Hey everyone, I’m pretty eager for this post today. The thing about my blogging hiatus was that I was still working on stuff even when I wasn’t posting for a while, actually. This post is a pretty good example for that, like how in 2018 I did approximately 40 different photoshoots for my blog. Including this one – that’s pretty good! What an accomplishment. But then, mid-way through the year, I started kind of…struggling, with blogging. I kind of bailed and stopped posting for a while after my trip to Idaho, or maybe just surrounding it. That’s when I slowed down and stopped really posting for a while. To explain why would defeat some of the purpose of Liberation, but I’m going to definitely try to explain the whole thing. Anyway, I had half-assed this blog post in the past and I’ve decided I better try again with it because it did not feel good to keep this post half finished like that. So I’ve decided to better it. You’d never guess exactly when I was writing this from, but I can really make it work. Liberation was a photoshoot that I did while I was living with Matt in his apartment, up against his dirty mirror. Yes the mirror was dirty, and I was wearing my Liberation shirt from the Target shirt + CD Bundle by Christina Aguilera. I got some okay pictures of the shirt, no huge whoop. But, either way. Might as well get on to it, let’s check it out. And PS. – for the entire year of 2019, I only did about 20 photoshoots, and as for 2020 I did 8 of them. For the entire years. I’ll be able to ramp back up eventually though. There’s no way that I’m ever going to sluff like that again, hahaha. Anyway, this photoshoot was cool, Matt nowhere to be found but I was definitely doing that shoot in his room, my Xtina collage even makes an appearance. So let’s get this going! End of the year 2018 exclusive blog post for Liberation. I even dated this post the same date as it was when I took the pictures.

Matt’s Old Apartment – Liberation Photoshoot

The lighting was a bit bad for this photoshoot, but for some reason I still totally dig it. I like the theme of this blog post. But still, I wanted to get pictures of my Liberation shirt, so I did – even if it was in this messy room here. I don’t think different settings could’ve saved me, I just think this turned out how it did and it’s not too shabby to me. I like it! So let me just explain something – once I started living with Matt, I began to start bailing on a bunch of things of my life that were good for me. And washing my face at Matt’s place gave me this whole kind of perspective on myself, because it was very…interesting, and trying not to offend, it just didn’t feel as clean as at home does. Three boys used to live in that apartment, and then me too. And of course there’s the drug factor of things, and I say that part is kind of lame. Was a little bit of the reason why living with Matt was hard though, it was just a little difficult dealing with that kind of lifestyle when growing up, I was way more wholesome of a girl. It’s hard to explain. Of course I used to smoke weed & all that but that’s no excuse for the current way of life to be that way. I was pretty enabled when I lived with Matt, but that’s okay! I’m going to shoot right out of the sky one day and there will be someone left to hold me. As of when I’m writing this, not only is it like 2021 (I’m just re-doing this entire post tonight) and do I have things to say! I’ve got a good flow going with this, I’m thinking. Now enough bad talking my previous situations, time to just breathe. Now that I live with my mom again, everything is sort of different, but I’m still working on my bests. Things like this don’t keep me up all night, but if I spend all my time doing it, it may eventually keep me up at night. Who knows though, either way. There’s also this cute half naked (booty shorts) photoshoot that I’ll show you at the end of this post, those pictures are super cute! Matt took those pictures, actually. He & I are on pretty good terms right now.

See? The theme of the photoshoot is Liberation, and I also really kind of do like the lighting of it. Matt was I think next door when I was doing this shoot, but who knows for sure. I take some dang good pictures of myself, and am always working on it. So good for me, actually. Christina Aguilera is sure an inspiration to me, geez! The amount of posts I have inspired by her… Including the Genie’s in a Bottle (which came after this post, chronologically) there’s about 6 posts inspired by Xtina. That’s pretty cool, actually. I’m excited about this post… I’ve finally got a cool tiled gallery for this post. Not sure if anyone would remember how it used to be but basically it was sloppy with the wrong kind of collaging. That’s okay though! So living away from my parents taught me a lot real quick as I drifted away and into Matt’s apartment, I really learned a lot. The guy is a good guy, to be honest. I can’t believe it took me so long to re-do this post! It’s been a year and a half since I did this photoshoot. Now what do you think of that? Next thing to learn is how to fend for myself – I live with my mom, and although I’m never lonely, because I have my family here and all of that, I wonder sometimes what the hell to do with being here alone. I’m glad I’m not that needy or high-maintenance, but when it comes to taking care of yourself, everyone has a different way of doing it. I also workout at a gym again, like how I used to a million years ago, so that’s pretty good. But eventually I’ll learn way more about myself and then I’ll remember this and wonder how I never had inspiration before this, to do this post. And that would be a good question, actually.

The last thing I’ve got to show the pictures of is the Xtina collage. I bought this on Etsy I believe, and it was created by a guy named Michael. He even signed it, so that’s cool. It’s such a rad collage. I really do adore Christina Aguilera. I’ve just got to write the littlest of bit more, and then I’ll move on to Rot Your Brains. It’s the middle of the night right now & I’m not trying to sleep tonight. A little worried about tomorrow though, but who knows how it’ll go. I’m a little bit too present right now to act like I had something to say in the past, because I have cool things to say now actually. One interesting thing is that I lost my Liberation shirt, and even though I have a spare one I’ve never opened before, I’m still not going to use it for a while. I’m just going to really wait before I start rotating it in with my closet and stuff. Man, blogger days off outfits have been really getting to me lately, I always look like a style blogger’s day off, and I think I have too many pairs of joggers. Which is interesting. Oh well, I also have a playboy sweatsuit that I wear from time to time. That’s a pretty good thing, for sure! My social life sure is active, but I should spend more time with my family I’m thinking. I can’t believe I kept acclimating, losing inspiration and forgetting to post back when I did this photoshoot. I really just should’ve kept blogging, but on the other hand that was my only break since I had first started blogging. So that really makes sense, but oh well. I really see myself in the future, I’ll do better. I got this in the bag, practically! Worst lighting ever for this collage, but I’ll get other better pictures of the thing. I probably even already have some, honestly. One thing I really miss it my display shelf at Matt’s old apartment or the display shelf from my dad’s old apartment. I used to have the best displays in the world, honestly. Anyway, here’s the collage…

So basically, Rot Your Brain is a shoot I did after Genie 2.0 with Matt actually and it was fun mostly. I think these pictures are honestly really hot – eventually they’ll be in their own solo blog post, but for right now I thought I’d make a collage of them and pin it. I see why I can string it with Liberation these days so I’ll see how this post even looks with the lack of collaging that I can do. I really used to put a lot of blog posts together, pairing up two different shoots that barely have anything relative to them – but still, that’s what I used to do. I used to sandwich posts together, a couple different photoshoots. That’s okay for now, I’ll get the hang of things. Never again to like any of this. So here’s just that. Recently I showed some girls my printables and I wanted to include a few pictures as hints that I can’t post until I get better with the editor but I thought that be a better spoil. So I’ll be writing with my other blogs for a while actually but hopefully this even ends up fitting in well. Oh well! Enjoy a collage of half naked pictures that Matt & I worked on.

So that was it, thanks so much for reading! And if you liked this, checkout Miss Understood – it’s similar lighting to Liberation but it was taken by Matt like Rot Your Brains was. Him & I are definitely getting pretty good at the photoshoots together. We’re working on it, working on some sort of platonic relationship that can grow. I mean, who really knows what love means when you go through what we went to. It was just interesting, kind of violent I guess. Something interesting, I suppose. So I’m doing very good for myself these days, working hard on my blog posts. I’m glad I finally fixed this post. Eventually Rot Your Brains will have it’s own solo blog post and everything will even itself out eventually. You’ve just got to find what you’re looking for, in between the couch cushions, right in the back of someone else’s pocket. I’ve felt that before, with my own happiness being in someone else’s hands. Like how I sometimes wish I still lived with my dad, but that’s not at all possible yet. It’ll be an option eventually, and in that case I’ll work on things before then. Maybe I can really learn something living with my mom. We’ll have to see how things go. Thanks so much for reading and don’t forget to check out my other posts! Let’s see how many shoots I end up doing for the year 2021, make a bet or a guess on that one. I’ll keep everyone posted on things like that. We’ll see how my life is going throughout this year, it’s not like it’s going to get any harder. It’ll just be some mellowed-out task (or set of tasks) of my passion, and inspiration, and I’ll find a way to do better for myself & my family. PS – Rot Your Brainz, the shirt, is from Teen Hearts, one of three graphic tees I got from that online store. I ordered mystery shirts, check out the original blog post for them all here! I was such a trooper back then, all my hair used to fall out until it was like noticeable. But still, it’s a Teen Hearts blog post featuring all three of those shirts of mine. I don’t even think I have one of them anymore, could’ve lost it. Oh well! Thanks for checking me out!