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So I’ve posted about things my stepmom gave me before, for example this Red Shirt post, and she gave me a bunch of little things in the past couple weeks so I thought I’d have a little miscellaneous post of a bunch of fun things for you guys. Let’s start with what she gave me first a couple weeks ago, a pair of bracelets that she found at Goodwill that are super sparkly. I love thrifting for this reason.

Don’t mind my cat scratches on the top of my hand, lol! So sparkly with no gems missing, they’re gold with crystals all along the top. So pretty.

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So the next thing she gave me was this really cool room spray from Victoria’s Secret (my favorite store) and it smells pretty good, it’s interesting. It’s called Scandalous, and it’s also a pillow spray.

This was interesting, it’s a witch datebook for 2016. How cool! There’s lots of different interesting things in here, and although I’m not big in the witch lifestyle I still think it’s cool, haha. She also gave me a pen with it, not sure if that originally goes with it!

A couple things left; this sugar scrub actually works amazingly like she said it would, and it leaves this little film of oil that absorbs quickly after a shower and leaves your body moisturized. Not a huge fan of the scent, but I was surprised how well it actually worked.

I saved the best for last! She gave me a crossbody/shoulder bag…shaped as a torso in a corset! Haha, most adorable thing! SO me! Definitely my favorite thing of this lot and maybe my new favorite bag. I’m not really sure where it’s from…and the pictures also show the color really badly, it’s just a basic bright hot pinkĀ and it’s a lot less coral in person. It comes with two handle-like straps and a crossbody strap (which i prefer) it’s a fair sized crossbody purse it isn’t really that big, maybe a bit smaller than an iPad or something. This purse was made for me.

There’s my little random lot! I know this might not be that informational but I hope it’s cool to read at all, I know I love reading about what people buy, I love watching haul videos on YouTube etc (I was actually thinking of making some of those, thoughts?). And I was also planning on doing an outfit that included this purse but I didn’t remember, maybe I’ll do that soon?… Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think about this type of post.