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Hey hey! So for Christmas my mom ordered me a couple of UGG-looking boots from Shoedazzle/JustFab, and they didn’t come until last Tuesday and I’m finally getting around to making a post about them!

Let’s get into details!

So first, she got me these black pair. I already have boots like this in black but they’re very simple and these ones are full of fur and have a fur lining and a quilted pattern, and I think they’re adorable. I’ve always loved JustFab (is that even what it’s called ? I don’t remember it’s Fab something).

The fit was interesting. I’m typically a size and my mom got these in 8, yet they still feel like if I grow a centimeter more then they’ll be really painful. They’re snug up the legs which I love because a lot don’t fit my thin legs well enough; my mom was also saying they might be a better fit once I break them in and the fur dies down a bit, so hopefully she’s right!

I’ve worn the boots a few times but never really took any selfies with them, here’s one that I took but you cannot see the boots at ALL because I didn’t use my light, lol!

kju 111

Now onto the chestnut boots. I think they’re really cool. They’re full of fur too and have a lace up design on the front.

The first was pretty much the same on these, but even though they’re snug they’re much easier to get on because the tie gives some stretching room. I love this color and I love the detailing on the side. I’m such a fan of these boots!

What do you think about these boots? Are you interested? If you want to see where my mom got these, I’d sign up for Shoedazzle. I’m so jealous that my mom has a membership, I wish she’d let me use it, lol! I hope this post was informational or entertaining in any way. Thanks for reading!

PS Hey this is my 20th post! How cool!