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Wow, the second to last post in this series! Merry Christmas Eve! I know for most of you it’s pretty late and maybe even already Christmas. But here, I’m just getting ready for bed. Every year, I make sure to wear my most favorite pajamas because my mom takes so many pictures, and it’s actually a lot of fun. This year, I got this amazing sleep shirt from Victoria’s Secret, and it’s so perfect.

The sleep shirt says “Been An Angel All Year” and I love that! It’s a dream of mine to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel and I love how they tied that in with Christmas. Check out my photoshoot with it!

So, to start it off, I have to shoutout to Ally. She first appeared on this blog in my Independence Day Couture post from the Fourth of July, and here she is months later making me smile at things, like that picture of her dog! Her dog’s name is Lady, so shoutout to Lady too. There you go guys, there’s your shoutout.

11 Been An Angel All Year (11)

Next, let’s talk about the basics. This shirt is from Victoria’s Secret and is labeled as a sleep shirt. It’s supposed to be long like a dress but it’s definitely a shirt sort of feel. This one you’re seeing here is a size XS, and their sizes are pretty big.

11 Been An Angel All Year (5)

Christmas Eve! Let’s talk about that! Well I plan to spend Christmas with people who care so much about me and I’m so grateful to have them in my life. After this series is over, I’ll still be posting, and hopefully quite regularly. I hope you all will like my following posts. Here’s the last picture from the photoshoot, sleep well and wake up taking cool pictures of your pajamas!

11 Been An Angel All Year (3)

Also on me: Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in the shade Beso; featured in my room is a lot of posters, you can find all that on eBay!

Christmas Song of the Day: Angels We Have Heard On High by Christina Aguilera