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Hey guys! So today my Kora Organics order came and I’m so excited to share this gift set with you. This is my second Kora Organics order in general, my first order from them was just a Purifying moisturizer to try out because I’d always wanted to try out the brand and needed a new moisturizer, and boy am I glad I got that! I fell in love! So recently I ordered this Uplift Gift Set which includes their Vitamin Enhanced Lip Balm, Energising Citrus Mist and Daily Hand Cream. Let me tell you what I think!nye 004.JPG

First thing: the Vitamin Enhanced Lip Balm. I didn’t even really care about this too much when seeing that the set came with it because I use two lip balms from The Body Shop that work for me and that I am in love with, but I’m so glad I got this because I feel that it hydrates in a slightly different way and works almost just as great as the Body Shop ones, which is a rare find! It’s a clear gel-like balm from a squeezable tube and it takes just a bit to settle in before you find your lips feeling super soft and not just on the surface. It makes the entity of my lips feel supple and I can somehow feel the “moisturization” even though on the surface it seems to be a normal moisture level. I am in love with this lip balm! Here’s some pictures.

Next we have theĀ Daily Hand Cream. I was skeptical about this at first because it’s a $43 hand cream and that seemed like quite an expense for a hand cream. But I adore this! It doesn’t leave a greasy feeling behind and for me it soaks up very quickly but that’s partially because I have extremely dry hands (hence the reason I needed a high quality hand cream) but I think it’s definitely already significantly reduced the dryness of my hands. I wash my hands a lot and am very diligent about my face routine which involves a LOT of hand washing and rinsing for me so I’m just glad I finally have something on my side that can help me with this dryness trial. Here’s a couple pictures, including one of what the actual cream looks like.

Lastly but definitely not least we have the Energising Citrus Mist. This I am so incredibly happy and impressed with. I was originally using Mary Kay’s (my mom is a consultant for it) blemish control toner but it always stung my face. Maybe it’s because I have sensitive skin but the toner just was horrible for me. This one is the exact opposite. It sprays a very pleasant mist and I love the way it feels. It doesn’t stay damp too long so you only have to wait a matter of seconds before applying blemish products or your moisturizer, and it smells very nice. Such a refreshing feel and I am so completely in love with this. I use it conjunct to their purifying moisturizer and I also sometimes use the sample that I got (which is shown in some of these pictures) and so basically I’ll be using all Kora products except my face wash (which is a prescription so it works perfect for me) and my face has never seemed happier. Here’s some pictures of the toner, including out of the box.

Here’s a couple more pictures of the set altogether. I definitely recommend this set. I definitely recommend Kora Organics in general, especially if you’re conscious about what you put on/in your body like me, because this is all organic and all smells amazing and it’s refreshing and just amazing for someone like me who has oily skin. Hope this post was helpful or informational!