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Hanging out with Bebe Rexha, seeing her front row on the first night of her new tour, meeting some really cool friends plus some awesome merch; this was definitely one of the best nights of my life. Like, everything about this night was so perfect and amazing and I’m SO SO grateful!! I have so so much to post about it so this post might come up around a week after the concert (it was on the 16th of October) so that’s a little delay but I’ll do it as quickly as possible! Ahh what an amazing experience. Continue reading for the rundown of the VIP Q&A/practical hangout with Bebe before the show, pictures and videos of the show, plus pictures of my awesome merch I obtained. And let’s not forget about Marc E Bassy! #BEBEANDBASSYTOUR

Adventures in Wonderland MEANT TO BE VIP PACKAGE – SEATTLE, WA 10/16/17 – I paid only $147 for this package. These are the listed features of this package:

– One (1) general admission pit ticket with early entry to see BEBE REXHA live
– Invitation to meet the artist before the show
– Photo with BEBE REXHA
– 20min Pre-Show Q&A with BEBE REXHA
– One (1) Exclusive VIP Poster
– One (1) VIP Laminate
– One (1) Temporary Tattoo Pack
– Crowd-Free Merchandise Shopping
– Adventures in Wonderland On-Site Concierge

So we got sent e-mails with all our details 4 days before the show; our VIP check-in time was 5:45 at the box office of Showbox SoDo on October 16th. It was kind of annoying at first because we were waiting by the general admit line and then someone told us to go through the bar entrance, and when I got there the dude was like “You’re not 21” and I’m like ….They told me to come over here, I’m a VIP, and he’s like “You’re not 21.” and I’m like uh they said VIP-and he was like “And I said you’re not 21.” and I’m like wow that’s cool I didn’t need to be told that 87 times just because you have no idea what’s going on mister asshole face. So I went back over to the line and someone’s like “Are you VIP?” and I’m like “Yeah but I’m not sure where they want us to stand because they told me to go to the bar 2 times and then they told me to come over here.” We were all kind of confused but then saw someone walk through the not-turned-on metal detectors to talk to the box office. We all kinda peered in on that and they told him he needed to go to the lounge/bar for VIP and he told her they told him to come back here, AND FINALLY, she said that we should wait there. So it was like 5:45 and all of us were waiting by the door/box office (there was about 4-5 of us at this time) even though there was already a loooong line (even though doors didn’t open for 2 more hours” but then finally someone came out and had us VIPs walk in and check in, and they handed us our VIP laminates. At this time they were messing with stuff on the stage like the lighting and the setup and other than the crew, us and the VIPs were the only ones in the venue. It was pretty chill, and we saw all the Marc E Bassy merch that was set up and one of my friends was like hey is there going to be any more Bebe merch? And they’re like yeah we’re just waiting for the shipment and then this whole side will be Bebe. And we were so so excited! Merch was taking a while so we were just chilling for a while while they checked in the rest of the VIPs. We got green wristbands for this package. There was another package that just included a post-show wrap up party thing but I knew I was going to be too exhausted. I gotta say the concierge was extremely nice and fun and cool to work with, not an asshole face like most the other crew members there. 15-20 minutes later she said we were going to head upstairs, and I didn’t even know this venue had an upstairs even though it’s kind of obvious that it would, but we went up a million stairs (the roof of the venue itself was high so the top floor was really high up) until she led us into this super chill lounging room. We all sat on the couches and chairs and she told everyone to help themselves to the bowl of candy on the table and I totally ate a Reese’s. It was really awesome we were all just relaxing in here and she said “Yeah so Bebe will come in soon and sit in this chair and you can ask questions but I of course want to remind you to be respectful” and we all nodded excitedly. There was exactly enough chairs/couches to fit all 10ish of us, and it was actually a pretty intimate and small room. I talked to the guy next to me and he was super cool, and then the conceirge was like “Oh and your posters are right here guys! Do you want them now or afterwards?” and most people said after because they didn’t want to “mess it up” but I came prepared with a half empty tote bag and was like CAN I HAVE MINE NOW and she gave it to me and oh my LORD it is beautiful!! Then i asked for a rubber band and skillfully rolled it up without fucking it up and then set it in my bag in the space I had made perfectly to fit it. And then a big ol’ guy was at the doorway and he was introduced as her bodyguard. We were again reminded to be respectful and all that and even though they didn’t say “no phones” we all were so starstruck that we put that shit under our leg and eagerly looked as a few people walked through the door INCLUDING BEBE and she said hey what’s up guys?? Omg so many gasps! I VERY VERY quickly took a snap as she sat down JUST so I could post on my story “HOLY FUCK SHE’S WEARING LOUIS VUITTON” then I put my phone away and paid attention to this GODDESS. Here’s some pics and stuff from the check-in to the moment she walked in for context, and then I’ll tell you all about hanging out with Bebe Rexha.

Okay so Bebe walks in, sits on this chair and puts her feet up, and just starts asking us what’s up. Everyone was a little starstruck but basically we just sat there and talked to her, a lot of people asked questions and for some reason I nervously kept complimenting her, and someone said something about Meant To Be and she’s like “Oh do you guys want to see the video?” and everyone was like YES because only the lyric video had been released at the time like the video still isn’t going to come out until the 26th or something. So she asked her manager if she could show us and he was up for it so all of us huddled around her chair as she held his phone and we watched. It was AMAZING, we made some comments while seeing it and she’s like “Wait for it!” And OMG that was so cool! It’s such a cool concept/video, she slayed the whole thing. I’m not going to spoil it. But yeah I was standing close beside her, like on the side of the chair, and during the video I freaked out a little mentally about how we were all just standing around Bebe while she showed us. She was such a sweetheart and was so cool to talk to, and everything was really laid back. It wasn’t strict or formal but it was human and it was more personal. You know how there’s always like “that” person at a meet and greet who’s a little overly invested? There was this girl and the very first thing she said to me (before we went in) was “Do you like my jacket??” and I’m like haha yeah! And then she pulls out 4 CDs and a few pictures and asks Bebe to sign them and she said without skipping a beat “Of course girl!” Honestly if all of us would’ve known that she was so chill with signing stuff then we would’ve brought stuff too! But me, being brilliant and obvious, was like “Can you sign my poster?” and she’s like “Yeah!!” and then everyone looked at each other and were like WAIT WE WANT OUR POSTERS NOW TOO so everyone got one and she signed like all of them as we all just talked and chilled! UGh I love the poster so much and I was like “I love your signature” and she’s like “Really? It’s kind of sloppy”. She also asked about cool food places in Seattle and said she’s been taking ginger shots and I’m like “Oh you gotta go to Nektar! They have all these awesome smoothies and ginger shots and like whole-health things” and she’s like “Oh that’s cool!” And asked one of her peeps to remember Nektar. Omg I should’ve gone the next day what if she was there??

Then after like 20-30 min she was like “Should we take pictures?? Let’s take pictures!” So her crew set up the back drop, we just took the pictures right there in that sort-of small room instead of going to some standard boring room to meet her for 2 seconds and get a picture. You know? and she was like “Who want’s to go first?” and nobody at all said anything so I was like MEE!!

The thing is everyone was truly starstruck and nervous but Bebe’s attitude and friendliness made a lot of my nerves chill af, and I was just having so much fun. So I stood next to her and smiled at the camera and it took them a fat minute to set up the light, and then they took the pic but since I was the first one we had to fix some things like one of her peeps was like “oh you can see your boob” so we took another and then her hair stylist was like “Oh wait your hair” and the entire time I was standing there smiling SO BIG, I don’t think I’ve ever smiled that big for that long in my entire life. But hey I got time, I got time. Finally it turned out awesome and I was honestly so impressed and happy and AHH omg it was amazing! So I quickly sat down because a line had built up and then one by one everyone took the picture and then hugged her and I was like oh shit I didn’t even hug her….Ahh but I was kinda just sad about it until she was getting ready to leave and she said in such a sweet way “So is everyone good? Everyone happy?” and I was like “Omg can I hug you because I didn’t get-” and she’s like “Sure!” And came up and hugged me, and then waved goodbye to everyone and left. IT WAS SO INCREDIBLE! HOLY FUCKING SHIT IT WAS SO SURREAL! THIS MIGHT BE MY FAVORITE CONCERT EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE.

The ONLY thing I didn’t like about the picture was that my face was a little shiny, but that’s it and who cares?! Everything else was amazing! Bebe and I were like yin&yang she was wearing black with a black&white patterned thin jacket and I wore white with a thin black&white patterned sheer-ish shirt. And she’s blonde and I had brown hair so that honestly is like…This is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. But anyway she did sign my laminate too but it mostly rubbed off after the show :/ this one guy was like “Uh how did you roll your poster?” and was like nervous because they’re like this super thick material and I was like “Haha do you want me to do it?” then I was like shit what if I fuck up his poster lol but no I rolled it perfectly. Bebe said the poster turned out awesome and was like “I was smoking a cigar” and I’m like “Well swishers and weed are better” and people were wondering why I even said that but I was happy and comfortable and amazed and nervous but like… in love with LIFE. Okay so that was about it, and then finally after she left we all trekked downstairs. We were STILL waiting on the merch to be set up so while we waited we all were just talking and I added a couple sweet girls on snap. Then Mkaykay (Honestly I can’t remember her like legit name so I’m just going by the snapchat thing) took a selfie of us and I was really happy about that because tbh I forgot to take selfies with people lol, but I love when I get to! It was so fun talking to everyone. It was around after 7 and we were getting worried because doors opened at 7:30, and so we asked our concierge if we would be able to even merch shop and she said “Yeah! We’re having them push the door time until you guys are done merch shopping, so don’t worry!” That was so relieving and badass to hear! Like haha you guys were waiting for hours but now you have to wait longer just for me to get a Bebe shirt! Yeah the sad thing is the only merch they had was one shirt, and their smallest size was medium…lol, a little strange but I bought one. I slept in it that night it was dope. And after we were done merch shopping we went to the front of the stage, up against the gate, and were all like totally fangirling about the fact that we were up against the gate. Around this time we were told that the VIP Bebe chocolates and temporary tattoos were going to have to be mailed to us, and I fucking hope they ain’t joking lol!


And so then the doors opened, people lined up for merch, and us kids in the front already bought our merch and a full bottle of water and were chilling and ready. And then comes in my now-friend who stood next to me and introduced himself, he was originally in the lounge and then he was talking about how cool it is that we were front row. I was like I know right?! And he was like “I’m just here for Bebe” and I’m like oh fuck yeah respect man. We waited for a while, they turned off the lights, they had a radio playing, the stage was lit a little bit, and slowly/eventually someone came on the stage and was like are you guys ready for Marc E Bassy? And we all cheered hard. And then, some sort of God shows up on the stage and starts rapping or singing or whatever one of his songs and then my eyes grew wide and I was like HOOOLLY because lemme tell you, from the front row, I could see how FUCKIN beautiful that creature is. He is so hot. He is so, so, God-like. And he posted a pic with me in it on his instagram (; I wasn’t a fan of him when I went there but I definitely was blown away and completely fell in love with him through his set! I didn’t get too many videos of him however maybe this video will shed SOME light on how hot he is.

And of course after the show he posted on his Insta with ME RIGHT THERE… I don’t know what I was looking at though

Like I would talk more about this dude but honestly… Bebe was incredible and I really wanna get to that. So I’m going to. And now, what we’ve all been waiting for,

Bebe Rexha’s performance – front row view, first night of the Bebe & Bassy tour

I’m not gonna write as much about this as I did about the VIP stuff, but just know this was an AMAZING show. Seeing it right there was so surreal and I enjoyed every second of that. She played my favorite song, (Not) The One, plus bombass songs from that EP like Comfortable, I Got Time (which was the opening and so perfect) That’s It, and then I had to leave and missed like 2 songs ): it was so sad but my phone was less than 10% and I was alone and had to find my dad lol, on my way out I bought the Bebe & Bassy shirt it’s so cool, but then yeah of course she played so many of her previous hits like Gateway Drug, FFF, Bad Bitches, I’m Gonna Show You Crazy, et cetera. I’m so in love with her newest EP but also just all 3 of them. I’m fucking obsessed. Plus she sang misc songs like No Broken Hearts, Me Myself & I, and In The Name Of Love! (She was doing that one when I was on my way out). I took some pictures but mostly videos but I’ll include some of both! Here’s a selfie I took between the Marc & Bebe sets, plus all the pics I took of Bebe; it was easier to take pics of her when she sat down but I actually like a lot of these.

And then, after all of that amazing shit, I had to go home. I was in the car with my dad and told him all about it and then I got home and this video basically describes my mindset. Watch the whole thing. lol

And that’s about it. Honestly I’m going to have to make an entirely separate blog post about the merch because I still don’t have all the merch and I wanna do photoshoots for a bunch of it, so that will be separate, but this was my VIP experience with Bebe Rexha and it was AMAZING. Life changing.