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Welcome to the greatest show, the greatest show you’ve ever seen before — this post is the new era. THE new era. The red hair, balayage like Christina 2001. Labret piercing like Xtina 2002. Goodass friends. Cute little models for me this time. Feminism. Loneliness? What comes with a new era… what comes with a new revolution. The way we revolt and the weapons we use. The way we aim and the game we play when we’re ready to slay. We’re girls, take a deep breath and say it loud. CAN’T HOLD US DOWN. ~ conceptually inspired by the 2002 song by Christina Aguilera.


“So. What am I not supposed to, have an opinion? Should I be quiet to speak ’cause I’m a woman? Call me a BITCH ’cause I speak what’s on my mind, when it’s easier for you to swallow if I sat and smiled. (((::”…. to be continued press de buttonn.

Three girls, completely and totally different, and just a few of the members of the new #revolution that is cooking and getting ready to fire up soon. Three girls dressed quite differently, quite different personalities…Maddy & Syerra seem to be besties and that’s pretty empowering. Whenever I do shoots with Syerra I feel like they’re the best in the world because she’s my favorite model. I don’t know Maddy too well but I wanna get to know her because girls gotta stick together forfuckingsure!

I love these booty ladies. I love Syerra’s kindness and Maddy’s sweetness and even if I was feeling like an outcast for this shoot, it seldom stuck around with me. Most of the time, looking back at these pics, I realize how different we all are, not just by our outfits. Not just by our personalities or our hair or how we viewed this shoot. Not by our poses or anything measurable. But by us. We’re women, we’re different. We empower each other — we wouldn’t even need to empower each other if we were all so equally powerful. But no. I’m gonna dress like that vinyl red hot babe and Syerra is always gonna be the hottest pepper of the jar and Maddy will always have the most bodacious ass in whatever leggings she throws on. We’re so different, but we came together even for a second to create this art together. We collaborated, and it means more than they think. I used to be bitter about this shoot because it didn’t turn out how I wanted. But it’s better. It’s more empowering because it’s different. It’s difficult to empower. It’s difficult to understand or to look at or to deal with. But then there’s me. And I just get it. Because I love life. I love people. I love understanding things. Why not?


Bad reputations, crazy nights, dabs, drugs, friends, boys, love, drama, social media, snaps, filters, bad bitches, children…of a simply bad revolt.

Outfit Details: Syerra (styled by me)

  • Pants – You’ve seen these ripped jeans a million times before on my blog but they never looked better than when they’re on Syerra! From Pink Ice.
  • Shoes – Abbey Dawn heels, designed by Avril Lavigne

Outfit Details: Me

  • Both skirt & top are from Tiger Mist aka I.AM.GIA, such a rad online shop.
  • Red lace-up booties are from Nasty Gal, they were called “Can’t Hold Us Down” and referred to the Xtina song so I knew I had to do a shoot to that song with them!
  • Necklace is the “Abbynecklace from Chic Wishlist, previously known as Mirina Collections. I’m a Mirina Girl!
  • My hair was colored by Kylie Rose (at The Fox Guild) SHE’S INCREDIBLE! Located in Greenwood (Seattle)!
  • Lips – Vixen lip kit from Kylie Cosmetics ; labret lip piercing stud is a gorgeous/giant flower just like what Xtina used to have, so dope, from Body Jewelry Plus.

Derp city. That one pic of me in the middle was me trying to catch a lighter. It didn’t work but I looked pretty excited, right? Lol. Hey did you guys see my first Stripped blog post? It was from track 20 of the album, Keep On Singin’ My Song. This was a very very sentimental post for me, it meant a lot and was seismic for my life and blog. The sun went down so perfectly on time. Can’t Hold Us Down is track 2 from the Stripped album by Christina Aguilera, the first being the album intro of course. So like…let that sink in however you’d like. Check out the song now guys. I just love this man, I say go buy the album — give Xtina some money! I did post the song just right up there ^ but like…PRESS PLAY if you slept on that shizz, at least check out this video!

Anyway it’s just crazy. We’re all so different but this photoshoot brought us together for a sec and it was cute. I love getting to incorporate lots of lit people and things and fun stuff into my shoots. Plus these red shoes are my favorite shoes of like EVER. PS tho, I already published this post but nah I posted it because I literally had to run out the door so I was like good enough, but nope not good enough, I need to truly finish this. So I’m gonna give you some vitals that will make you have to check yours. Lol…that joke basically just means I’m going to knock your socks off. Check this out. One of the best music videos like ever (second to Dirrty). By the way, I swear I’m gonna do a post for like…Every Xtina song from Stripped. Lol, I LOVE IT! So here’s my little humble finale. I took so many candid pics of Syerra & Maddy, they’re adorable. I wish my hair was still this red…It hasn’t even been a month yet but hey maybe in August I should dye it the color of my shoes! Haha.

Thank you so so much Syerra for being my partner in this shoot, and I’m so glad Maddy wanted to join at the last second too! I want to get to know both of you better, you’re adorable, and I’m sorry I was so distant in this shoot, but y’all still got my back and I still got yours. No matter what you hear, just know you’re like officially ‘Featured For Days‘ (And of course Syerra was featured in our past shoot and it was super cool) so know that if you lent your creative souls to help me out here then I def got your back, whatever y’all need. Can’t hold us down, never can never will.


Check out Syerra‘s Instagram here, give her a follow! She’s a social media GODDESS!

Don’t forget Maddy as well, her Insta is here! If you’re lucky enough, your follow might be accepted. (;

Thanks for collaborating girlies.