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Ho Ho Ho Merry Britmas! 4 years ago on Britney Spears’ Pop-Up web shop she was selling many cute things, including this hat, scarf and gloves set. I haven’t worn it all that much since because it is extremely rare and I don’t want to wear it out, but this year I have worn it more than usual. What’s the point of having a cute winter set if you don’t use it?

07 Ha-Ha He-He Ho-Ho-Ho (1).JPG

So on the hat, each glove, and scarf there’s a little part that says in red writing “Ha Ha He He Ho Ho Ho” in reference to her amazing song If U Seek Amy which says “Ha Ha He He Ha Ha Ho” she just swapped out a couple of ha’s for some ho’s to make the phrase more Christmas-esque and ready to be donned on a cute winter set. Here’s my mini 3-picture photoshoot with the set. After taking these pictures I went for a walk and it was cold but such a nice day!

So I guess there isn’t too much to write today, I’ll just give you all a heads up: Stay aware of the pop-up shop, lots of goodies this year too, and that shop is a gift from heaven, lots of rarities and even if you aren’t a fan I suggest keeping your eye out, you can make some bank!

Christmas Song of the Day: My Only Wish (This Year) by Britney Spears