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Hey everyone. It’s insane that I haven’t posted since the end of July. At that point is when I first hung out with Matt the night after getting home from my Idaho trip, and that was pretty insane. Because I basically walked into his place and then bam, from then on out we were always together and consuming eachother. We got kicked out of his apartment and we woke up one day at my dads to find out we couldn’t go back there, so surprise! We had nowhere to live except with my dad. We would sit in my room, doing nothing doing everything, feeding eachother to keep us alive and also tearing each other down in every whirlwind of dialogue. Does this sound like it’s getting personal? It’s so factually real and has been my life every month since August until January, and then half of February. I’m not saying it’s over or that we’re still together. I’m saying I’m sitting in my room alone getting everything done that’s months overdue, and I’m starting to breathe. We can love people so hard but if it’s toxic with no breathing room, it will blow up. It always does. I need space to be me, and yet despite this intro paragraph depicting my graphic hiatus, this blog post will be about me, the genie in the bottle, inspired and aspiring to be me, from the last blogshoot that I never posted to the newest one I just took. Genie in a Bottle & Genie 2.0, inspired from yet again the genie concept.

Matt and I did this photoshoot outside and down the road from my dad’s apartment. There’s a little trail and a smoke shop there behind the buildings. We decided to go to the abandoned buildings to take these pictures. We were smoking 27s. I know my skin looks kinda bad in that picture but I’ve got plenty more good ones. All edited to be posted here. I’m wondering if I did Genie 2.0 too close to Genie in a Bottle, but oh well on that one. Might as well put them together on a timeline. This will be a good post. This photoshoot is from February 10th, 2019. We did the shoot outside at first but then I came inside and got even more shots.

There we go, there’s the most of the outside photoshoot. This was definitely Genie 2.0. I love the earrings with all my heart and I’ve since then lost that weed industrial in my ear. That’s kind of sad. Oh well! Let me tell you about this dress, it says it’s from Love Tree. Interesting name for a brand. I wore it with Abbey Dawn booties. Red plaid. As you can see in some of the pictures. I loved doing this shoot.

I was kicking this post over here. I loved that it was snowy outside. My red hair looked awesome up against it. Matching the red boots. I don’t have that much to say about it but I’m definitely trying for this blog post. Let me show the last outside picture that there is and then we’ll get to the pictures that I took inside! This was one of my favorite photoshoots for a while actually. We got some pretty good shots. Lighting could’ve been a little better but considering the snow I think we did pretty good. I love this little area. It’s a building and a parking lot out in Renton.

We took my dad’s car out for this. Even though the apartments are definitely walking distance, it was too snowy outside. Oh well, that’s a good shot. I’m glad I’m finally getting around to doing this blog post. I originally had this post sandwiched with Genie in a Bottle but today I separated them. Two different blog posts now. Now let’s get to the pictures I took inside in my room, after we got back from taking these ones.

What an outrageous outfit. Mixed so many patterns with the stripes. That one in the bottom middle is one of my favorite pictures of myself of all time. I loved the earrings with it. Don’t know where the cardigan was from but I’ve since gotten rid of it. Oh well, I did these pictures by myself in my room once we got home. Matt helped with the outside pictures though. And that’s about it for this blog post. I’ll end it with the selfies we took in the car after this. Have a nice day, thanks so much for reading! Written in 2021 (except the intro paragraph).