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Hello hello! I haven’t posted since Christmas, and for that I apologize. Today I’m going to be discussing my new MAC Brushes and handmade “MAC” brush holder cup. The brush set is a mini set of brushes (x5 of them) with a clutch brush case from the 2015 MAC Cosmetics Magic of the Night Holiday Collection. I also got some things from this collection earlier this month, you can check that other blog post out here! This post is for the brush set & this new brush holder cup that I got as well. They both arrived on the same day and I’m so happy, but the brushes came at around 7:30 PM so I didn’t have time to blog until now.

First thing I got was the brush holder. I bought this from a seller on Etsy who made it, so it’s not a licensed MAC product. But look how cute it is!

I also set up my vanity a bit differently, and I love the way it looks now. Next to my MAC brushes is my acrylic 3-drawer container with my acrylic lipstick holder on the top. You’ll see a picture of that soon enough. On the other side of my brushes is my Urban Decay All-Nighter Makeup Setting Spray which I LOVE it’s a necessity to me!!! Behind that is a small feather boa.

The brushes came in the cutest packaging! I love the box and the brush set comes with a clutch because this is a limited edition set, and I just love both of these.

I am in love with the brushes! I didn’t know if they were going to be full sized but I assumed they wouldn’t be because that would be an insane steal (I only paid $40) but they were tall enough to fit in the cup nicely and that’s all I was really concerned about. I didn’t take these out of the plastic yet; I am currently about to use them so I can tell you what I think but in these pictures I hadn’t even taken them out yet.

Aren’t they the best?! Here’s the full deal.

In my acrylic lipstick holder I have all & only MAC stuff, every MAC lip product I own (plus one Jeffrey Star velour liquid lipstick because I had one available spot, I need to get another MAC lipstick soon) and I have them organized precisely and nicely, everything is there including my lipglasses and lip liners. I have them separated a bit; the limited edition products are in the first two rows and the last two rows are the permanent collection items. I find it perfect that I have a MAC cup full of MAC brushes next to my MAC lip products, all displayed perfectly.

MAC Brushes (7)

Now for the review: Well for the cup, the front part looks a little blurry. From far away it looks perfect, but it’s not a perfect cup. Still worth it and I love it. The clutch that came with the brushes seems like a cheapy quality but it’ll be cute to put makeup in and the shiny part really is shiny and nice.

Brushes: I am absolutely in love! These are the first MAC brushes I’ve owned and the cheek brush is exactly what I was looking for (I needed a cheek brush and it was either this set or one brush for $40 and this obviously seemed like the best deal) no more using an old and sad brush for my blush, this is just absolutely perfect! All these brushes are soft and definitely quality and I love them so much. I definitely recommend this set or any other MAC brushes.

Currently listening to Wild for the Night by A$AP Rocky. I’ve been wanting to listen to Marina and the Diamonds a lot more, something like Solitaire would fit this post a bit better, but that’s off the top of my head. The melody is as graceful yet powerful as these brushes. Love you all, have a nice day/night!