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October 29th, 2007 – the day my life changed forever.

I saw Miley Cyrus live in her Hannah Montana tour and it was my very first concert I ever attended, and now it’s the TENTH ANNIVERSARY of that!! On the 27th I see Kesha (which I will post about separately if I haven’t already) whom has been my fave since Rainbow came out and then after Kesha it will be my 50th concert attended, yes I have kept track FIFTY! It’s insane! That’s not until the end of November though but I had to mention that. Anyway, I did a really fun shoot with my very first ever concert tee and now I’m going to show it off to you guys and tell you about the AMAZING decade I’ve had of live music!

I don’t give up on merch shirts. When one stops fitting because I’m no longer 8, I cut the sleeves off so I can still fit into it. Then I cut the neckline and continue to do that until I can somehow still fit it on. Lol. I love this shirt so much, so much beautiful history. This concert was amazing. KeyArena! Wow, 10 years… a decade…SO hard to believe! Anyway this post is mainly just to appreciate my very first concert and here’s a little shoot I threw together for it a while back.

This was back when I was working out more, plus this dress did not fit me but that was part of the outfit for some reason lol, but I liked my makeup and hair here. But yeah this is from the first day of September and I’m just now finally being able to blog about it. Because of health stuff I haven’t been to the gym in a while and I’m kind of losing tone šŸ˜¦ But whatever, I can gain all that back and more! I like that ass though, good job Abby. What was your first concert?