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How is everyone? I’ve been getting some random things here and there and have been trying to figure out how to group them into posts. This post is going to be about my new Winter candle and my book from Miranda Kerr, just a couple lifestyle items!

Here’s a quick peak at both.

Read more to see my thoughts! I’ll also throw in a brief review of four new CDs I’ve obtained.

So the candle! Such an adorable candle, it’s called Winter by Bath & Body Works. I wanted a second winter candle because I have so many spring and summer candles but only one winter candle (plus a Christmas one) and I needed more! This one smells really good, like the nice sweet side of winter but still full of the good visual that we all want with cute candles like this. It really fills a room like all Bath & Body Works 3-wick candles, and I adore that.

The shipping was really quick and nice with getting this, and I got it for a good price from the Semi-Annual Sale. Definitely recommend!

The book I got is Empower Yourself by Miranda Kerr. Later last week I had just finished her first book Treasure Yourself and I was really inspired by it and I became enamored with the whole message she was trying to convey and I really supported every word…Of course I had to get the second book.

I haven’t read the book yet so I can’t say much but I’m in love with the cover and everything looks beautiful as I flip through, and I am a huge Miranda fan so either way I definitely recommend checking out these books in general, not just even if you’re looking for a bit of a self-love and inspiration boost. Kora Organics website also sells aspiration cards for these books and I’m totally looking forward to getting them!

Lastly I got four new CDs. I’m only two CDs away from hitting my 300 mark! Here’s a quick sneak peek of these but you can find more information on my Instagram, @cdsfordays.

The My Prerogative single is new to my collection as a Britney single that I didn’t have until now, and I’m so glad I finally have one. The Brooke Allison and The New Classic CDs are both new albums I didn’t have the music for until now, and I’m really liking them! I’ve always loved Brooke in YLA but I didn’t know she had older music until now, and I had only had Iggy’s EP for the longest time. And I finally got Seether’s Walmart Soundcheck!

I’m always trying to figure out just what information to put in with each post for each item, I’m not sure what’s going to be helpful or informational to post. Leave any suggestions in the comments and I’ll try my best to improve everything!