever been to. It was a fashion event. If you’re not familiar with the magazine, a lot of it revolves around fashion, and we got to do so many cool fashion things. The Teen Vogue Experience is an experience that was offered to students of the Parsons x Teen Vogue online fashion class. (which you should totally sign up for, using my code to get $50 off) So they e-mailed us and let us know about this amazing opportunity in New York, taking place at Conde Nast (I think that’s what it’s called) where we could learn all about how to further/begin our careers in the fashion world, as Teen Vogue editors and other employees helped educate us. Everyone was so sweet, so knowledgable, and down to earth; TOTALLY worth flying to New York for. This is 1 of 2 posts, the second post will be all about the Teen Vogue Experience specifically with all the selfies I took and all of the photos their photographer took. (Still waiting on those which is why that’ll be coming later). The day was 6 hours long and consisted of a discussion panel with some awesome Teen Vogue contributors, a photoshoot with a Teen Vogue photographer and makeup artist, a discussion with the one and only Amy Levin (founder & CEO of collegefashionista.com) and finally, a look inside Teen Vogue’s closet! Such amazing things! Anyway, you can learn more about that in a latter post, but for now I’m just going to say that it was super awesome but it wasn’t quite the only thing I did for this trip. So continue reading to see the pictures of my trip besides the Teen Vogue ones, maybe they aren’t as exciting but it was still such a cool opportunity to be in this city for the weekend (it was my first time going!)


So that outfit ^ is the outfit I wore to the TVE, and I didn’t really take any well-lit pictures of it but once I get my pictures from Teen Vogue I will really be able to show y’all the level of awesome that it was, but as you can tell it was a super bomb outfit. Both top and pants are from Nasty Gal.

Song of the Day: River by Bishop Riggs