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The Koko Kollection! I wish I shot more with this collection, and I actually still might. But for now here’s the random days where I wore something from the Koko Kollection, it took 8 days but HOW COOL IS THIS COLLECTION It’s from Kylie Cosmetics. First there was the original quartet of lippies with 3 matte liquid lips and one gloss, and then they released a palette and another 3 matte lippies and another lipgloss. My favorite from this whole collection has got to be Okurrr, even though the name is dumb af. I also really love Doll, Damn Gina and Gorg! Like half the days I also used the Koko face palette with the lip. By the way – on Khloe Kardashian’s birthday they were giving away the first 4 Koko lips for free if you bought something from the Koko Kollection, but the entire Koko Kollection was also on sale so for all of this (8 lippies & a face palette) I only paid $64! And got the ENTIRE collection.

Original Koko lippies –

Out of all of these, my favorite is definitely Okurrr. It’s the most perfect pink lipstick that has ever touched my lips. This is a godsend and it made me look AMAZING. Also look at that Damn Gina gloss! I looked so much like Britney that day.

In Love With the Koko lip collection –

The palette was SO fun to work with too. I used it almost every day. This whole thing was so fun to do, and sadly only like one of these looks was even shot for this blog and that post is coming soon, but I wish I would’ve shot more for y’all. I had some really cool looks.

Which look was your favorite?