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Good evening world! Wow this is one out of three blog posts left of my 12 day Christmas post string, and I gotta say I didn’t think I would never miss a single day. I was never late or anything. Woo hoo! So, that being said, it truly is getting a lot closer to Christmas. So I thought I’d show something very dear to me, my miniature Christmas tree that I have perched near my bedside. On it dons a bit of things that represent me, and they’re displayed rather beautifully if you ask me. Open this post up to check it out!

10 One Tree, Lots of Me Horizontal Edit (9)

So this is my full tree. It stands on a bedside table type drawer container thing lol and I put it on one of those perfume mirrors. On the top I have a cutout picture of Candice Swanepoel who is a Victoria’s Secret Angel so I decided she was the right angel for the tree. What’s really cute is that her yoga pants say “angel”. Above her, to top it all off, I have a mini Santa hat.

10 One Tree, Lots of Me (1)

Under all that we have the most significant ornament, the centerpiece to me, Harajuku Lover’s Jingle G eau de toilette. I already blogged about her in Day 5, The Scents of Wonderland, and on there was a sneak peak of the tree and now here we are with the real deal!

10 One Tree, Lots of Me (3)

It’s a little perfume and you take the doll off to spray it. I love these things! I got it a few years back.

As you can see in the above picture on the right, there’s a little Starbucks ornament. I got a red Starbucks ornament that displays “2015” and I think it is SO amazing and a great representation of me/this year because I’m always getting a yummy drink.

tree 008

As you can see there’s many little red and white theme ball ornaments, accompanied by some sparkly red snowflakes. Those are a good fill in for my favorite ornaments.

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And then I added another few touches. Basically, this tree is so me! I’m in love. Have a good night!

10 One Tree, Lots of Me (9)

Christmas Song of the Day: Christmas Tree by Lady Gaga