Holy shit. Today I felt really aimless and bored with life and I was sad because nobody was wanting to hang out, but for some reason I had the itch to actually begin reading my #GIRLBOSS book by Sophia Amoruso! I’m so glad I did, I took the book and some kombucha outside and sat in the sun (but not direct sun) and read for at least a couple hours. I’m crazy inspired. Sophia’s Nasty Gal Vintage business started out in a similar way that this blog started out for me, and now I know I CAN take it to the next level. I want to start by getting a new camera! I need to actually start moving up because there’s no time to waste with my passion. I am so incredibly happy to be able to be able to do the things I love and I know I’m going to thrive in the future and I’m just…Incredibly excited!

I started watching the netflix series Girlboss based on how Nasty Gal was created, and holy shit! Like I got to Jenna’s house at like 11 pm because she and I were both kinda in bed “recovering” or just rejuvenatnign from her tonsil surgery last week and my wisdom teeth extraction a couple of days ago. It’s so convenient how Jenna Bean and I like share such kindred spirits because then she and I were able to help keep the company where we kinda dozed off for a while multiple times because of sleeping off the recovery suff, because we were vegetables. Livin’ the vegetable life, sometimes complaining a bit about how life is difficult when we get things ripped out of our throat areas but not letting it get us down, just letting us vent it out and breathing in the good vibes we create, she really is a strong & beautiful soul!

Anyway I guess update is I got my wisdom teeth out on Friday and I’m recovering pretty fast and well, even got to go to the Nektar Juice Bar today which is my favorite thing to consume ever, and I got an acai bowl that was amazing as always and a very interesting smoothie! So  how that will affect my photoshoot plans is a good question, I don’t really know, because I did have a couple exciting blogshoot plans. Collaborations and ideas! But I just posted a little around now anyway, so I guess don’t even worry about it, more is coming.

The story behind this look was interesting. Basically I needed a bralette to go under this top that I got from Zoey, and then I realized I had a sunshine bralette that looked so cute with this where that was like right next to these moons and things. It was another satisfying type of fashion moment of obsession (FMO) not only that, but this was so shortly after I got my yin & yang tattoo on my arm. When I laid down it looked really cool. I guess it’s just a realization, of the beauty of finding things from drop dead gorgeous Zoey (shirt found from her) and using random bralette throwbacks up in here with a Victoria’s Secret Designer Collection panty, that ya got on clearance. It’s so cute!

I’m looking to improve as a style blogger, a model, an artist, a creator, blogger, lifestyle. I’m looking to even improve with photography and photoshop and things like that, and a new camera will really make it so my photography goes from “fashion photography” and pure art, but I guess we’ll see. I’m looking to improve with my noobish camera because it’s a little old (not even) I just need to completely re-learn how to use it, because I don’t usually use it right and the lighting is just fucked.

That’s okay though! That’s totally okay! Everything is still able to work with me so I’m living a good life where I’m learning more and more and getting to experience so many cool things. I’m so genuinely in love with my life and my ability to be myself that’s come to fruition these days. Or something like that. I just feel healthy and like my pscyche has it’s spine aligned these days, like everything is in a balanced place where there’s just…bALANCE I really love and admire balance.

So maybe this is more of a Worry Just Enough version from the perspecgtive of this style blogger. Very interesting. I think 4 weed whoppers on a stomach that kept being filled with kombucha, chia, enzymes, and an ACAI BOWL (yep my favorite food of all time) it was like the perfect platform for the THC to disolve into my digestive system. My stomach was like working. I really want cupcakes now.