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A month ago, I was sooo on a roll with blog posts. November was awesome for me and my blog and I was not only posting frequently, but thoroughly, and quality-ily. Quailityishful. So anyway then December everything started getting busy and crazy, however I FINALLY got around to editing these two shoots that I did (there was like a trillion pics to edit) and so now I can totally actually begin this journey that is Culture Shock, which is a half-formed idea in my head that’s about to florish. It’s derived of two equal parts, My Prerogative and Can’t Pin Me Down. Let’s see how I grow, live, create, slay and laugh at myself. After finishing this I’m actually extremely proud, and expression is best served passionately.

My Prerogative

Don’t get me wrong, I’m really not souped. Ego trips is not my thing. – My Prerogative pt 1.:

My Prerogative pt 1. The Look – This was the first part of the shoot that I did, without the fur coat. It’s not quite as sassy or fluffy, but it’s sassy. And assy. Lol

  • Bodysuit – Sophie Rue size XS, which I received in my Stitchfix Box #2! I’m in LOVE with this! Wasn’t expecting a bodysuit, and I’m SO glad I got one because I’ve been really wanting more! I love this. (The bra I’m wearing under it is from Victoria’s Secret, it was the official Fashion Show bra that they all wore before the show in 2015, and one of my fave bras.) I’m glad I got to show off the bodysuit before throwing the coat on next.
  • Jeans/Pants – Liverpool Jeans Company,  which I also got in my Stitchfix #2 box! My stylist, Loren, is amazing. Like I thought Stitchfix would be a cool little extra thing in my life but it turns out to be AMAZING and vital and so useful and so surprisingly my style! Loren has so got my style down and I’m only on box #3! 🙂 Definitely sign up to get a box of clothes styled for you! My mom signed up, my dad and stepmom are signing up, it’s seriously a genius idea. Just send back everything if you don’t like it, you have nothing to lose 🙂 These are a little bit big on me currently, size 25 I think, but I wanna grow into them where my hips can fill them out perfectly and make them snug.
  • Accessories – Belt is from Blackheart (Hot Topic’s other line, if it still exists) and I was always sad that it didn’t fit my hips but it fits my waist perfectly, so yay for super high waisted jeans! Dang I love these. Necklace was some pendants and beads put together by my amazing stepmom Jessie who is really good at taking a cool pendant and making it into an indelible necklace. I LOVE it.

My Prerogative pt.1 – The Makeup – I did this shoot the day after my birthday so of course I had to use the Scorpio liquid lip from Jeffree Star. Haha. Here’s the in-depth makeup look, like everything I used, but in bold I’ll put the main things. (And I’m bolding the brand names but that’s irrelevant). Skip over this makeup part if you don’t care.

  • MAC CosmeticsPrep & Prime Natural Radiance face primer (received in my Ipsy Glam Bag, monthly subscription for beauty products & more)
  • Smashbox – ‘Photo Finish’ Hydrating Under Eye Primer
  • Becca CosmeticsUnder Eye Brightening Corrector (one of my favorite products)
  • BenefitAirbrush Concealer in No. 1 (under eyes & on hyperpigmentation) (I really need a better concealer, this one’s good, but… any suggestions? Should I try the Kylie ones?)
  • BareMineralsBarePro Powder Foundation, “performance wearin Aspen 04 swirled a bit with Cashmere 06 (I got this as a free sample from Sephora and I do like it, but not sure if I should buy)
  • Too FacedPeach Blur Translucent Smoothing Finishing Powder, infused with peach and sweet fig cream; a bit of this powder all over, it’s my FAVORITE powder to set with!! It’s amazing and glowy.
  • TartePark Ave Princess Amazonian Clay matte waterproof bronzer, (AKA my favorite bronzer ever and I’ve totally hit pan on it ahhh) which I used for my contouring!
  • TarteAmazonian Clay 12-hour Blush in Idol (this line of blushes is my absolute fave as well, this is a super cute color I got in like Birchbox or Ipsy or something however my FAVE 12-hour amazonian blush is “partaaaay” or whatever 🙂 haha)
  • Anastasia Beverly HillsNicole Guerriero Glow Kit, the shade Forever Young (my favorite from the palette) and also the Anastasia clear brow gel
  • Lorde & Berry#1706 Brunette Magic Brow Pencil (with that clear gel over top) It’s a pretty cool brow pencil
  • Dior BeautyDiorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara (one of my top 3 current faves)
  • Lips: MAC CosmeticsSubculture lip pencil (current favorite lip liner) and Jeffree Star CosmeticsScorpio Velour Liquid Lipstick 🙂 Because it was Scorpio season!
  • Julep nail polish in Spirited Scorpio

And now we move on to the all-out/full-on rest of this look…My Prerogative pt.2:

Faux Fur Coat – Nasty Gal 2016

Fire platform booties – Nasty Gal 2016

LOVED all these colors together. Wow compare this to the other two tiny shoots I’ve done in the past with this coat, including Bound To You, big difference. I love it! I’m so much healthier and happier. That was almost a full year ago. This outfit was so fun, and I think a lot better crafted than my older ones.

It’s the way that I wanna live (it’s my prerogative). You can’t tell me what to do.

And now let me introduce you to the second part of this post, Can’t Pin Me Down! This shoot was literally just me cutting off the bottoms of my jeans, safety pinning the pieces together, then covering it with buttons. It was super fun. It’s a similar concept, a loud sorta look that I wouldn’t usually wear to the grocery store however you can bet your pancakes that I would hahaha.

CPMD3 (1).jpg

Do you think I’m stuck up ’cause I’m always picking fights? You might think I’m one thing, but I am another. You can’t call my bluff, time to back off motherfucker – Can’t Pin Me Down

Can’t Pin Me Down, The Look:

  • Miss Me Jeans, probably from an era where bell-bottom jeans that went to your ankles were stylish, but I cut off the bottoms. I LOVE how they fit though! It was fun using them for this project. I got them at a thrift store.
  • Money hoodie which I also got from a thrift store and, fun fact, was featured in my first ever blog post (;
  • Dior beauty’s lip maximizer gloss + luminizer (golden glow)

I am never gonna give you anything you expect, you think I’m like the others…You need to get your eyes checked – Can’t Pin Me Down

Can’t Pin Me Down – Pinback buttons, what they are and where I got them:

  • 3x Portugal. The Man concert merch buttons from their Seattle show at WaMu Theater in June 2016 with Cage the Elephant, it’s the black&white ones of random dudes plus the Hip Hop Kids one.
  • 5x The 1975 set of concert merch buttons including the rainbow & white/pink ones with just their band name, the gothic black one with their name, plus the Drive Like I Do pin (fun fact that was the name of their band before they changed it) and that little white brain one, all of it is just filled with “me me me me me” lol, from their Seattle show at the WaMu Theater in April 2016.
  • 2x Spencer Ludwig concert merch free buttons that we got when we met him after he opened for Bebe Rexha at her Seattle Show at The Crocodile in March 2017. They’re on the right side, both white, one is him with a trumpet and the other is some sort of stick-figure ass fish thing. Lol
  • 2x gnash concert merch pins, these are like the cool kind that you pin on to you and not like the button kind, one is shaped like his head and the other is a flower. They’re really cute. I ate a bunch of weed whoppers before I got up to this merch line so I got some funny stories there too. From his Seattle Neptune Theatre show in May 2017.
  • 2x Britney Spears: The Circus Starring Britney Spears Tour 2009 pinback button set, so fun and orange and cute, I did attend this tour however I didn’t get these pins until I bought them online within the last year. They’re SO cute. Wait, either that or Michael sent them to me?
  • 3x Christina Aguilera: Xtina – Stripped Tour 2002 button set, small and cute, I had 3 of these on, on the left it was an “x” pin and cute black & purple cool one, and on the right side I had a black pin that just said “stripped”.
  • 2x Katy Perry, California Dreams Tour 2011 buttons, and again I did go to one of these shows but my good friend Michael is the one who sent me this button pack this year! It’s the Popsicle one and the album cover one.
  • Lights pinback button, cute purple one from her The Listening era (I think) that I got from her website last year!
  • Kesha, spaceship pin, one of the really cool ones, and this is probably my favorite. Again I ordered it online and already had it by the time I went to the show 🙂 It means a lot to me I LOVE it
  • Candice Swanepoel button, it’s on the far right she’s just standing there modeling shorts for Mother Denim idk I got the pin when I ordered jeans from her collection with Mother, and I was STOKED because I was OBSESSED with Candice at the time!! I still love her to death, and this is some cute little merch.
  • 2x Cartoon pins: Steven Universe, on the left, with like that chick Garnet I think (I love that show) plus a black and purpleish one of Rick from Rick&Morty from a friend. Both came from Spencer’s though, surprisingly enough. I low key count these as cartoon merch and I love it.
  • 2x Nasty Gal pins I got last year back when they still sold so many different things, one is a cute little bong with a face and the other says “Sorry! Not Sorry” with the game pieces to the game Sorry, hahaha. LOVE these. The bong one is a favorite. These are 2/3 of the pins that weren’t merch, and I didn’t even mean for that to happen, I just accidentally have so much more merch than anything hahaha.
  • And very lastly, we have my rainbow button, that was also from Spencer’s like the cartoon ones. I’m talking about my plain Rainbow Pride button not the one that says The 1975, but I’m wearing both if you didn’t notice. I honestly just adore Rainbow things now after Kesha’s Rainbow album changed my life. So…good associations.

Yes I really just did list ALL of those buttons and where they’re from, I’m really like THAT. I’m THAT girl. And I’m so proud. This was so fun. This blog post took me a while to concoct but now it’s steaming and ready for your eyes’ consumption, so here’s my art to the world, and here’s my pride and my love for myself and the strength and power I get from expressing myself this freely. I love it.

Now let me express myself even more freely. Here’s some outtakes LOL some are funny, or random, or just similar to the other pics I posted, but feast your eyes on my confidence and the love I’m projecting through yo screeeen. Thank you for reading everyone!!

Sweet shot, cherry pop, everybody go to the beat, don’t stop. Keep up, body rock, cardiac arrest it’s a culture shock*

(*Monday Morning by Christina Aguilera)

Fact: The “My Prerogative” shoot scored an all-time best with my record of how many pictures I’ve ever taken (and kept) for one shoot, my shoot Embroidery in a Studded World held that title at 73 pictures in June 2016 and now I finally broke the record without even trying to, with 78 pictures. It keeps gettin’ bettaaa! What do you think, do you like the abundance of pictures?