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I feel like each of these Diary things is really different. Don’t be fooled by their names though, even though they’re all “Diary of ___” something different, they’re all basically the same thing. Journal entries in the form of blogging, pictures, online shopping and interacting with people online. Today I wanted to not only have a “diary” entry for the “DarkkVixen” that I am (that’s basically an inside (joke) thing I’ll explain it further down) but I wanted to show an unseen photoshoot with you guys that I’m actually really proud of, and it symbolizes a lot. Originally I used it on my other blog (just like one of the pictures) and I thought that represented a lot so I didn’t think to post the look here, especially because there’s no “shopping” really involved in it, but I do want to show you guys. I have so many looks, so many ideas, so much drive and everyday I get more bloated with inspiration and have to chase these blog goals to relieve it. Lol, for real. So get to know the DarkkVixen inside of me.

Album of the Shoot/Post – Bionic by Christina Aguilera

This shoot was from a little over a month ago (mid-October) and here’s the story. When I did my awesome Babes photoshoot with the gorgeous Syerra, I had multiple outfit ideas, not just the one I was wearing. We only had time to shoot one outfit but I had this outfit on a hanger on the side of my closet (not in my closet, by my closet, it’s where I hang my new stuff/stuff I gotta shoot) and we really wanted to do another shoot soon, and I had thought this was an awesome outfit idea for that. However, a month later, (our shoot was on Sept 13 and this was Oct 16) I looked at the outfit and decided I should just shoot it anyway so that I could move on and put different stuff on that side wall part thing.

P1090596. 2JPG

So I put this on, and I glammed my makeup up hard. It was so fun. Then I put my sass on, because this outfit isn’t like anything else I’ve really shot before, at all really. It was a completely new territory for me and I loved the idea of stepping out of my comfort zone even just to explore a little. I had attitude for this shoot, an interesting type of attitude. When I looked in the mirror I was like, damn I really am DarkkVixen. The story is, when I was 15 I had the username @darkkvixen on instagram for a long time before @abbziez finally became available. I thought it was just some cute username but it actually stuck, when people would talk about me they’d say things like “Oh you mean DarkkVixen?” and laugh, thinking they’re making fun of me, little do they know I think it’s awesome that I like gave myself some sort of name. Because it was like a little identity I had, a way to explain some parts of my life, and even if people “make fun” of me, it doesn’t matter because DarkkVixen slays you all *laughing emoji x2* it’s true though! It makes me happy that people even think about me enough to keep that sort of nickname. I never used to stick to people’s minds, I was always so easy to forget because people got so confused by me. Lol! It’s crazy, but now it’s an advantage, so that’s cool. So yeah, this is her, this is the DarkkVixen inside of me, the version of me who dresses in a way that 15 year old me would approve of.

It was actually a pretty cool shoot. Everything is from weird places except the satin gloves are from Nasty Gal and the necklace is from Mirina Collections. The lipstick is Kylie Cosmetics’ Vixen lip kit, how fitting?

Anyway, so yeah, after doing this shoot that was a new style to me, I started experimenting a bit more even just little bits in my normal shoots or something. I wonder if I actually post those photos, they might be the ones I don’t post because they’re racy or controversial. Then there’s those one pics that I don’t post (at least not unedited) because they’re hilarious or just like….idk, candid? Outtakes? I wanna show you guys some outtakes and some never-before-posted stuff. Think whatcha want (; Unedited completely except the one with Danon & I.

If you want to know how my shopping is going, then my answer to you is why are you wondering that? Just kidding, my real answer is thanks for caring dolls, I’m actually so excited about some of the next outfits I have to post! One of them broke my personal record that I made in July 2016 of most pics I took in one shoot, which was 73, and without noticing I broke that this month with 78! And I’m SO EXCITED to show you guys that outfit because that’s a brand spankin’ new outfit that I got from StitchFix. And in terms of what I’m fiending for, I fuckin need Kesha merch, but looking at my old diary posts I think I’m cooler now. So I already win. Idk that’s all I got what do you want for me?! Jk, but there you go, how’s that for a diary entry? I need some coffee. 🙂