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I wish I could speak easier right now, but right now it’s so hard to try to form a thought or a sentence. It really has been oddly hard to do that these days. Blogging used to be a breeze, but now that I’ve updated my standards with myself and my posts, it doesn’t come as easily. I want to be more thorough! So now today is an interesting post, I was rollin’ and I shot this outfit, with my other new pair of Guess jeans. I think it’s a fun look, what are your thoughts? Continue reading for more pictures & words!

The look – Focal point is these Guess Jeans! In my last post I talked about my other pair of jeans, and now finally, here’s these. I’m rocking a size 23.

By the way, shoutout to Canary Salon in Seattle for fixing my hair! I revamped the color a little, had it evened out and all that, and they even styled it beautifully. But my hair has been having so many issues lately, I only have a really crappy shampoo left. So my hair is kind of wild in this shoot, but Canary Salon was a really cool place to get my hair done, and I’m excited to continue going there. I believe Carly is my new hair gal, definitely make an appointment if you’re in need of a new stylist! http://www.canarysalon.com

  • Shirt – Such a pretty lace halter from Nasty Gal. They really changed their site and brand and all that and I’m a little disappointed with it, but I LOVE this shirt. I’ve worn it 3-4 times, like last April when I wore it to the Seattle Symphony with my studded skirt. Or in January when I wore it to the Teen Vogue Experience in New York with red pants! And now I dress it down just a little with these jeans, and I think it’s such a fun look.
  • Shoes – Oh my gosh! Remember these?! My Jeffrey Campbell statement heel-less platforms. I first debuted them in my Night Fire photoshoot, back in June. That was an interesting look, my hair was doin’ something weird, and those jeans should not have been paired with that top, but hey live and learn! I think that whole outfit is funky but it was fun to pair these shoes with it…it was fun to shoot. But honestly this look is pretty similar! Which of the shoots do you prefer the shoes with?

Makeup – So I actually did my makeup kind of strange for this. I didn’t want to do anything too poppy because I love the simplicity of the look (as in, the lace top with the high waisted jeans is cool. I know it’s not really simple but it’s a clean look that I like). So, my lipstick is a Velour Liquid Lipstick from Jeffree Star Cosmetics, in the shade Celebrity Skin. Holy! You know what I just realized?! That’s also the lipstick I wore in that Night Fire shoot. Weird, that’s a total coincidence. Lol! Here’s some more pictures, then I’ll finish up explaining my makeup.

So the rest of my makeup – I didn’t do too much. Givenchy mascara, some Benefit brow coloring, a little bit of the Nicole Glow highlight palette, and bronzer. That’s actually pretty much it… I don’t think I’m even wearing foundation here? I’m not completely sure to be honest. Haha! Fun fact, I broke my nose when I was 10, and that’s why it’s kinda crooked. Hahaha. Today’s going to be good, I can feel it. Last night was awesome at another amazing concert, so I can’t wait to blog that merch!

This photoshoot took place when I was rolling (on Molly) and I think the song Legendary by Powers matches both the vibe and aura of this outfit, it all ties together, especially with the song. I love experiencing everyday in such a diverse form.

Anyway, let’s throw it back to the other outfits that I’ve done that are kind of similar to this! I already tagged the posts up there ^ so you can check them out, but here’s some random pictures. Again, these are the Seattle Symphony, (that was almost exactly a year ago today) Night Fire, and Teen Vogue Experience pictures.

Song of the Shoot – How I Roll by Britney Spears!

When I roll on molly, I just feel inspired. I feel real. So I guess in a way this is similar to my Lucy in the Sky photoshoot.

Have a good night y’all!

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