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The past couple of days I got two orders of lingerie and I’m so stoked. It’s not much but it’s adorable and I’m excited about it.

My very favorite place to get lingerie is Victoria’s Secret so there’s a couple things from there, as well as a few things from Britney Spears’ line The Intimate Britney Spears. Here’s a quick peek at everything/

The first things I got were the Darling Demi Push-Up Bra in the “color” Black Mesh and size 32B, as well as the Lace & Fishnet Garter Belt in the color Blue Sapphire With Embellishment in the size XS/S. I got them both for really good prices since they were on sale for the Semi Annual Sale! Super cool. So here’s the bra. It has a nice very fine fishnet looking mesh over it with black dots and a cute bow in the middle.

There’s also little bows on the straps; the straps and clasping base are all black and I think it’s a really cute contrast. It also has a little bit of a black ruffle on the top of the cup and that looks SO cute on! Comfort wise it was alright, it was comfortable but nothing special in that area, since it’s demi and has the ruffle I think that makes it a bit uncomfortable depending on what you’re wearing and doing; overall I think it’s a pretty great quality bra just like all others from Victoria’s Secret and I adore it. It’s so darling!

The garter belt was something I had to get because it would complete a set for me! I have the Blue Sapphire bombshell bra as well as four or five panties that match and when I saw the garter on sale for $19.99 I jumped at the opportunity! Shoutout to Ally, she actually paid for this order with the gift card she gave me. So luxurious! Gorgeous belt. I wore it under my sweats and sheer tee the other day and loved it lol. Here’s some pictures!

Quick apologies if the picture of my sweats the belt is something you weren’t exactly wanting to see, but I think it’s just a belt and my hip and some sweats and I thought I’d show off how pretty it is! I was wearing the Blue Sapphire lace strappy back thong (/v-string?) and it matches pretty well but I prefer the one with fishnet and the keyhole that originally was promoted with the set. I think it’s BEAUTIFUL! So happy to have this set as complete although I wish I had gotten the Blue Sapphire Very Sexy Push-Up Bra.

So off to the Britney pieces…

Just like the blue garter belt, I bought these pieces because I have things that match them and I love getting matching sets. In this particular case, I wanted to try something from Britney’s lingerie line so I bought one bra from the Cherry collection and I love it!! So I quickly grabbed the matching string mini panty and garter belt (suspender) which was like one set but since they had collections there was a lot of mix and matching you could do with the pieces so I also got a hipster panty which is also going to match. I need the specific bra that goes to that panty though! I liked it because it’s a lot of coverage and really comfy, in comparison to the string mini which is very tiny and so I have both options or when I want to wear the bra, lol!

So let’s start off with the garter belt (suspender, as they call it). It’s soft and nice, but gets wrapped around itself too easily so you kind of have to pull it apart to get it straightened out before you put it on. Other than that, it’s so comfortable! I like the color (of all these) and I like the texture and the lace and just the overall design, I think it’s very cute. I definitely want to buy more from the Cherry collection. Or should I try another collection? Let me know what collections you love!

It looks like it’s different colors in each picture but that was the lighting, it’s actually a really hard color to photograph! I don’t even know which one portrays the color the best!

So the panties! So cute. I love the design and I think the string mini is surprisingly comfortable and really cute looking and goes so well with the garter belt (that’s the one it was originally supposed to go with anyway) and the hipster is just really comfortable and it surprises me how light and comfy it feels when usually panties with that much coverage feel too tight or bunchy. It doesn’t feel like this one is going to bunch much. Here’s a picture of each panty and then a group photo for all the Cherries I got! Haha I included the bottom right picture because it looks so neon, isn’t that crazy? The camera must be confused.

And that’s all the lingerie I got for you guys today! Don’t worry… more on the way since I’m addicted to this stuff!