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Hey guys! Big review today. So I ordered from Kora Organics (again! I love them!!) when they very first released their limited edition body washes (I ordered like 12 hours after they went for sale, kind of sad about that though because now they’re giving away a free mist with every $60+ order for 48 hours and that’ll be way past done by the time I can do another order lol) and I got not only the Energising Body Wash (500ml, $59.95) but I also got the Recovery Eye Gel Cream (10 ml, $59) and they sent me a surprising and amazing amount of samples! Originally in my cart it showed 3 satchets total but they sent me a lot and on my packing form it lists all of them as well. I can’t wait to review them all for you! By the time this post is published I will have had time to try each product out (using a controlled experiment and making sure to not use two new products at the same time because I really want to know what each product does on its own) so these reviews should be helpful, or at least that’s what I’m shooting for! Here’s the full order.kora - cherry 029.JPG

First I’ll review the full sized things I have. I’ll start off with the Energising Body Wash.kora - cherry 032Such an amazing body wash! It’s like aromatherapy; I’m not sure if that’s what they were targeting but it’s nice. I don’t particularly lovesome part of the smell but overall I really like how it fills the shower and it’s really nice for a hot shower, it’s a great scent. It lathers pretty well but not too much where you can totally tell it’s harsh soap, nope it’s a nice lather and you can tell it’s luxurious. I used in conjunct to their body lotion which I’ll review as well and my body felt so nice overall! They make a really great team! I would recommend this, especially if you’re looking for more natural washes like me.

Recovery Eye Gel Creamkora - cherry 038I’ve used this six times, once the night I got it, twice a day on the following days Thursday and Friday and today is Saturday and I used it this morning. I really like it! It truly seems like something like this is going to take continuous use to really restore any lost luster but so far I can already see my eyes feeling even just a little less puffy, red, and dark. I have horrible dark circle problems along with the puffiness and occasional redness, but this looks really promising and I would recommend it.

Now for the samples! kora - cherry 045The first things I got I’m not going to review because they’re not for my skin type; I have oily skin and I got a packet for the Hydrating Day & Night Cream more for dry skin and also the Soothing Day & Night Cream which is more targeted to normal skin types. However they did also give me a sample of their Purifying Day & Night Cream which I already have a full size of and LOVE. I think I did blog about that when I first got it. It’s a life saver, it’s perfect in every way, the smell is great and it feels great it goes on great the consistency is great – it’s just perfect! The best moisturizer I’ve ever tried and I’m happy that I finally get to say those words because I have tried SO many moisturizers that just were… very anticlimactic! All that the labels were promising were lies that really had me down. So if you’re in the same situation, I would DEFINITELY suggest one of these moisturizers (although as I said I gave the other two to people who had those skin types, I believe they loved them but I can’t vouch for that, I just know if you have oily skin I completely recommend the Purifying!)

Enriched Body Lotionkora - cherry 042Bravo to this product! If I accidentally get way too excited about each product it’s because Kora truly is amazing, I wish I was sponsored or something but I’m not, so don’t think that, just take my word for how great they are! I thought only Cetaphil body lotion would work for me for the longest time, and it still didn’t even work for me completely. I have random dry spots on my legs, and if I don’t moisturize well enough then I deal with itchiness and pain. I have to use lotions for sensitive skin as well. This lotion was really nice, I was actually super surprised at how supple my skin felt! And no pain from my dryness! Using this with the body washes is the best, I feel like your body will really love the natural and wholesome ingredients!

Essential Body Washkora - cherry 039This is pretty similar to the energising one except the scent is more generic, not as aroma-therapeutic haha. It’s nice, it’s not my favorite scent for a body wash, but I do like this and I feel like it cleans my skin nicely and when I get out of the shower my skin feels nice and there’s not a trace of the junky job my other body washes can leave behind. It’s nothing to rave about in my opinion, but I’m so happy to find an organic body wash I like. Yay for organic! Before now I had thought Hempz for sensitive skin was the only body wash that would work for me but even with my sensitive skin this Kora body wash worked really nicely, so A+ for organic reigning over everything!

Cream Cleanserkora - cherry 043

A couple days ago I got a facial that included long-awaited extractions, and that left my skin feeling bruised-like and just extra sensitive and my normal face wash is prescription, so I was glad I had this to try as a milder and more natural thing to wash my face with while it was recovering. This was indeed what I thought it had potential to be, a really nice creamy cleanser that looked and felt like it was actually cleansing; it didn’t hurt my skin at all! (I kept accidentally touching my face before and it hurt but gently cleansing with this was nice). I wasn’t a giant fan of the scent but it was overall so light and nice that I’m almost considering getting it just to use on the days where I need to cleanse my face from makeup in the middle of the day or just when I want something gentler; I can’t really say much about results because I only used this about 4 times but judging by what I felt, this is definitely something with potential to restore skin to a beautiful texture and glow!

Tinted Day Creamkora - cherry 044

I was actually pretty surprised by this. I’ve been wanting a BB Cream or Tinted Cream of some sort for a while and have been looking for a good one and I think I found it! This cream comes out looking brown which looks intimdating sometimes especially if you have lighter skin like me, but it goes on smooth into the skin and it’s really nice! At first when I looked in the mirror I wasn’t sure if I saw a difference, but by the end of the day while washing my face I noticed my face wash turning a tiny bit brown and then I remembered that I had it on–so basically this isn’t noticeably there like a lot of foundations! AND after washing my face off I did notice that the cream made a difference, it doesn’t really have coverage but can aid in making skin look evened out if you have any sort of unevenness, and it just leaves this nice sort of look and I really like it a lot. Definitely putting this on my long list of Kora products I need!

Luxurious Rosehip Oilkora - cherry 028Oil is always pretty scary to people with oily skin, I feel your weariness! It’s often risky using oils on oily skin because obviously you already have excess, however I like this oil. I pat a small amount onto my skin in the evening and my skin looked and felt this nice soft texture, as if my face was a sponge made out of velvet. Not really velvety but plushy, does that even make sense? But it doesn’t make that much of a difference. Honestly there isn’t much to notice. I also tried this product in the morning (such a risk!) and sure enough it left my skin looking oily, however I believe if you have drier skin it would give you a nice glow. This oil is something I would use if I were outside for a while and just felt like my skin was deprived of moisture or if I just felt like my skin needed some extra pick-me-up, but I’m not sure if I would go out of my way to purchase a full size of this. It’s nice under moisturizer, not so much on top of moisturizer especially with oily skin, but I encourage some to check it out regardless! Pretty cool product.

So there’s my little reviews of all the products I tried from the surprising bundle of samples in conjunction to my already-exciting order! I love Kora Organics so much, I already have my next order planned which I will place in a week or so. I wanna try the clay mask, and maybe get a full size of that body lotion? Love love love! Keep in mind I didn’t get to try these products for longer than a few days really, so these are just my initial opinions and what I see on the next couple of days, but I’m honestly so impressed.