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Ariana Grande. March 23rd, 2017. KeyArena at Seattle Center. DANGEROUS WOMAN TOUR. One of the best ever experiences I’ve had in the concert world! Okay so I was SO pumped for this concert, just ask my dad or Ally. Like I’m always excited for concerts but I was seriously so pumped for this. It was AMAZING. I gotta blog all about it! So here’s the two photoshoots I came up with to display my souvenirs but I also have so much fun and footage!

The Merch Looks

Yours Truly: A beautiful t-shirt from the concert, featuring a poster from the same photoshoot. And a signature Ariana ponytail!

Details of this Look – Ponytail is from Bellami Hair! I love it. The shirt was $40 at the merch stand and the poster was $10. They had 3 different posters but I love this one so much. Anyway, then like all I had on my face was something to brighten my complexion and a bit of mascara. I had just used the lip mask & lip balm treatments from Kaplan MD, too!

Song of the Shoot: Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande

Be Alright: I love this long sleeve t-shirt I got, like actually in fact both of these shirts came with the tour dates on the back (I should’ve taken pictures of that with the other shirt). But I love this design, I love this photoshoot of Ariana…This long sleeve t-shirt was I think like…$55 at the merch booth? Honestly I really wanted a hoodie but they were way sold out by the time I got there. 😦 But I still love this! And in this I also flaunt my little Ariana dollar, it’s so cute when they played Greedy they shot tons of these Ariana dollar confettis into the crowd. I couldn’t even catch any even though I was right there! But a little boy in front of me got 4 of them so I asked for one and he kindly gave me one! It’s adorable it says Greedy For Love.

Details of this look: There’s actually a lot of details. There’s the Ariana dollar, and then there’s the Ariana shirt. At the end of the sleeves on the shirt it says Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman Tour which I think is a cute detail. Also, hahaha! I had a “Garnet” pin on the shirt, it’s this cartoon character named Garnet from Steven Universe and I found it at Spencer’s and HAD to have it. And since it went with the colors on the shirt, I totally included it!

And then there’s one of my new pairs of Guess Jeans. These were like $108 at the Guess store, in size 24 (even though I’m usually like 23) and I thought they were so cool. Finally some new jeans! So that’s why I incorporated the jeans into this look as well!

My makeup for this look: Pretty simple. Givenchy mascara, Kylie Cosmetics’ Brown Sugar lip kit, and a new highlight that I’m DYING to blog about!

Song of the Shoot: Be Alright by Ariana Grande

The Concert – SO incredible! Ariana was amazing. We were like 4 feet away from her at times so it was insanely cool. I wore that outfit ^ to the show.

Thanks for reading/watching/looking! Sia next time.