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Something I love about merchandise is how long I will have this collection, and how much it serves me to utilize it. I have a ton of merch shirts from over the years, one of my first ones being from 2007. I even have like 3 Tove Lo shirts and this yellow one is one of them. They’re all cut into crop tops and I wear them now and again, and they’re perfect. This first Tove Lo shirt I got for Christmas of 2019 from my mom with these same leggings as well. This shirt was called Icon Chaos and I love it, with all the graphics on the back of it. This is a good shoot for this! Can’t believe it’s taken me a year and a half to do the photoshoot for this outfit finally. And last month I got my hair dyed red again! First shoot for the red hair comeback, this is perfect. I think my red hair goes with pretty much all of my outfits, so we’ll see where I go from here to see how it continues to suit me. Eventually I’ll even get my extensions back in there and that’ll be perfect. Of course I cut my hair on New Year’s Eve, that was perfect for the new year and all the shoots I’ve done since. But now it’s red and it’s been half a year so it’s growing back out, it’ll be long again eventually! That’s the only thing I hate about cutting my hair, waiting for it to be full length again. But that’s what I did and I love the decision, my hair is growing back fast now. I can’t wait for it to thicken out more too, but all in due time with baby hairs. I’m doing pretty good this summer I think! Was taking a little bit of a break from blogging but now I’m back and we’ll see how things go. Excited about what’s coming up, I’m back with my boyfriend Matt, so eventually I’ll be doing some more photoshoots with him again too. Check this category here to see what we’ve done and posted together over the past couple of years! Getting back to everything now.

I love that I chose to wear these shoes with it, my Jeffrey Campbell platforms without the heel on the bottom! Here’s the problem with me and all my ‘high heels’ that I rarely wear, all I ever do is go hangout with my boyfriend at like a lake or something these days. High heels are not the shoes to wear to like a lake where we’re going up to trails and all that. We sometimes go for walks too so I wear comfortable shoes for things like that so I can actually function on the walk, but I used to go so many places where I could rock heels. I have so many of them but they’re just not the shoes to go hangout with my boyfriend. At least I can still photoshoot heels like this into my outfits, but I dare myself to wear high heels when I go hangout with Matt soon. That’ll be interesting, but I can do it. I did it a couple of times earlier this year but even brought a comfortable change of shoes, lol. But I’m getting there with things! Eventually my outfits will circle back to better again too. Was tanked on outfit ideas there for a while but things like this are bringing it back for me. Love doing shoots like this with all my heart, let’s get into it!

This silver key is a good one. It’s half bejeweled, around my neck. I got it from the mall last month when I went there with my mom. We knew I collected silver keys and found this one at some random, boho and jewelry store, so I got it. I will always be collecting silver key necklaces and jewelry and I’m glad I found this little one too. Also getting back to wearing chokers like I did all the time in 2020 so bringing that back for me! Even though I misplaced my favorite one of all time, oh well I’m sure I’ll find it someday. We’ll just see how that goes, I love jewelry with all my heart and I used to have things I did with it. In 2019 I used to layer my necklaces all the time and it was badass. I’d wear like 4 necklaces at once at the least and it was perfect. I tried to layer up my necklaces again recently and it did not turn out like that at all. When I’m in something I’m good at it, no doubt but when I try to circle back to my own fads it becomes harder. So I guess for now I just am how I am, with jewelry, and I’ll find another something that’s my favorite! Like my keys for example.

So my hair has grown at least a couple inches since I cut it, not looking too shaby either! I really love this whole outfit, and that last picture there on the right is perfect. I loved my hair with this outfit. I even resubscribed to Birchbox last month to get hair care products again because Ipsy never gave me any hair products, maybe like one and that was it. So first box right off the bat I got a new UV protection hair care product that is perfect for me! Got a few other things too but I just love these subscription services. I used to get so many of them, lots of different kinds and stuff. Really love where I’m at with what I’m buying, I’ve got a couple cute things on the way from Dolls Kill at the moment too. Not a whole lot to blog on but it’ll be a good box of stuff regardless. There will be some key necklaces I’ll put in blog posts eventually! I’m excited about what’s next for me and what I’m doing in the future. Bright red hair and silver keys for hell’s sake. This will be good for me, what’s coming next in life. So excited to share it all with you! More to come.

My iPhone case is a picture I took with my phone from 2019 when I had long red hair, wearing all these necklaces. It’s a perfect iPhone case for me, had it custom made with that picture on it. Love where I’m at in life, it was earlier this year that I got this case. Reminds me of lots of necklaces (like I mentioned) and red hair. It turned out so perfectly, too. I should get back to wearing that pink lock necklace again sometime in a shoot, it’s a necklace I just have and rarely ever wear. But the necklaces I’m wearing in this shoot are cute! And I just love those shoes with the leggings, perfect for me. Can’t wait to see what other shoots are coming next for me in my life, I’ve got to get creative with it. We’ll see how the rest of this month goes, there’s a whole lot for me to look forward to. I even got a new blanket recently that I’m going to throw into a shoot sometime. So many places I could go from here, we’ll just have to see what ends up happening.

I have so much lipstick it’s not even a joke. I keep wondering what it would take to just finish one of my lipsticks, but I have so many! I feel like I chose the right one for this photoshoot though, ended up looking pretty good. Can’t even remember which one this is though, so I kind of slacked off there for some reason. My makeup is kind of always the same thing but the lipstick makes it all look different than the rest of it, day to day for some reason. Maybe if I did my eyeshadow more it would really be different but I rarely ever do. Maybe that’s just how I function but it could be better, and more creative than this. I’ll find what serves me and do it but it’s really hard to do your makeup every day just knowing you have nowhere to go. That’s something I’ve got to think past eventually. But I love it so I’ll get to it one day, start going places where my makeup matters and stuff like that. Wake up early enough to put in more effort or something. Try my best to make the day count and do everything I need to do for myself with enough time to lean. That would help me a lot if I can get to it eventually.

My nails were perfect for this shoot, the color is called Metallic 4 Life by OPI. From the Nicki Minaj collection that came out in like January 2012. It’s black with silver sparkles and that’s perfect for me. I have so much nail polish to my name, don’t know what it would take to just finish one bottle of nail polish. Lol, like lipstick but different! I’ll get around to that eventually but most of my bottles are full to the top. We’ll see what that ends up bringing me! A lot of joy maybe, once I finally start loving doing my nails again. It got a little tedious at one point but I still do them often enough to say how much I love doing it. I’m pretty good at it too, but probably shouldn’t worry too much about finishing them because that’s not what I should want from a nail polish collection. So much to do with it, eventually I’ll do fun or patterned nails again one day because I know how to but rarely ever do it. We’ll see how my life ends up going though!

These earrings are pretty cute too. Love my industrial in that second to last pic too! My stepmom makes jewelry and so there’s like always something from her mixed in to at least one of my blog posts, like these heart earrings. She doesn’t make as much of it for me as she used to but we do fix my jewelry a lot there too actually. Just partially broken things that we know to work on. I love seeing her actually, and what she fixes and makes for me means a lot to me. She even fixed that amber necklace I’m wearing for me, I think the chain had broken or something so that’s another one for her. I love the jewelry game, I’ve been playing it for a couple of years now and I really love and cherish everything I have for jewelry right now. So many sentimental pieces or things I just love, it’s a beautiful collection actually. She used to get so much from Goodwill and stuff too so I have plenty of jewelry that she gave me over the last couple of years and it’s great. I’m so thankful! Love that her and I have this connection with my stuff, too. We’ll see where it leads to!

The back of this yellow shirt is the best actually. I love it so much! Glad I finally shot some new merch, I have so much merch left to shoot actually. Eventually they’ll all be in photoshoots and it will be perfect for my collection. I’ll even work more on CelebrityMerchBase for it. We’ll see how I catalog and collect everything together. This is always a good project! Can’t wait to do more photoshoots for it too. My skin is still healing though so not sure how quick I can do a shoot quite yet but we’ll see. Plenty of more things coming up for the rest of this year, we’ll see how things go! I love what I do and I love my life and I’ll get to doing more for myself & my blog eventually, just gotta pick up the pace a little bit. Thanks so much for reading, have a good day! Featuring a custom cut Tove Lo shirt called Icon Chaos.